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We all celebrate valentine’s day on 14th February, to celebrate our love. Do we exactly know why 14th February is named Valentine? There was a Roman priest after whom Valentine was named. Let us try to understand facts about St. Valentine more in this article.

Saint Valentine was popularly known as a third-century Roman saint. He was commonly associated with courtly love. The Roman church recognizes him as a saint and lists him at the 14th spot of Roman Martyrology. St. Valentine was associated with romance, love, and devotion for many centuries, yet very little is known about him. 

At one point, St. Valentine was presented by Roman Judge’s blind daughter to restore her sight. If he does, that judge agrees to do anything for Valentine. For love, St. Valentine put his hand on his daughter’s eye and restored his eyesight. To know such beautiful facts about St. Valentine, stay tuned.

Interesting Hidden Facts About St. Valentine

St. Valentine was a big-time love supporter; it is a hidden fact from our generation. There are many facts to be unfolded for all of us regarding St. Valentine. Stay connected for the same in the below article.

1. St. Valentine Skull Is In Display At Rome  

St. Valentine Skull Is In Display At Rome

In the 19th century, when catacombs were dug near Rome, it presented many skeletal remains of St. Valentine. There they found the skull in the remains. To give regards and display of regards for St. Valentine’s doings, they displayed the skull. 

His skull is on display in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosemedian, Rome. According to traditions, the other skeleton parts were distributed to other tombs. They can be viewed in England, France, Scotland, the Czech Republic, and Ireland.

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2. Arrest For Helping Christian Couples To Get Married

 facts about St. Valentine

One of the amazing facts about St. Valentine is that Emperor Claudius II arrested him. He was arrested for secretly performing weddings for Christian couples.

When he was sitting in prison, many visited him during that time. Out of those, one girl came to visit St. Valentine. He fell in love with her, before dying, he wrote to her, ‘Singing Off as your Valentine.’

3. He Is The Patron Saint Of Many Other Than Love Too

St. Valentine was limited to helping in marrying the couples and performing marriages. If you are a loved-up romantic and author, then valentine is your man.  He is the patron of love and a patron of plague, epilepsy, traveling, and beekeepers.

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4. If You Are A Relic Follower, St. Valentine Is Answer

Facts about St. Valentine

Let me share one of St. Valentine’s secretive facts: he is your relic stopper. If you are fond of relic things, there is a lot to offer regarding St. Valentine. You can visit the Chruch of Anton, Madrid, where you can see the bones of St. Valentine. Pope gifted these pope to King Charlos IV.

You can visit a casket in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedian, Rome, to see his skull there. To visit other parts of his body, you can visit many parts of Europe.

5. Appropriate to Receive An Unknown Valentine’s Day Card

On 14th February, Valentine’s Day, you receive any unknown Valentine’s day card. That card is acceptable and appropriate. This is due to the reason that we do not know anything about St. Valentine.

6. St. Valentine Has More Than Two People  

In early 496, Pope Gelasius I questioned St. Valentine’s identity and referred to him as ‘being known only to God.’ 

Three different phases of St. Valentine have been described by ‘The Catholic Encyclopedia’. The 15th-century account described St. Valentine as a Temple priest. Another account describes St. Valentine as Bishop of Terni. His name remains on the official lists of Saints.

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7. Valentine’s Feast Day  

Valentine’s Feast Day

14th February 496 A.D. Pope Gelasius, I established it as Valentine’s Feast Day. At that time, this day did not have any relation to be celebrated for love. 

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Wrapping Up

Valentine’s day has an immense history to discover, or shall I say the word Valentine itself is history. Their many facts about St. Valentine are disclosed in the above article. I hope you liked them. Show your love in the comments for the above-shared Facts about St. Valentine.


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