What Are the Career Options Available in the Field Cybersecurity?

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With more companies and organizations shifting their businesses into the digital realm, the risk of cybercrimes has increased. Even a single cyberattack can bring several devastating consequences to any business. Hence, companies are rapidly hiring skilled professionals from cybersecurity to protect their businesses. It may be difficult for a business owner; however, it’s the perfect time for anyone who possesses cybersecurity knowledge. There are hundreds of career options available for cybersecurity professionals. However, as a cybersecurity professional, you may wonder what careers are best to pursue. After all, not all career paths are equally rewarding and promising. Selecting the right career is a critical decision for your future while also being quite confusing regarding cybersecurity. So, to help you choose wisely, here are some of the best career options in cybersecurity.

Chief Information Security Officer

Companies need highly skilled professionals to manage their information and data security matters. It is where a chief information security officer (CISO) comes in. CISOs have the highest authority in managing information security tasks. They ensure that the technological and data assets of a company receive sufficient protection against any attacks. Thus, they have to carry out many tasks and coordinate with different workers in the company. CISOs analyze any threats to a company’s technological assets to develop better systems to counter them.

Moreover, they plan all security hardware and software purchases. CISOs analyze and determine what caused the breach and ensure adequate security measures to avoid the same incident in the case of a security breach. Due to their important jobs, CISOs are among the most highly paid individuals in the cybersecurity field.

However, to pursue a chief information security officer’s career, it’s essential to earn an advanced degree. Employers only look for the most skilled and knowledgeable professionals in jobs such as a CISO. Perhaps the best education to pursue rewarding careers in cybersecurity is a master’s degree. It equips an individual with all the necessary skills. Moreover, you can also opt for an online program for this degree to make the learning process more comfortable. So, enroll in an online masters cybersecurity program to have a bright future.

Senior Software Security Engineer

Senior software security engineers are in charge of maintaining and developing software systems in a company to protect its database and prevent any security breaches. For this purpose, they have to analyze software networks and check for any faults or risks while also making computer networks function with more efficiency. Hence, they have to maintain networks regularly and create reports on the current situation. Furthermore, their job also requires them to develop policies for conducting procedures with increased productivity and efficiency. However, they also carry out other tasks, for example, managing the purchase of security equipment. Moreover, they also test and check equipment before installing it. Educating other employees working under them is also a common task that a senior software security engineer may have to do.

The job of a senior software security engineer is quite promising. After all, they carry out many essential tasks for the protection of a company from security breaches. Hence, they are offered high salaries, usually in the range of $125000-$150000 annually. More importantly, there’s still plenty of room to grow in as you gain experience as a senior software security engineer.

Cybersecurity Architect

Also known as security architects, in a nutshell, these architects perform several tasks to design, create and implement, security systems in companies. However, there’s much more to the job of a cybersecurity architect than this. They carry out extensive research to gain a profound understanding of the security infrastructure of a company. To do so, they test existing equipment and create reports, checking for any improvements that they can make. In the end, they use the information gathered to design security architectures to implement in IT projects. Furthermore, they are also in charge of creating security asset requirements, such as firewalls, VPNs, and networks such as LANs.

The role of a cybersecurity architect is of immense importance for all companies that want their data protected. Hence, these architects have countless opportunities to avail themselves, as employers are rapidly hiring them. The job demand for such cybersecurity professionals will grow by 33% by 2022, much faster than the average growth. More importantly, these professionals also receive salaries that are well above six figures.

Information Security Analyst

To maintain and reinforce their security systems, companies and organizations make sure to employ information security analysts. As the name suggests, an information security analyst’s job requires them to analyze computer systems and software problems and oversee threats. Maintenance of security systems is one of their primary jobs. They update software and provide suggestions involving any updates for a better system. Moreover, they also help other workers to understand the computer systems that are in place.

An information security analyst’s job is one of the most rewarding careers you can pursue in the field of cybersecurity. It is the #4 job in the list of best technology jobs. So, if you follow this career path, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy six-figure salaries, alongside many other benefits.

Penetration Tester

Penetration testers are also often known as ethical hackers. In simple words, penetration testers hack into the computer systems and databases of companies, however, with an authorization to do so. Penetration tests lead to a better understanding of the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a computer system. So, these ethical hackers work according to the clients’ requirements and develop tests to identify vulnerabilities. In the end, they present these vulnerabilities, risks, and conclusions in reports to their clients. As penetration tests are critical to ensure that a system is free of any faults, ethical hackers receive decent salaries, typically in the range of $80000-$130000.


The future for cybersecurity professionals seems to be quite promising, considering the countless opportunities. However, selecting the most suitable jobs is still a critical decision. So, make sure to choose wisely by considering the jobs and information mentioned above and put your cybersecurity skills into a position that’s worth it. A promising career in cybersecurity will undoubtedly lead you to a bright future.


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