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If you are an anime fanatic, a definitive watch order of the Fairy Tale anime series should be on your priority list. We have curated a suitable Fairy Tale watch order for you. The Fairy Tale animated series is based on one of the most celebrated manga comics written and illustrated by Japanese manga comic artist Hiro Mashima.

The viewers and critics from all over the globe have relished this anime series. It has won several awards as well. It was adapted into a widely acclaimed animated television series by a renowned Japanese director Shinji Ishihara.  All the episodes of Fairy Tale are written by Masashi Sogo.

If you are planning to watch the Fairy Tale anime series, you should note that there are only nine seasons of this anime series directed to date. The original animated series has 328 episodes in total. The first season consists of 48 episodes. It’s highly recommended to watch all the episodes and movies related to this anime in chronological order. 

Remembering all the seasons with their release dates is not at all easy. Don’t worry we have got you covered. We have curated an easy-to-follow watch order of the Fairy Tale. 

Plot Overview: The Fairy Tale (Without Any Spoilers!!!)

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Let’s plunge into the storyline and characters of the Fairy Tale. In this intriguing anime series, There are several guilds (associations) in the fictional universe of Earth-land where all the spell casters/wizards who are capable of performing numerous forms of magic get paid work. They are considered to be expert professionals in this field. 

Natsu Dragneel is the main leading character of the animated series. Natsu is a dragon slayer as well as a fictional character in the country of Kingdom of Fiore. Being the main protagonist of the Fairy Tale anime series, Natsu is shown as a member of the eponymous wizards’ guild. 

Natsu has inherited all his abilities from his foster father. Right from his childhood, his father Dragon Igneel who is a fire dragon king has taught him a lot of things about their culture, association, and work. Moreover, he incubated in him how to use Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. 

The most tragic part of this anime series is the disappearance of Natsu’s adoptive father. 

He is grief-stricken by his father’s absence. Will he be able to find his father?

All your questions will be answered once you will follow the watch order of the Fairy Tale.

The plot of the Fairy Tale anime series is full of twists and turns. The virtue of friendship has been depicted throughout the story. It’s a tale of friends supporting each other to sail through trials and tribulations.

The main purpose of Natsu’s tiring journey is to reunite with Dragon Igneel – his nurturer. It’s quite humorous as well as shocking to witness his journey. Along with other members, Natsu unintentionally damages a lot of property while performing magic. 

The way the personality traits of Natsu have been portrayed. It will surely leave a mark on you. Worldwide fans of the Fairy Tale anime are huge in number.

The director himself has admitted that Natsu remains his favorite character among all the other protagonists and antagonists.

The journey of all characters is quite adventurous. Its anime genre is Shounen. It has dynamic action sequences that will make your jaw drop to the floor. 

The fictitious setting of the Fairy Tale will leave you spellbound. Let your imagination take a flight with this heartwarming anime series. 

The director of this animated television series based on a best-selling manga series revealed that he was inspired by Akira Toriyama, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Yudetamago when he was creating all the adventurous characters of this series. 

It’s an emotive anime series. If you will carefully follow the watch order of the Fairy Tale series. You will surely get teary-eyed at the end of this anime series. 

Chronological Order List Of All Seasons Of The Fairy Tale 2021

This animated series has many diverse characters who know the art of performing various forms of magic. They are regarded as professional wizards. They get paid by their clients as well. They have their own association known as a guild. 

If you were looking for a well-researched watch order of the Fairy Tale anime series. You have landed up in the right place!

In the watch order of the Fairy Tale, we have mentioned all the latest seasons along with their respective number of episodes. 

  • Season: 1

Number of episodes: 48
Release time: 12 October 2009
End time: 27 September 2010

  • Season: 2

Number of episodes: 24
Release time: 11 October 2010
End time: 28 March 2011

  • Season: 3

Number of episodes: 28
Release time: 4 April 2011
End time: 8 October 2011

  • Season: 4

Number of episodes: 25
Release time: 15 October 2011
End time: 7 April 2012

  • Season: 5

Number of episodes: 25
Release time: 14 April 2012
End time: 29 September 2012

  • Season: 6

Number of episodes: 25
Release time: 6 October 2012
End time: 30 March 2013

  • Season: 7

Number of episodes: 90
Release time: 5 April 2014
End time: 26 December 2015

  • Season: 8

Number of episodes: 12
Release time: 9 January 2016
End time: 26 March 2016

  • Season: 9

Number of episodes: 51
Release time: 7 October 2018
End time: 29 September 2019 

There are numerous reasons behind why you should follow a proper watch order of The Fairy Tale rather than simply watching random episodes of the anime series. The plot of the anime series is a perfect example of crisp writing. 

However, It’s not easier to figure out what is going to happen ahead in this anime series. So, it’s better to invest your time in maintaining a watch order of the Fairy Tale anime series. 

You won’t miss out on any details of the plot.

Most Recommended Watch Order Of The Fairy Tale

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You should start watching from the very first season of the Fairy Tale anime series. This watch order of the Fairy Tale will also contain OAV/OVA episodes.

After you have finished watching all the 48 episodes. Make sure you watch the other episodes as well. You have to keep watching till 68 episodes. 

Further, you can watch 3 Fairy Tale OAV/OVA episodes to understand the plot in a better way. After watching the filler episodes, you can continue watching till you reach the 152nd episode. 

It’s time to watch the 4th, 5th, 7th, 6th Fairy Tale OAV/OVA episodes. You’ll be glad to know that they are two movies based on the same anime series namely Fairy Tale: Phoenix Priestess and Fairy Tale: Dragon Cry. 

Before jumping on to the other episodes. You should plan out to watch the movie Fairy Tale: Phoenix Priestess. Now, you can enjoy watching 8th and 9th Fairy Tale OAV/OVA episodes. And then, you should watch the second movie Fairy Tale: Dragon Cry.

Undoubtedly, this is the most preferred watch order of the Fairy Tale animated series of anime maniacs.  

Where Can You Watch All Seasons Of The Fairy Tale

The initial step of watching an anime series is to find a suitable watch order for the anime series. The next step involves finding a platform where you can enjoy all the seasons of the anime. 

Netflix, VRV, Crunchyroll, FunimationNow are some of the most popular online streaming services where you can find all the seasons of the Fairy Tale. 

It is also available on online streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Vudu, and Hulu. 

Wrapping Up

The Fairy Tale is an anime series comprising more than 300 episodes. You will have to devote a major chunk of your time and energy to finish this anime series. If you are going to follow a watch order of the Fairy Tale mentioned in the article above. You are surely going to enjoy watching the Fairy Tale. 

We have made sure we include all the movies and OAV/OVA episodes in our watch order of the Fairy Tale.

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