Who Is Gwynevere: Princess Of Sunlight | Everything About Dark Souls Gwynevere 

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Dark Souls has the most extreme characters in its gameplay. And one of those impressive characters is Dark Souls Gwynevere. Yes, you heard the buzz right! Dark Souls Gwynevere is a unique character in the game that is known for its excellent lore and covenant. Go on and you will learn a lot more about Dark Souls character Gwynevere and the magnificent facts that define it to be an important one. 

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Dark Souls is one of the most amazing games present on the planet. It blends various elements like battlefields, terrific world design, and detailed lore perfectly. We have binged over many games like Dark Souls. No other replica can ever be as good as this one, surely!

Gwynevere is a daughter of Gwy, Lord of Sunlight, and is thereby known as Gwynever: Queen of Sunlight! Before I spill the beans here, go on and unbox everything you wish to know about Dark Souls Gwynevere further. 

Appearance Of Gwynevere In Dark Souls 

Who Is Gwynevere: Princess Of Sunlight | Everything About Dark Souls Gwynevere 

Gwynevere: Queen Of Sunlight is a fair-complexion lady with red hair, exhibiting one of the gigantic forms. She has a kind face and as she walks ahead, she leaves a shining light behind her figure. She usually drapes herself in white cloth and rests on a cushion underneath her arm. 

Location Of Gwynevere In Dark Souls 

Dark Souls character Gwynevere is located in Anor Londo above the hall where Ornstein and Smough battle the Chosen Undead, behind the door with the bonfire in front of it. 

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Lore Of Darok Soul’s Gwynevere

According to the lore, Gwynevere is a lady with a gigantic form who rests in her chamber in Anor Londo, which is actually an illusion created by her brother. She is the second-born child and only daughter of Lord Gwyn, depicting herself as the Princess of Sunlight. Her aura was always cherished as a sign of bounty and fertility. 

Along with many other gods living in Gwyn’s kingdom, she is the only one who ditched Anor Londo to get married to the Flame God Flann. She doesn’t actually live in Anor Londo and the illusion created by her brother is just to fake her presence to others. 

Once the illusion gets attacked or destroyed, the whole city will be in sheer darkness and other NPCs will be hostile. Gwynevere is considered a comforting, motherly figure. Her brightness, fairness, and kindness are the epitome of grace. The way Dark Soul’s Gwynevere adorns herself with a white cloth and golden bracelets is hands down, a bundle of charm.

Who Is Gwynevere: Princess Of Sunlight | Everything About Dark Souls Gwynevere 

Role Of Gwynevere In Dark Souls 

Talking about the gameplay of Dark Souls and the role of the character Gwynevere- As the player meets and greets Gwynevere, she grants them a Lordvessel that gets wrapped between the bonfires. She can also allow players into the Princess’s Guard covenant. 

What Happens When Gwynevere Is Killed?

Any single hit and attack can kill Gwynevere In Dark Souls. Once Gwynevere gets killed, her illusion gets busted and the secret of her brother Gwyndolin comes out in the open. After that, Gwyndolin removes the rest of his enchantment and the sun permanently sets in Anor Londo.

Any player who tries to darken the Anor Londo will be suspected of Blade of the Darkmoon invasions when human. All the dead in Anor Londo will be returned to a specific bonfire in that stage and all the enemies will vanish except Painting Guardians, a few Silver Knights, and two new hostile characters.

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Dialogues of Gwynevere Throughout The Game Dark Souls

Entering her throne room: Thou hast journey’d far, and overcome much, chosen Undead. Come hither, child…

Kneeling to her: O chosen Undead. I am Gwynevere. Daughter of Lord Gwyn; and Queen of Sunlight. Since the day Father his form did obscureth, I have await’d thee. I bequeath the Lordvessel to thee. And beseech thee. Succeed Lord Gwyn, and inheriteth the Fire of our world. Thou shall endeth this eternal twilight, and avert further Undead sacrifices.

Greetings: O chosen Undead. Thou hath journey’d far.

Talk ×1: Since the day Father his form did obscureth, I have await’d thee. Once living, now Undead, and a fitting heir to father Gwyn thou art, and beseech thee succeed Lord Gwyn, and inheriteth the Fire of our world. A grave and arduous test of mettle, yea, it shall be. Indeed, we had felt the warmth of Fire, its radiance, and the life it sustaineth. Without Fire, all shall be a frigid and frightful Dark.

Talk ×2: Please. Father’s role thou should assume, and inheriteth the Fire of our world. Thou shall endeth this eternal twilight, and avert further Undead sacrifices. Kingseeker Frampt, the primordial serpent, shall guide thee.

Farewell: Now thou shalt go forth, chosen Undead. May thou be one with the sunlight for evermore.

Who Is Gwynevere: Princess Of Sunlight | Everything About Dark Souls Gwynevere 

Joining her covenant: Hereafter, I, Gwynevere, shall serveth as thine guardian. If thou so needest, I shalt devote all to thine safety. May thou be one with the sunlight for evermore.

After satiating the Lordvessel: Magnificent… Thou hast filled the Lordvessel. Indeed, a worthy successor, thou shalt be. My patience was not for nil… I beg of thee. Succeed Lord Gwyn, and inheriteth the world’s Fire. We have only thee.

Killing her: Aieegh…

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Dark Souls character: Gwynevere is indeed a princess of sunlight who cherishes the whole gameplay within Anor Londo with her brightness. Although her presence is splendid, her illusion and aura can also glue together Anor Londo and bless the players with Lordvessel. 

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Wrapping Up

All I can think is what a beauty Gwynevere is. Her grace, her lightness, and her glory surely speak for her rich impression. Login to Dark Souls and I am sure that you won’t regret it. Do let me know about your views in the comment box below.

I hope all of your questions regarding Gwynevere are answered well. Path of EX is open to any kind of suggestion or opinion. Do write them down to us!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Gwynevere an illusion?

Gwynevere is the Princess of Sunlight and the daughter of Lord Gwyn. And the Gwynevere you see in the game is an illusion created by Gwyndolin, her brother to manipulate the player.

Is Gwynevere a girl?

Yes, Gwynevere is a girl and is the only daughter of Lord Gwyn, making her the Princess of Sunlight.

Who did Gwynevere marry in Dark Souls?

Gwynevere married a deity named Flann, the God of Flame after fleeing from Anor Londo.

How old is Gwyndolin?

Gwyndolin’s exact age cannot be determined, but it can be speculated that he is thousands of years old.


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