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Good morning Canuckle Lovers! Are you ready to solve todays Canuckle answer of 1st April 2022? Brace yourself for todays, Canuckle word. Are you feeling pressured? Fear not, we’ve covered you with todays Canuckle answers of 1 April 2022. Keep scrolling to grab your win.

Today’s Canuckle Answer word will add a new mood flavor to your morning coffee. I’m very pleased to share my experience; when I cracked todays Canuckle answer of 1 April 2022, I felt like going on a vacation. I’m sure you will also feel like taking time out from your life and going on vacation. Your excitement must have increased; stay on the article to get your spoilers.

Let me tell you, I guessed todays Canuckle answer of 1st April 2022, in 3 attempts. If I can do it in 3 attempts, I’m sure you can guess it in less than three attempts. If your attempts are over and you are still looking for todays Canuckle answer of 1 April 2022, keep scrolling.

What is Canuckle?

Canuckle is a word puzzle game designed to storm your brain regularly. It offers the player six chances offered in a 6*6 grid. Along with this, Canuckle offers hints at the end of the box. Trust me, and all age groups are in love, Canuckle.

Players of word puzzles are going crazy for Canuckle across the globe. In case you are not able to solve it in six attempts. Do not stress what will happen if you fail to guess? In the end, it will automatically display Canukcle’s word for the day. Also, Canuckle answers motivate your brain to exercise regularly. Hence in this way, it helps you in gaining new words. 

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How to Play Canuckle?

When users open the website link, they will be landed on the page, displaying the beautiful game. There will be six chances for a user to make a guess, displayed in the way of a drop-down menu. A user will click his entry from the menu and make a guess. 

A new hint displays on the screen after every wrong guess made by the user. Canuckle displays yellow or grey colors on the wrong guesses and red on the right ones. With these color hints, Canuckle helps you guess whether that letter is in the puzzle word or not. 

Hints for Today’s Canuckle Answer of 1 April 2022

1. 5 Letter Word Starting With DA

The first hint on Canuckle’s answer of 1 April 2022 is that the word starts with DA. Intrigued what it could be? Well, these hints might help-

  1. Dabba
  2. Dabco
  3. Dacca
  4. Dacia
  5. Dacks
  6. Dadah
  7. Dairy
  8. Daddy
  9. Darth
  10. Darts
  11. Darug
  12. Daing
  13. Dashi
  14. Dashy
  15. Dated
Canuckle Answer of 27 March 2022/ Todays Canuckle Word

2. Word Contains Three Vowels

Another hint on Canuckle’s answer of 1 April 2022 is that it contains 3 Vowels. This definitely narrows your list. Let’s take a look at these samples-

  1. Aidos
  2. Aigio
  3. Aioli
  4. Syria
  5. Taiya
  6. Amido
  7. Baiso
  8. Biota
  9. Cairo
  10. Daily
  11. Dairy
  12. Daisy
  13. Diary
  14. Diyas
  15. Fairy

Canuckle Answer of 1 April 2022

Today Canuckle’s answer is not very easy to guess. Today’s word must have teased your brain a lot. I’m sure today you must have solved it in two to three attempts. If your tries are over, just scroll down to grab Canuckle’s answer of 1 April 2022.   

Canuckle Answer of 1 April 2022 is ‘Dairy’

Canuckle Answer of 1 April 2022 is ‘Dairy'
Canuckle Answer of 1 April 2022 is ‘Dairy’


Dairy farming is one of the largest agricultural sectors in Canada

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Wrapping Up

Canuckle lovers, I hope today’s word helped you gain the most undiscovered knowledge about Canada. Being a big fan of Canukle, I love its leveling up the words. Today’s Canuckle answer of 1st April 2022 is a great catch on the islands to visit in Canada. Also, share how many attempts you took today to get Canuckle answer of 1 April 2022 in the comments.


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