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Smriti Razdan
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Women can change the world, and these strong women have proved it. All of us have heard the names of famous actors and feminists in the media, but we never ponder about the ladies who contribute every day to the massive news industry. This article will do that for you. Have a look at the Most Famous Female Journalists in UK who change the world every day. 

In this male-dominant world, it wasn’t exactly an easy ride for them to reach where they are today. All of us have listened to them and now it’s time to know their story. Do you know one of the famous female journalists in UK was even shot dead? These ladies have gone through such a struggle and some never came out of it. 

Most of the famous female journalists in UK have worked at the BBC and some are even currently working there. These popular names include Christiane Amanpour, Victoria Derbyshire, and Zeinab Badawi. They have covered wars and been through literal hell for their passion.

Now that you know about some of the popular names, we cannot wait for you to read about all of the other popular female journalists in UK. Let’s begin the article.

Famous British Women Journalists in UK in 2021

Top 10 Famous Female Journalists in UK | Women In Power (2021)
Source: Variety

Have you ever imagined being the editor in chief of Vogue? Do you think you can ever interview the world’s richest CEOs? 

Guess what??
These women dreamt all of it and then achieved all their goals. 

This is the inspiration today’s young generation should look for. I promise you you will be amazed and astonished like never before. 

Here are the famous female journalists in UK up to 2021-

Name AgeBirthplace
Anna Wintour71Hampstead, London
Lyra McKeeDied at 29Belfast, Northern Ireland
Lucy Hawking50England
Kate Abdo39Manchester, England
Jojo Moyes51Maidstone, Kent
Christiane Amanpour63Ealing, Middlesex
Caroline Hyde37England
Victoria Derbyshire52Ramsbottom, Lancashire
Kate Silverton50Waltham Abbey, Essex
Zeinab Badawi61Juba, Sudan

1. Anna Wintour

Fashion Journalism got redefined when Anna Wintour entered the scene. Since 1988, she’s been the editor-in-chief of Vogue. Goals Ladies!

Top 10 Famous Female Journalists in UK | Women In Power (2021)
Source: Marie Claire

But how did she end up there? Was this her dream job?
When Anna started working in 1970 with Harper’s Bazaar, she was hired as an editorial assistant. This was her first big job that was going to boost her career in journalism. It was then in 1970 that she had told her friends she wanted to edit Vogue. From then till now, she has been living her life following the passion and thus she became one of the Most Famous Female Journalists in UK. 

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2. Lyra McKee

Lyra Mckee was a true journalist who died because she was true to her profession. This lady journalist from the UK was the editor of Mediagazer. It is a news aggregator website. But she had no connections with the industry. So how did she become a famous female journalist in UK?

Top 10 Famous Female Journalists in UK | Women In Power (2021)
Source: The Times

Well, in 2014, she wrote a blog post “Letter to my 14-year-old self”. This letter got viral as it was her life experience in words describing her struggle of growing up as a gay in Belfast. It later was turned into a short movie. 

Lyra McKee’s articles were of such importance that they were republished many times by BuzzFeed News, The Belfast Telegraph, and many more. Even Forbes magazine had named Lyra in their “30 under 30 in media” list. It was all because of her investigative reporting.

She was shot dead in the riots of Northern Ireland in 2019. We cannot help but name her one of the most influential and most famous female journalists in UK. 

3. Lucy Hawking

Whenever we hear the word Hawking our brain automatically connects it to Stephen Hawking, but this time we won’t. Because his daughter is much more than just Stephan Hawking’s daughter. 

Top 10 Famous Female Journalists in UK | Women In Power (2021)
Source: Daily Mail

Lucy Hawking is an English journalist who is one of the most famous female journalists in UK. Right after completing college, she started working with big names in the media industry such as New York magazine, The Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, the Daily Mail, and the London Evening Standard

Lucy Hawking always aspired to be an author so she became one. She wrote several children’s books and articles too. 

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4. Kate Abdo

If you watch UEFA Champions League, then you are definitely a fan of Kate Abdo. She is the current broadcaster of the UEFA. Before joining CBS Sports, Kate has worked for CNN. 

Top 10 Famous Female Journalists in UK | Women In Power (2021)
Source: FOX Sports

Kate Abdo was the lead anchor of the “World Sports” program on CNN. After that, she switched to Sky Sports in the UK, where she has hosted many events namely, Pay per View Boxing events, Sky Sports News, European Football, and more.

Kate Abdo is also quite popular for hosting FIFA Ballon d’Or and Laureus World Sports Awards. After being so consistent as a sports journalist, she has indeed become one of the most famous female journalists in UK. 

5. Jojo Moyes

Although you might have known her as a writer, she was originally a lady journalist from UK. The 51-year-old lady was a very talented person right from the start of her career. When she was an undergraduate Jojo Moyes won a bursary. It was given by The Independent, and it is because of this that she continued her education. 

Top 10 Famous Female Journalists in UK | Women In Power (2021)

Meanwhile, she was studying for her post-graduation degree, she worked for The Independent newspaper and she worked there for almost 10 years. 

She curved her career towards writing after that but we can never deny that she’s one of the most famous female journalists in UK. 

6. Christiane Amanpour

Christiane Amanpour is a female journalist of British-Iranian descent. She is currently CNN’s Chief International Anchor, which is a huge position. But she wasn’t straight up given this role at CNN. 

Top 10 Famous Female Journalists in UK | Women In Power (2021)
Source: Malay Mail

In 1983, she was only a desk assistant at CNN in Atlanta. But her first major assignment of covering the Iran-Iraq War became her first stepping stone to success. After reporting her first war, she was given chances to report Persian Gulf War and Bosnian War. 

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Amanpour has reported many crises worldwide from Iraq to Pakistan and even in Palestine. Her work speaks for itself and she has always been true to her job. That’s one of the reasons why she is one of the most famous female journalists in UK. 

7. Caroline Hyde

Top 10 Famous Female Journalists in UK | Women In Power (2021)
Source: Wiki and Bio of Celebs

Caroline Hyde is a popular TV face on Bloomberg Television. Hyde’s specialization is in business and technology. She started working with Bloomberg in 2008. As she excels in technology news and business news, Caroline Hyde has interviewed many CEOs in her career.

Some of the names Hyde has interviewed are Satya Nadella, Ginni Rometty (IBM CEO), Jan Koum (Whatsapp CEO), and many more. 

8. Victoria Derbyshire

Victoria Derbyshire is a common face on BBC. But did you know her career didn’t start from TV? Yes, Derbyshire worked on BBC 5 Radio from 1988 to the early 2000s. But in between, she has started coming to the TV channel. Victoria Derbyshire had her debut on TV on the show “Have I Got News for You”. 

Top 10 Famous Female Journalists in UK | Women In Power (2021)
Source: Manchester Evening News

Her eponymous current affairs program was her own idea that she suggested to James Harding (Head of BBC News). After only three days on 7 April 2015, the show got aired and we saw one of the most famous female journalists in UK on TV every day. 

In 2020 due to higher expenses of the show, it got canceled, and now Derbyshire presents BBC News at 9. 

9. Kate Silverton

Kate Silverton is a popular newsreader for BBC. She is also a great broadcaster and a lady journalist from UK. Kate is seen often on BBC News Channel & BBC World News. But her main news presenting is on BBC News Channel only. 

Top 10 Famous Female Journalists in UK | Women In Power (2021)
Source: YouTube

What you might not know about Kate Silverton is that she’s the daughter of a cab driver. His father later became a registered hypnotherapist. From then till now, Kate has been a super successful woman and a true inspiration, I must say. 

Kate Silverton as one of the most famous female journalists in UK is no wonder to us all. She has proved that she’s the best in her job and we look up to her with great fascination.

10. Zeinab Badawi

Sure you know Zeinab Badawi as a presenter of World News Today on BBC World News, but did you know she’s a single mother? There is a lot about this lady journalist in UK that not many of us know. 

Top 10 Famous Female Journalists in UK | Women In Power (2021)
Source: Modern Ghana

Zeinab’s great-grandfather fought in the Battle of Omdurman in 1898. Her father was in journalism. He was a newspaper editor. Zeinab’s passion for journalism comes from her family and that’s why she was part of the Oxford Broadcasting Society in her college days at Oxford. 

She has been a truly prestigious journalist as she’s awarded the President’s medal of the British Academy in 2018. Zeinab Badawi is the most influential female journalist in UK who’s changing the world with her work every day. 

Wrapping Up

The list of famous female journalists in UK ends here. Lyra McKee and Zeinab are the two women that will forever be my inspiration. What do you think about it? Do you also look up to these women? 

Comment below your views and share this article with a person who needs inspiration right now.

Have a nice day!


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