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Gambling is often marketed as a glamorous activity. But the fact of the matter is that most gamblers are far from paragons of luxury or glamour. However, there are a number of celebrities that love playing casino games, it’s just that they prefer to keep a low profile when they do so.

Guest author Klara Czerwinska looks at the different types of casino games that celebrities like to play and which celebrities love to play casino games. To find out more about Klara Czerwinska, view here.

Celebrities often have different standards when it comes to gambling. Many celebrities shy away from casinos so they can gamble in peace at home with their friends. Standard casino comps such as buffet tickets and free drinks will not attract celebrities to your local slot parlor.

But celebrities have been known to make an odd appearance at casinos. There are some casino games that seem to have a special hold on celebrities. While most ordinary punters love slots, it is almost impossible to imagine a major star spending hour after hour plunking down coins at a slot, though there are notable exceptions to this rule, such as Pamela Anderson. 

With the growing popularity of the casino games and some biggest wins online, many celebrities are making the best of it by playing their favorite casino games online. You will find a lot of Polish celebrities avoiding the bright lights of a land-based casino in preference for playing at an online casino and staying anonymous. Online casinos in Poland guarantee both celebrities and the average player safety and security at all times.

What games do celebrities like to play the most? These are the top five games.  


Baccarat is an old-school game and appears to attract celebrities from an earlier time. The two most prominent celebrity fans of Baccarat are Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond novels, and Gladys Knight, also known as the “Empress of Soul”.

Both Fleming and Knight have been known to play casino games regularly, with a special place in their heart for Baccarat, with Knight, in particular, having admitted to a gambling problem later on in life.

Baccarat is gradually losing popularity in the Western casino scene due to the game’s pure luck-based nature. There are not a lot of casino-legal edges players can find to win this game. The game continues to be a mainstay in the Eastern casino scene, where players seem to be more at ease with the massive swings that can occur at a Baccarat session.


If there were a celebrity world casino, it would likely have a larger than average poker room. 

If you’ve ever wanted to watch celebrities playing games for cash, there’s really a no better place in a casino than in their poker room.

Celebrities come out of their mansions to play the Series of Poker. World Perhaps it is due to the cache winning such a title brings, or it is the intense level of competition, but celebrities come out of the woodwork to participate in such events.

As any regular gambler knows, poker is the most skill-based game in the casino repertoire. For people who fancy themselves as strategic geniuses, poker is probably the only casino game you can train yourself to have an edge in. 

Many world-famous celebrities have made their presence felt at the poker table. Some recent examples are Shannon Elizabeth, Michael Phelps, Tobey Maguire, Allen Iverson, Ben Affleck, Jason Alexander, and Matt Damon. 


Another game that requires just a little bit more skill than luck is Blackjack. A relatively simple game, Blackjack rewards players who train themselves to calculate the odds for the best play.

While there is a certain amount of luck involved, players who take into account the previous cards and the cards shown by the dealer, as well as those by their fellow players, should be able to win more than their fair share.

Some examples of celebrities who count Blackjack as their game of choice are Ben Affleck, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Tiger Woods, Jennifer Tilly (who is also a poker pro), and NBA superstars Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley.


For celebrities who enjoy a more festive atmosphere while gambling, a roulette table is a sure-fire hit. Gamblers who enjoy the thrill of tangling with fate and the adrenaline rush that follows often count roulette as one of their staple games.

For extroverts, this is one of the best online casino game. It is quite easy to make friends at a roulette table, as everyone is crowded together to place bets and watch the action. 

Celebrities such as Tiger Woods and Charles Barkley have long been known to partake in Las Vegas high-roller roulette tables. 


Chances are you are not going to run into a celebrity at a casino anytime soon but if you are keen on meeting one, it’s best that you play at Las Vegas casinos as you have a better chance of running into a celebrity at a Vegas casino than any other casino.


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