Checking Inn: Downtown bed and breakfast built on faith

Checking Inn: Downtown bed and breakfast built on faith

VALDOSTA – Book and Table Inn has expanded since it first opened a little more than a year ago.

Owners say the bed and breakfast strives to offer an experience that will hopefully keep people frequenting Valdosta.

Book and Table was initially established on North Patterson Street in Downtown Valdosta with three rooms available for rent to anyone needing a place to sleep while visiting the town. 

The inn has grown to acquire three more rooms on North Ashley Street and two on West Hill Avenue. 

On North Ashley, there is a rental one-bedroom loft apartment that can hold up to six people, a second loft apartment that holds four people and a third one-bedroom apartment that can hold four people. All rooms come with an air mattress. One of the lofts also has a sofa bed. 

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One of the rooms on West Hill has two beds while the other has one. 

Owner Jamie Phelps said he and his wife, Sarah, were searching for a location to host a 24-hour prayer and worship service downtown when the bed and breakfast space fell into their laps.

“When I first saw it, I was thinking this isn’t really what I was looking for,” Phelps said. “Something just wouldn’t let me get away from it.”

He and his wife obtained the Book and Table Inn in October 2019. Their business values are faith-based.

The older three rooms are all named after the month when the previous owner’s grandchildren were born: September, November and January.

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The fourth room is named August recognizing Phelps’ first-born son.

Amenities include access to Netflix, Disney Plus, ESPN, free Wi-Fi, a refreshment center, free champagne, a Keurig machine and breakfast bars.

The inn’s North Patterson rooms are connected to Gud Coffee, which sells breakfast. 

All rooms are cleaned following each person’s stay, owners said.

Faith-based reading materials are placed in each room and owners leave fresh flowers in the rooms.

Seating areas complement each bedroom and an outdoor space with limited seating offers an outside view.

A tree planted in honor of Phelps’ late son, Able, sits in the middle of the outdoor space on North Patterson.

“Our motto is we want to give people a peaceful night’s rest,” Phelps said. “We pray over the rooms. We pray over the pillows. We pray over the guests before they arrive, just pray that this whole building will be peaceful and that they’ll be able to have a good night’s rest.”

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Out-of-town visitors make up the majority of the inn’s guests, he said.

“It’s downtown so we pride ourselves in pulling people off the interstate; not staying in the box chain hotels,” Phelps said. “You actually get to experience Valdosta.”

Room costs range from $79-$179. Pricing and room availability are on and 

Military and long-term stay discounts are offered.

Call (229) 548-8200 for more information.

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