Spoiler Alert! “Dark” Timeline Explained In Easy Words

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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Did you also got way too confused watching the TV show “Dark”? I am asking this because I got lost in the timeline even after watching it multiple times! If you are looking for the Dark Timeline, you came to the right place. In this article, you will know all about the Timeline in easy words. 

While watching Dark, you will have one of the most mind-boggling experiences of your life. Dark isn’t just any series that easily explains to you what is happening. You would have to pay acute attention to it besides keeping your nerves calm at all times. Nobody said it’s going to be easy! The intent here is not to scare you, but to make you aware, Dark is going to use all of the IQ that you have, plus check your patience. Stay tuned!

The protagonist of the story, Jonas, finds out in 2019, after the suicide of his dad Michael Kahnwald, that a 9-year old boy Mikkel was missing from his town. He accidentally time-traveled into 1986, got stuck there, and then after growing up, married a lady, and they give birth to Jonas himself. Which means Mikkel is Michael. If that made sense, there’s another one for you. The man helping Jonas find about the time-travel through the tunnel is the future adult Jonas; his own older self has returned from the future to 2019 to close the wormhole in time. Does anything in your brain hurt yet? Don’t worry; it is about to explode in a few minutes!

This was just to give you a little glimpse of how dark is introduced to the viewers. Understanding Dark Timeline isn’t quite easy. But you will get the whole Dark Timeline Explained in easy words in this article.

Here’s the List of all the Important Characters from the Dark Series on Netflix-

  • Jonas Kahnwald 
  • Hannah Kahnwald 
  • Michael Kahnwald 
  • Ines Kahnwald 
  • Daniel Kahnwald 
  • Ulrich Nielson 
  • Katharina Nielson
  • Martha Nielson 
  • Magnus Nielson
  • Jana Nielson
  • Tronte Nielson
  • Agnes Nielson 
  • Noah 
  • Claudia Tiedmann
  • Gretchen
  • Regina Tiedmann
  • Alexander Tiedmann
  • Bartosz Tiedmann
  • Egon Tidemann 
  • Doris Tiedmann 
  • H.G Tannhaus
  • Charlotte Doppler
  • Elisabeth Doppler
  • Franziska Dopper
  • Peter Doppler
  • Helge Doppler
  • Bernd Doppler
  • Greta Doppler
  • Torben Woller
  • Bernadette Woller
  • Jurgen Obendorf
  • Erik Obendorf
  • Silja
  • The Unknown

Dark Timeline Explained In Easy Words

Dark Timeline Explained
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September 23, 1822- Gustav Tannhaus tells his son Lenoard about the possibility of bringing the dead back. As he recently lost his wife. This obsession grows with the growing Lenoard until he is old, and at that time, he allows Jonas to make the time machine. 

September 21, 1888- Jonas and his teen team are transported just before the apocalypse, only to get stuck there. Going on 23rd September, our middle-aged man Leopold gets killed by The Unknown. The Unknown is the son of Jonas and Martha.

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1890- Jonas and his team, still working in the time machine. When Silja is sent back by Adam from the future year 1953.

1904- Silja and Bartosz fall in love with each other, and in 1904 a baby boy, which is names Hanno, is born to them. “Hanno” being the anagram for “Noah.”

1911- In 1911, Silja dies while giving birth to Agnes. Also, in this time, middle-aged Hannah is brought to the old self of Jonas, i.e., Adam, by Eve. Later, Adam kills his mother Hannah because she is 1911 is not supposed to exist.

1920- Egon Tidemann is born.

June 21, 1921- Young Noah kills older Bartosz with an ax because Adam ordered it to him. At this point, young Noah is fully unaware that older Bartosz is his father. Adam completely brainwashes Noah.  

June 23, 1921- After traveling from the God Particle in 2053, Jonas woke up in a wheat field on the 23rd of June, 1921. A day later, he discloses the fact that Adam is his older self.

June 27, 1921- Noah, after learning some information from the Triquetra book, finds out about Adams’s plans and tries to kill him. But, the gun doesn’t work when he pulls the trigger. Here Agnes Noah’s sister takes the same gun from him and kills him. It is because of her faith in Adams’ plan and her dedication to becoming a member of Sic Mundus. Sic Mundus is the secret society of time travelers in Winden.

1942- Claudia Tiedmann and Helge Doppler are born consecutively.

November 1953-  To dispose of the bodies of Eric Obendorff and Yasin, adult Helge had to travel from the 1980s. It is also the same time when Ulrich, Mikkel’s father, travels from 2019 to 1953 to kill young Helge. He believes if he does so, Helge will never grow up to kidnap his young boy. It is this time, on the 10th of November, Bern Doppler held a meeting of investors for the Winden Nuclear Power Plant. After a day, Ulrich is arrested on suspicion of killing two young boys. It is the same day when old Claudia travels back from the future to meet H.G Tannhaus and gives him the blueprint of the apparatus machine.

June 1954- Old Claudia buried the time apparatus machine for her younger self to find out in 1987. She then visits her father and apologizes to him, which he doesn’t understand. She feels sorry because, in the future, she is going to kill him. Besides that, Old Claudia also visits Tannhaus to give him his book explaining time theory which is yet to be written by him. If that makes any sense, this book was previously gifted to middle-aged Claudia by Helge in the ’80s.

After stealing the time machine apparatus, Hannah arrives back in time on June 26. Here she meets present-time Ulrich, who is in jail and does not help him, because he still loves his wife, Katharina. Watta bitch! She also begins an affair with Agon Tidemann. Three months later, she finds out she’s pregnant with his child, who’ll be named Silja. After finding about her husband’s affair, Doris gives divorce to him.

1970- Young Ulrich and Katharina begin to have a mini teenager affair gradually over time.

1971- On 11th August 1971, H.G Tannhaus’s son and daughter-in-law died in a car accident.

This fatal incident makes him built a time machine. Regina Tidemann was also born in 1970. It is the same year young Jonas, and young Martha successfully traveled back and terminated the crash. 

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1972- Hanna Kahnwald gets born.

1974- Tannhaus begins to create the time machine in the bunker.

June 21, 1986- After 12 years, Tannhaus has made the time machine, which ends in splitting the world into two different realities.

October 9, 1986- Mads Nielson, Ulrich’s younger brother, gets missing as Helge kidnaped him. After one month, Mikkel arrives in this reality from 2019.

November 7, 1986- Mikkel meets younger Hanna on a bench; they both, in due course, will get married and give birth to Jonas. Jonas, from 2019, travels to 1986 and sees Mikkel but chooses not to bring him back. Jonas then gets prisoned in the bunker by his middle-aged self, who is trying to set everything right by closing the wormhole. His efforts do not close the wormhole and send the younger Jonas to 2052.

June 22, 1987- Old Egon investigates the disappearance of Mads Nielson. He gives a picture of Mikkel, who is present at this time to young Ulrich, who gets arrested by police later.

September 22, 1987- The Unknown kills old Bernd Doppler to have access to the main key of the Nuclear Plant. Katharina, the mother of Mikkel, arrives here in search of her missing son and husband. She finds old Ulrich and promises to get him out of the psych ward. To make it happen, she has to get the keycard from her mother, who kills her at the moment. 

August 8, 1993- The marriage of Regina and Alexander takes place, and in 1994 Ulrich and Katharina also take vows.

2003- In 2003, Martha, Jonas, Bartosz, Franziska, and Magnus are born.

2008- Mikkel is born.

2011- Elizabeth gets born.

June 20, 2019- A day before adult Mikkel, Michael’s suicide. At the lake, Jonas kisses Martha, and Ulrich kisses Hanna, probably starting their affair. We see that Michael sacrificed himself for his son Jonas to set him on the path to save everyone.

Dark Timeline Explained
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June 21, 2019- Michael hangs himself in his room.

September 2, 2019- Regina Tidemann has died. 

October 22, 2019- The first of the missing children, Erik Obendorf, is kidnapped by Helge. 

November 4, 2019- Mikkel disappears and gets moved to 1986. In an alternate timeline, Jonas is moved here after Martha saves him. He also meets Eve on this date; she is the old Martha and the counterpart to Adam.

November 2019- The Stranger arrives in Winden, who we now know is middle-aged Jonas. On a coming day, the stranger marks the map of Winden Caves that will be used by Jonas, which will eventually take him to 1986. In another timeline, Jonas is making love to Martha, who gets pregnant and gives birth to The Unknown. After some time, Jonas brings young Martha to Eve, where another Martha shoots him. Still in another timeline, old Ulrich tries to kill Helge and somehow gets killed himself. Regina Tiedmann is diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and after two days, Ulrich finds the cave which will transport him to 1953.

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June 2020- The Stranger tells Hannah that he is her son who came back from the future and took her to 1987. There she sees Ines has adopted her Mikkel. Claudia is in pain to see her daughter dying of cancer. Katharina finds out that Mikkel, her son, grew up in the 1980s by seeing a picture of him and begins her journey of trying to get in the 80s to find her son. On June 27, 2020, the stranger locked Martha in the bunker because he cannot let her die in the upcoming apocalypse. She escapes from there later and gets shot by Adam. 

Now at this point, there is a Loophole or a Switch Point in time, in which, for a dull moment, Things Can Be Changed! It’s a little complicated as three different events occur with three different outcomes. 

  • Outcome 1: Martha is shot, an alternate Martha comes in scene and saves Jonas.
  • Outcome 2: Martha is shot, and no one comes to save Jonas.
  • Outcome 3: Martha is shot, a distinct Adam comes to the scene and takes Jonas for fulfilling his destiny of stopping the car accident in 1971. 

September 22, 2020- After the apocalypse, Claudia takes care of her daughter suffering from cancer. Peter and Elizabeth are in search of Charlotte and Franziska. In two days, Peter dies in saving his daughter, making Noah an elder figure in Elizabeth’s life.  

2021- Elizabeth and Noah spot the passage in the Winden caves

2023- Even after several attempts, Jonas and Claudia fail to get the God Particle to work. Depressed, Jonas tries to kill himself when Noah saves him. He tells him even if he shoots himself; he won’t die because the older version of him, i.e., Adam, is still alive. It is a paradox of Dark Series that you can be dead when an older self of you is still alive. 

2040- Claudia kills her older self for the greater good.

2041- Elizabeth gives birth to baby Charlotte, who older Elizabeth and Charlotte later steal. To provide it with to Tannhaus in 1971. This is all Adam’s plan to make sure his plan works.

November 7, 2052- Jonas and alternate Martha meet middle-aged Martha in an alternative reality. He decides to bring the older Martha to Eve. On the very next day, Bartosz picks up Martha to take her to Eve, just before she goes to save Jonas. Then Eve tells Martha to kill Jonas; if she doesn’t, her child will die. 

November 12, 2052- Jonas finally arrives in the future.

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June 2053-  Jonas finds the God Particle in the stranded Nuclear Plant. He is caught after he realizes that he needs fuel to stabilize the God Particle. Elizabeth refrains from killing him and allows him to go to the God Particle and travel back to 1921. 

September 23, 2023- We learn that Martha left a middle-aged Jonas in 1888, who is working with Adam, to get betrayed and prisoned by him. Martha tells Adam she is pregnant with the Origin, which must be destroyed to end this crazy cycle of pain and death.

September 25, 2023- Adam tries to kill Martha but failed. He gets to know he is tricked by Claudia and joins her to unify his younger self and Martha. This will lead to saving Tanenhaus’s family, which will eventually avoid the splitting of the world. 

Damn! That was freaking huge!

Final Thought 

The interpretation of series based on time travel and science fiction is not easy. Especially Dark, which has such a complex timeline and multiple alternatives based on multiple characters at different times. So if you are planning to watch it for the first time or if you want to watch it again, after reading this article, you’ll surely know all the connections between the timelines. Let us know about your feedback in the comment section below. Stay Tuned for more amazing stuff. 

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