Christmas Gift Ideas to Brighten The Spirit of The Festival 2020

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Still not sure what to gift your loved ones this Christmas? We have the best Christmas gift ideas for you.

Gifts are an expression of love and appreciation. It is our way of spreading joy around us. Often we want to do something special for the people on our list. But, deciding on things to gift them becomes a difficult task. We need to consider their choices and the occasion. Birthdays and festivals are the best times to gift the ones we love and the ones we bond with, personally or professionally.

Christmas is all about bright glittering lights, decorations, treats, and the traditional Christmas tree decorations, amazing Christmas food, and Christmas Wines. Gifts are definitely a very special part of the festival. Little ones hang empty sock or sock shaped bags on the Christmas Eve, so that Santa can fill it with toys, candies, coins and other treats.

Whether you are shopping for your bestie, mom, dad, boss, darling, or children, this list of Christmas gift ideas is surely going to help you while making a choice.

This Christmas, become Santa! Bring your loved ones amazing surprises.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Gifts for Children

For the little ones, Christmas is more about receiving gifts from Santa. Nothing enchants them more than the idea of receiving surprises on the brightest day of the year.

Read further for a list of gift ideas that will keep up the mood of the festival and make your child smile full-heartedly. 

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Karaoke Microphone

Karaoke Microphone

Every kid has a hidden talent. Whether your child enjoys singing or not, a Karaoke microphone would offer him/her an excellent pastime. It is a great gift for one to enhance creative skills. 

Night Light lamp

Night Light lamp

Night lamps are super cute. These can be helpful if your kid fears sleeping alone or runs to you every night due to scary dreams. A night lamp and dream catchers are the perfect combinations of bedtime accessories that would help your child sleep peacefully. 

Toy Chest 

Toy Chest 

Let your child unleash his inner explorer with a toy chest. It is a perfect accessory, which you can add to your child’s room. It would make the room appear cleaner and more organized with all your child’s toys stacked inside it.  

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Punching bag 

Punching bag 

A soft and tiny punching bag is a nice gift idea. Kids can punch more and strengthen their arm muscles and core strength, starting from the right age. 

Kids Against Maturity: Card Game for Kids

This question and answer card game with hilarious combinations can be played anywhere, anytime. 

Mini bedroom furniture

 Christmas is the perfect time to add a new resting chair or bean bag to your child’s room. 

Art and craft kits 

Art and craft kits 

Art and craft are the best ways to be more creative. We learn and explore the most during our early growth years. So, this Christmas add to your child’s art and craft tools collection. 

Plush toys 

Soft toys are super comfy and child friendly. You can choose from a wide range of teddy bears and animal shaped plushies, based on your child’s choices. 

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Gifts for your Parents

Go for cute hand written notes along with any of the gift ideas mentioned below.

Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Tree Decorations

Parents are way more concerned about house decorations and cleanliness. Help them with all the house work and bring them a pretty Christmas tree and decorative materials. 

A THEN & NOW picture frame

Gift them a customized frame using pictures from their college days, wedding and the recent ones. They will surely cherish memories while enjoying the festive vibe. 

Glowing Blanket

They might be getting older, but everyone needs a little glam. Gift your parents’ soft glowing blankets for peaceful and lively nights. 

Wooden Coffee Table

Beautify their balcony with a wooden table. A coffee table can never go wrong. it is something that everybody needs and use happily.

General Household Tools Kit

Your father will definitely love receiving a tool kit as a gift. Every house needs one. Check out if his tools are somewhat older and require any additions.

Photo Frame

Photo frames are one of the most popular gifting options. A classic wooden frame hung on a plane white bedside wall is a superb accessory to gift to your parents. 

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Gifts for your Partner

365 Reasons For Why I Love You Jar

365 Reasons For Why I Love You Jar

Make your special one blush crazy, with a cute self-made gift. You can take an empty glass jar or bottle and use ribbons to decorate it. Fill it with tiny notes, mentioning reasons for why you love him/her. 

Wooden Music Box

Tiny wooden music boxes are super cute and unique. These are quite expensive. If gifting someone special, find one with a love note imprinted inside. 

Flowers, roses and chocolates

A forever classic gift option. Some beautiful flowers with dark chocolates can brighten the spirit of any festival. This is one of the best Christmas gift ideas.

Custom Couple Portrait 

Photographs are fine, but hand drawn sketches are more special. If they love photographs, a custom-made sketch is a perfect option for you to gift them on the brightest day of the year.

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Some Amazing Gift Wrappings

There is something very special about DIY gift wraps. Are you one of those who are more interested in shimmery gift wrappers, pretty packaging, bubble wraps, and ribbons more than what is wrapped inside them? If yes, then you are not alone. You surely have collected pretty gifting accessories and tools over the years. Use your tools and wrap gifts yourself, this Christmas making them feel more special.

Also, gifts are not necessarily required to be expensive or premium. They are more about how you care about other’s choices. Little something in the form of cute stationeries, scented candles, skin care products, candy jars, chocolates or handwritten notes are enough to bring a smile on the faces of those you want to make feel special.

Don’t stress yourself on finding the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. Check out further for popular and cheaper gift ideas to help you avoid spending unnecessary time and money. 

Best gifts ranging from $25 to $5 

Gift any of these to your long distance friend, boss, niece, neighbor, parent, lover or literally anyone you wish to. Based on the likes and dislikes of the ones you are planning to gift, you can choose from the options listed below. 

  • Vintage Paper and Envelopes 
  • Scented Candles 
  • Journal 
  • Clear Candy Bowls
  • Christmas Ornaments – Tree decorations
  • Hand creams
  • Plush toys 
  • Bottle sippers
  • Chocolate assortments
  • Gumdrops and candies
  • Homemade bread
  • Personalized keychain
  • Books and novels 


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