11 Exciting Facts About Blue Eyes That Will Stun You in 2022

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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Didn’t Thomas Shelby’s blue eyes swoon you? I bet it did and that’s one of the reasons you cannot miss knowing all about those magical eyes. If you are anywhere from Europe or the US then you are living with the rarest 8% of the world with blue eyes. But that’s not it! There‘s a lot we have in our stack of facts about blue eyes. Just sit back and get stunned. 

The first-ever blue-eyed human was a hunter from Spain. Did you know that? It is because of this dark-skinned man with blue eyes that we see so many beautiful shades of blue in the eyes around us. Later the obsession with blue eyes got so popular that to date, we see people going to surgeries for having this color. Are you one of them? 

The most amazing fact about blue eyes is that all the people who have them share a single ancestor. Isn’t that crazy! As impossible it might seem there are a lot of other facts about blue eyes that you haven’t heard before. Like the one related to alcohol! 

Now that you are aware of the topics, let’s not wait for more. Jump on to the next section and read all the facts about blue eyes you haven’t heard before.

11 Interesting Facts About Blue Eyes You Cannot Miss

11 Facts About Blue Eyes That Will Stun You in 2021

All these facts aren’t only fun to read but also give you a lot of science-based proof that you never knew before. You can also share this article if you know a magic-filled blue-eyed person. 

To be true if I could change my brown eyes blue, I would have. Since getting under the knife to get the perfect look isn’t really my thing, I would like to stick with legit brown for life. How about you? Do you feel the same, or would you go to surgery to have the sky color in your eyes?

If, by all means, you do want blue eyes, you have to know all these facts before going through surgery.

1. There’s No Blue in Blue Eyes 

Blue eyes in sunlight; Facts About Blue Eyes

It might sound a little poetic but your eyes look blue in the same way the sky and seas have their blue color. Sounds like magic to me! But it is possible because of a natural phenomenon known as Rayleigh Scattering. 

The color in your blue eyes appears because the iris has a colorless stroma. It scatters all the light that falls upon and the result is the same blue color you see in the sky. 

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2. People with Blue Eyes Can Be Alcoholic | Bad Things About Blue Eyes

Another one from the facts about Blue Eyes is about their personality. More than personality it should actually be on a list of bad things about blue eyes. These people have higher chances to be alcoholics. Yes, that’s true and it’s proved. Don’t believe me? Continue reading!

According to the American Journal of Medical Genetics, it has been found that European Americans with blue eyes have 83% higher chances of being dependent on alcohol than people with dark-colored eyes. Why is it so? 

Bad Things About Blue Eyes; 11 Facts About Blue Eyes That Will Stun You

Another thing that this research concludes is that alcoholism is connected to genetic sequences. Meaning that a genetic component in Blue-eyed people is linked to genetic sequences which determine eye color. However the exact reason for the ‘bad things about blue eyes’ isn’t known yet. 

3. You Can Never Know the Colour of Your Babies’ Eyes 

Many people in the past believed that only parents with blue eyes can have babies of the same colored eyes. But it is absolutely wrong. More than 16 genes are responsible for the color of a person’s eyes, which can never be assumed before the birth of the baby.

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Baby with Blue Eyes; 11 Facts About Blue Eyes That Will Stun You in 2021

So if you are expecting a child and you don’t have blue eyes, you can still be hopeful to see some magic when your baby opens its eyes. Did you know facts about blue eyes would be so fascinating? 

4. Blue Eyes were a Proof of Love in the Past | Bad Things About Blue Eyes

As said in the above-written point, people in the past thought only blue-eyed people can give birth to a blue-eyed baby. Who knew soon it would become toxic for women with dark eyes who gave birth to a baby with blue eyes. It is indeed one of those bad things about blue eyes which we want to take back.

Irene Adler-Sherlock; Bad Things About Blue Eyes; 11 Facts About Blue Eyes That Will Stun You

Imagine how many women would have got the title of a ‘Cheater’, for delivering their own baby. Thanks to modern times where we know all these scientific facts about Blue Eyes. 

5. Blue Eyes are Vulnerable To Sunlight | Bad Things About Blue Eyes

The next one is a scientific one among all the facts about Blue Eyes. Those amazing-looking eyes have less amount of Melanin. This pigment protects our eyes from many rays. 

Bad Things About Blue Eyes; 11 Facts About Blue Eyes That Will Stun You

Melanin is a pigment in the iris which determines the color of our eyes. The more melanin you have the darker the shade of your eyes. The less melanin you have, the lighter the shade of your eyes. 

6. Less than 10% have Blue Eyes

According to World Atlas, out of the whole world’s population, less than 10% have Blue Eyes. When I was researching weird facts about Blue Eyes, I didn’t know they were so rare. 

11 Facts About Blue Eyes That Will Stun You

It is estimated that 8-10% of nearly 8 Billion people have Blue Eyes. This means only 640 million people have Blue Eyes. I wish I was one among this exclusive group of Blue Eyes. 

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7. People with Blue Eyes Share a Single-Common Ancestor 

Do you know everyone on Earth has only Brown eyes? It is because of some human from Europe a long time ago, (6,000 to 10,000 years before) whose gene mutilated, and now all we ever want to look at is Blue Eyes. 

11 Facts About Blue Eyes That Will Stun You

This one from facts about Blue Eyes is researched by the amazing team at the University of Copenhagen. But to understand this fact completely you have to know about Genetic Mutation.

What is Genetic Mutation?

According to Nature.com, Mutations are changes in genetic sequence, which causes diversity among living beings. Most Genetic Mutations are heritable, that’s why all the people with blue eyes share a common ancestor. 

8. Blue Eyes can Change its Color in Babies

The next one on facts about Blue Eyes is about Babies. If your baby has Blue Eyes at its birth that does not mean it will have blue eyes forever. The melanin takes some time for babies to get deposited, which can lead to a change in the color of babies’ eyes. 

Baby with Blue eyes; 11 Facts About Blue Eyes That Will Stun You

Also, a related Blue eye fact says that most Caucasian babies have blue eyes at birth. This changes after a while when the color becomes Hazel or Green. 

9. The Blue in Your Eyes Comes From Minerals and Light

In a point above we told you how light scatters in the eyes to give it a blue color. Guess what? It’s not the only thing that makes sure the color of your eyes. A lot of minerals and proteins are responsible too. 

Deep blue Eyes; 11 Facts About Blue Eyes That Will Stun You

First, the scattering happens after which the minerals and proteins along with melanin determine how much light is going to get reflected from the eyes. All these facts about Blue Eyes are verified and proven by many scientists over time. So you can be sure of it. 

10. Blue Eyes Are Better at Night Vision

The lack of Melanin does surely mean that Blue eyes are sensitive towards light but it also gives you another one of the ‘benefits of blue eyes’. The lack of melanin means more light can enter your eyes, this means at night when minimum light is visible, people with Blue eyes can see better than others. 

Facts About people with blue eyes

You’ll with Blue eyes see better than your friends with Black/brown eyes. Don’t forget to brag about this one from the facts about Blue Eyes. What’s the point of having those magic in your eyes if you cannot brag a little about them? 

11. There Are Many Risks Involved With Blue Eyes | Bad Things About Blue Eyes

Not just protection from UV rays, blue eyes are prone to many other problems too. One thing that is common among all these ‘bad things about blue eyes’ is the lack of Melanin. No doubt it makes the color of your eyes a hell-lot sexier than most of us, but it also makes it vulnerable.

11 Facts About Blue Eyes That Will Stun You in 2021

A lot of research have concluded that-

  1. Lighter eye colours have High-risk of ocular uveal melanoma, an eye cancer.
  2. Blue-eyed people should be more cautious of exposure to sunlight.
  3. Lighter iris colours have a lower risk of getting Cataracts. 

Wrapping Up

The last point might just be a perk of having Blue eyes among the other zillion perks you guys have. I am almost jealous. Hope you liked this article on Facts about Blue Eyes. If you did then leave us a comment we would be happy to hear from you.

Have a Great Day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Blue Eyes?

Blue eyes are often related to eternal youth and are considered most desirable and attractive.

Do blue eyes mean inbreeding?

Yes, blue eyes have come from a man in Spain almost 7000 years before. And from him, this gene has passed to all the generations to now. All the people that have blue eyes are related to that one man.

Where do blue eyes come from a country?

Blue eyes have originated from modern-day Spain 7000 years ago.

What are the bad things about blue eyes?

There are not one but many bad things about blue eyes that most of the population does not know about. Firstly, blue eyes are low on melanin so they are vulnerable to sunlight. Secondly, their probability to be an alcoholic is high. They have a high risk of ocular uveal melanoma, an eye cancer

Where did blue eyes come from?

The first-ever blue eyes came from a stone-age man from Spain. He was a hunter with a height of 5ft & 7in. He had dark skin and blue eyes. And everyone on earth who has had blue eyes share a common ancestry with the Stone age man and his family.


  1. First off 8% of 8 billion is 640 million, not 64. Secondly, the shared single person ancestor mutation theory is not really a fact. In reality an entire region of people might of had a genetic mutation on their Dana’s melanin switch at the near same time as a result of environment or diet on a large scale regional basis, etc.

    • Hey! We have corrected 64 to 640. About the single ancestor theory, it is given by the Institute of Evolutionary Biology in Barcelona. However, what you are speculating might be right too. Thank you so much for reading our article! Keep Visiting PathOfEx!


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