17 Shocking Facts About Hazel Eyes I Bet You Never Knew Before

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But you won’t get to see the tears I cry, Behind these hazel eyes.
When Kelly Clarkson sang ‘Behind the Hazel Eyes’, every person with those godly eyes felt special. But do you know, these people (with Hazel eyes) are no less than a magical phenomenon? Hold on! If you didn’t know this up until now, we have come up with the “Facts About Hazel Eyes” that will blow your mind for sure. 

Are you not obsessed with the ‘Talking to the Moon’ one of the most trendy sounds on Instagram? The one where people open their eyes when he says, Moon. To be honest that made me fall for hazel eyes and now I am completely obsessed with it. So much so that I had to know all the interesting facts about Hazel Eyes ASAP. After reading this article, you’ll be sure that hazel eyes are the most beautiful eyes in the world. Wanna bet on it?

Out of all the world population, only 5% have Hazel Eyes, making it one of the rarest eye colors. They are pretty uncommon but can be easily found in the UK and Europe. Lucky Caucasians! Also, hazel eyes can change their color frequently and shine brighter than other eye colors. We have given all the scientific explanations below so you know you will be surprised no matter what.

Let’s start with all these unique facts and unravel what is it about the Hazel Eyes that makes them so special. Stay Tuned!

17 Fun Facts About Hazel Eyes You Never Knew About

17 Shocking Facts About Hazel Eyes I Bet You Never Knew Before

Those eyes are simply heaven for us, who have the basic brown in their eyeballs. But don’t get too excited if you have Hazel Eyes, there are some health facts written below that might require your better attention. So Read Closely. 

1. Rarer than Blue & Brown Eyes

According to World Atlas, only 5% of the whole world population (which is close to 8 billion) have Hazel Eyes. This fact makes them rarer than Blue eyes which are only present in 8-10% of the world population. Also, rarer than brown eyes which almost 79% of the world has.

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2. Hazel Eyes are not the Rarest Eye Colour

15 Shocking Facts About Hazel Eyes I Bet You Never Knew Before
Source: LunaDNA

There are grey eyes, violet eyes, purple/pink eyes, even people with Heterochromia (People with two different eye colors). So that makes those colors even rare than Hazel. WOW! 

3. Mostly Middle Eastern & North African have Hazel Eyes

In the “Facts About Hazel Eyes“, did you know, Hazel eyes are more frequent in people from Brazil, Spain, and Europe. However, they are not the only ones having Hazel Eyes. North Africans have more Hazel eyes than the rest of the countries. 

Beauty in Diversity!

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4. Your Favourite Celebs Have Hazel Eyes

15 Shocking Facts About Hazel Eyes I Bet You Never Knew Before
Source: Billionaire Beauties

Zendaya, David Beckham, Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, Ryan Reynolds, all of them Hazel eyes. This might be another reason why you fell for them and never knew the reason. Until Now! Watch out for those eyes! They might Spellbind you. I am sure they got me in the first look.

5. Hazel Eyes are Often Seen in Caucasian People

If you’re a Caucasian, then you have seen Hazel Eyes pretty much all your lifetime. It is one of those Hazel Eye facts that is concluded after much research.

Caucasian people are white-skinned North Americans who have a European origin. In these people’s eyes, a combination of brown, blue, and green is seen quite often.

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6. Every Hazel Eye is Unique | The Truths Behind Hazel Eyes

15 Shocking Facts About Hazel Eyes I Bet You Never Knew Before
Source: Novocom.top

Much like our fingerprints, the color of every Hazel Eye is different from another. Just in case you know a person with magic in its eyeballs, you can surprise them with these unique facts about Hazel Eyes. 

7. 16 Genes Contribute to Hazel Eye Colour

Do you know that 16 genes contribute to a person’s eye color? Really? 16 Genes? This means that even if your parents don’t have hazel eyes, there are still chances for you to have them.

A child can end up with Hazel Eyes without its parents having the same. Also, no one can determine the color of a child’s eyes before its birth. Wasn’t this one of those eye-opening facts about Hazel Eyes?

8. Hazel Eyes Occur Due to Rayleigh Scattering

15 Shocking Facts About Hazel Eyes I Bet You Never Knew Before

The eye color of almost every person with Hazel Eyes changes during their lifetime. It is because of the same reason the sky looks blue. Dreamy, Right?

It’s Science!

That reason is Rayleigh Scattering. Because of this Phenomenon light scatters and causes eyes to look like a different color than their original one. 

9. Scientists Refer to Hazel Eyes as the ‘Eye Colour Chameleon’

15 Shocking Facts About Hazel Eyes I Bet You Never Knew Before

This one from the ‘Facts about Hazel Eyes‘ might seem a little funny to you. As Hazel is not an actual color it is a blend of blue-green, yellow, and brown, it is difficult to describe every shade of the Hazel Eyes.

That’s why scientists refer to Hazel Eyes to the Eye Colour Chameleon because Chameleon also doesn’t have one true color. 

10. Hazel Eyes Have Moderate Amount Of Melanin 

The amount of Melanin Hazel Eyes have is more than blue eyes but less than brown eyes. Melanin is the key skin color pigment that makes us have the skin tone that we have, dark, black, brown, white, and many more. 

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Isn’t it one of the most amazing Hazel eye facts?

11. Hazel Eyes Can Change its Colour in Babies

15 Shocking Facts About Hazel Eyes I Bet You Never Knew Before
Source: Healthline

This fact is pretty surprising as it is not very well known for human eyes to change their color, which leads us to our question.

Why do hazel eyes change color?

Babies that are born with blue eyes or green eyes can have Hazel eyes when they grow up. This happens because Melanin takes time to deposit in the human eyes. The time eyes take to have their original color can be from two months of birth to up to three years. So, Melanin is the reason due to which Hazel Eyes change their color.

12. Hazel Eyes can Change its Colour even in seconds

You might not have been expecting this one from Facts about Hazel Eyes. Many people have a gradient of colors in their Hazel eyes. In that case, as more or less light falls upon the eyes, the pupil can either get smaller or bigger. Depending on that, the colored part can get compressed or can spread making it look like the Hazel eye changed its color. When it is only science. 

13. Hazel Eyes Shine Brighter than Other Eyes

It has been found after research that hazel eyes reflect more light than other eye colors like Brown or Black eyes. Hazel eyes can reflect the green color of trees or the sunlight shine more than other colors, which makes them shine more than other eye colors. It is one of the most awesome facts about Hazel Eyes.

14. Hazel Eyes Are Vulnerable to Sun’s Rays

15 Shocking Facts About Hazel Eyes I Bet You Never Knew Before

Since you know that hazel eyes have less Melanin than Brown/Black eyes. This means hazel eyes are more vulnerable to the harmful rays of the sun because Melanin protects our body from certain types of Cancers. This one from the hazel eye facts aware you wear shades every time you go out in the sun, exposed to UV rays. 

15. Hazel Eyes are Prone to Macular Degeneration

The light-sensing cells in the Hazel eyes get damaged easily in the early 50s or 60s making hazel eyes vulnerable to Macular Degeneration. The central vision is impaired in such a condition which can lead to a total loss of vision.

16. People Confuse Hazel Eyes With Central Heterochromia

Central Heterochromia is a phenomenon when the inner ring of the iris is different of a different color than the outer ring. People usually think that hazel eyes are caused due to central heterochromia and we choose to differ. We have facts for it. Don’t believe me?

17 Shocking Facts About Hazel Eyes I Bet You Never Knew Before

Hazel Eyes are not caused because of central heterochromia. As I already told you hazel eyes are caused because of Rayleigh Scattering, and another phenomenon is far from it. This was another one of the facts about hazel eyes.

17. 75% of Hazel Eyes Have A Brown Ring

Do you know why hazel eyes look so majestic? Because they have a brown ring around them. Yes! Research has shown that around 75% of hazel eyes have a brown ring, making them totally unique.

15 Shocking Facts About Hazel Eyes I Bet You Never Knew Before

It is very strange that no eyes of other colors, such as blue, green or grey have a brown ring around them. It is only hazel eyes that have been gifted with it.

Wrapping Up

To be true, I never knew before that hazel eyes are so rare that only 40 Million from this whole ~8 Billion World have hazel eyes. That’s as crazy as it is shocking. Hope you guys liked this article on “Facts about Hazel Eyes.” 

Share this article with your friends who have hazel eyes and let them know what you think about them. Comment below your favorite fact about Hazel Eyes.

Have a Great Day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the myths about Hazel Eyes?

1. People that have Hazel eyes are smarter.
2. Women with Hazel Eyes are sexier than other women.
3. They are better lovers.
4. Hazed-eyed people highly believe in spirituality.
5. They are more mischievous.

What are the makeup tips for Hazel Eyes?

1. Do not experiment with blue-grey eye shadows.
2. You can experiment with colorful eyeliners, although black also looks good on Hazel Eyed People.
3. Combination of Beige and Caramel eyeshadows create a beautiful effect on Hazel Eyes.
4. Gold looks best on Hazel Eyes so make sure you use that in one way or another.
5. Always curl your eyelashes to attract more attention to your eyes.

Name some celebrities With Hazel Eyes

Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, Tyra Banks, Emma Roberts, Nikki Reed, Rachel Mcadams, David Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Jason Statham, Heidi Klum, Zendaya, Tami Roman and the list goes on.

What is special about hazel eyes?

Hazel eyes are more reflective and shiny than any other eye color. That’s why it also appears sometimes that Hazel eyes have changed their color.

How rare are hazel eyes?

Although Green eyes are rarer than Hazel eyes, still there are only 5% of people with Hazel eyes. The combination of colors in Hazel eyes comes after genetic mutations and more than 16 genes affect the color of a person’s eyes.

Are Hazel Eyes attractive?

Yes, if you have Hazel eyes then you are 2.3 times more likely to land in the hottest list of women and 3 times for men.

Are Hazel Eyes Common?

No, Hazel Eyes are pretty rare, because only 5% of the whole world population has them. If you do have these magical eyes, consider yourself very rare and lucky.

What is the rarest eye color for redheads?

Blue Eyes in red-haired people is the rarest combination that is seen in redheads.


  1. I read some where that people with brown eyes never changed colors! I have had brown eyes all my life but suddenly at age. 60 my eyes started turning hazel and I really don’t understand why

  2. I have hazel eyes and nobody believes me when I say that my eyes are yellow too.Brown,green and,sometimes,yellow.Most of the time seems brown.In sunny days are green.When I’m sick they are yellow( with high fever,for example).One curiosity is also when I’m into a room with white lights(fluorescent lights) I have no color at all! A friend of mine looks at me and tell me what was happening.I take a little mirror and…no color!!

    • Hey Raul! Hazel eyes are truly magical. Even minor light reflections and melanin can impact the color of hazel eyes a lot. Thank you so much for your response. Keep Visting PathOfEx!


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