This Christmas Tree Lighting Hack on TikTok is *amazing*

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What is the heart of Christmas decorations? The Christmas tree is what everything revolves around this festive season. Although we spend a lot of time deciding which Christmas tree to go for, we tend to forget the little details that would complement the tree and bring all the Christmas to the tree. This year a Christmas tree lighting hack from a TikToker has taken the limelight away from all the Christmas tree ideas in 2022.

The tinsels, the string lights, the hanging icicles, the candles, etc., are the decoratives that embellish your Christmas tree. For me installing everything else isn’t that big of a deal. But wrapping lights is a tough job. It is because there has to be some sort of a plan to make the lighting come out artistic or pleasing to the eyes, if not anything. There are many people I know whose Christmas tree lighting game is weak.

This is where Kelly Fitzsimons comes in this year. In her viral TikTok video, she demonstrated a genius way to wrap 3×2000 cluster lights around a Christmas tree where she focused more on the trunk than on the branches. What this did was made the Christmas tree glow like never before, the glow that’ll blow your mind. I will break down the video for you so that you can apply this Christmas tree lighting hack this festive season.

The Best Christmas Tree Lighting Hack 2022

Christmas Tree Lighting Hack

The undisputed best Christmas tree lighting hack for 2022 is the one ideated by Kelly. This Christmas tree lighting technique will make your tree glow like that in movies. I will break the video down and demonstrate what she does in the TikTok video in 3 parts.


Get those lights right up the trunk and watch your tree glow 🎄 I used 3 x 2000 cluster lights #christmas #christmastree #christmashack #lifehack

♬ original sound – Kelly Fitzsimons

1. At first, she unboxes three sets of 2000 white cluster lights (LED lights). I have found almost the same warm white Christmas lights on Amazon. You can check them out here. Kelly Fitzsimons says that these lights don’t tangle. That is very convenient for both installing and uninstalling string lights on a Christmas tree.

This Christmas Tree Lighting Hack on TikTok is *amazing*

2. Next, she starts lighting the tree from the bottom. She pushes the lights to the trunk of the Christmas tree and wraps them around the trunk in a zig-zag way. What this does is makes the tree look like it is glowing from the inside. This also hides a lot of wires. While lighting the trunk, she goes left to right and right to left rather than circling the tree. She intertwines the wires in the inner branches of the tree.

Christmas Tree Lighting Hack

3. After that, she starts bringing the lights outwards to each branch. She uses the same zig-zag method and moves from right to left and left to right. This allows her to use the lights optimally by lighting only the front side of the tree.

Christmas Tree Lighting Hack

The result is breathtaking. The tree looks like it is glowing from underneath the branches, and the light is coming out to the top with a gradience. You see what I meant by ‘looks like that in movies?‘ This Christmas tree lighting hack will make your Christmas tree look dope!

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The Zig-Zag Method is Game Changing

Some people throw the whole Christmas tree away along with the lights and decorations. In my opinion, that is a total waste of money. But they do it because taking down the decorations, especially the string lights, is a tedious job. The lights become a tangled mess even if you successfully take them off the tree.

Video credit: Kelly Fitzsimons / TikTok

Go zig-zag this year! Left to right and right to left. The zig-zag method saves a lot of time and makes it easier to sort the wires while you are taking them down. Can’t you imagine the satisfaction of taking down string lights from a Christmas tree without them getting all stuck on the branches? This is the spotlight of Kelly’s Christmas tree lighting hack.

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Wrapping Up

Kelly’s Christmas tree lighting hack is so useful that already a lot of us have tried it in our homes. After I have followed the steps precisely as Kelly demonstrated, the results filled me with awe. You better try this. I hope my post brightens your Christmas and the whole festive season a bit and that you remember me in your blessings. Let’s meet again soon!


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