Discovery Plus Launch in the US

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Discovery is launching a new streaming service called Discovery Plus in the US on January 4, 2021. Discovery is a premium cable behind the programs like Discovery Channel, Food Network, HGTV, and TLC. Online Streaming services are very common nowadays. Starting from Hulu and Netflix to Amazon Prime Video and HBO, there are a huge number of services available in the market. Now, Discovery is coming up with its very own first streaming service in the US.

The upcoming Discovery Plus can be a huge competition to the prevailing streaming services and will add to the combatant in the streaming wars. The rivals in the markets with huge success are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus and many more.


Price of Discovery Plus

Discovery Plus Launch in the US

Discovery Plus is a streaming service that will be available in the US from January 4, 2021. This streaming service is available in two different options. For ad-free streaming service, you will have to pay $7 a month. If you are looking for a cheaper option, you can also avail the streaming services with commercials for $5 a month.

Along with this, Verizon has also come up with an amazing offer. Verizon is offering the Discovery Plus services for free to some of its customers for as long as one year.

Availability of Discover Plus

It is a known fact that Discovery is launching its streaming service in the US in 2021 but Discovery has already been launched in the UK and Ireland last month. The company has claimed that the service plans are supposed to be launched in 25 international markets by next year. The company also mentioned some international markets that they are hoping to launch in soon. These markets include Italy, the Netherlands, the Nordics (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden), Spain, Latin America and certain parts of Asia.

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What to Expect from the new Streaming Service: Discovery Plus?

Just like every other prevailing streaming service, the Discovery Plus will also have a mix of regular TV Shows, Movies (old as well as new) and some exclusive original content.

In the US, the company claims that Discovery Plus will have more than 55,000 episodes from its other channel, Discovery. The streaming service will also have episodes from BBC’s Natural History Collection, A&E Networks, Group Nine and many more.

Concerning the device that will support the Discovery Plus, the company assures that the services will be “available across major platforms, including connected TVs, Web, mobile and tablets.” So far the company has not specifically named even a single platform for streaming but we can expect the company will make sure that the services land on every popular platform.

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What Shows will be Available on the Discovery Plus?

To fight the competition in a stronger manner, Discovery Plus is all prepped up with a number of original TV shows and series. Some of the original shows by Discovery Plus are:

  • 90 Day Fiance
  • 90 Day Bares All
  • 90 Day Diaries
  • 90 Day Journey
  • The Other Way Strikes Back
  • Long Island Medium: There in Spirit
  • Bobby and Giada in Italy
  • Cakealikes
  • Duff’s Happy Fun Bake Time
  • Foodways with Carla Hall (working title)
  • Luda Can’t Cook
  • What’s Eating Sebastian Maniscalco (working Title)
  • Clipped
  • Frozen in Time
  • House Hunters: Comedians on Couches Unfiltered
  • Home Town: Ben’s Workshop
  • Queen of Meth
  • American Detective with Joe Kenda
  • Onision: In Real Life
  • Route 66 (working Title)
  • Pushing the Line
  • Mysterious Planet
  • Six Degrees with Mike Rowe
  • P.S., Burn This Letter Please
  • The Impossible Row
  • My Beautiful Stutter
  • Beyond Borders
  • The Parachute Murder Plot
  • Paranormal

Along with this, Discovery Plus will also include 2,500 classic shows and current shows.

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Verizon Deal

Discovery Plus is being launched with an extended free trial partnership with Verizon. Verizon is offering some of its customers a one-year free trial of Discovery Plus. After this offer, Verizon has upgraded its free trial for Disney Plus users as well.


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