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Hello, fellow Nine-Niners !! How is your day going? Still, mourning about the ending of your favorite show? Mee too !! Well, I can’t bring the show back but I definitely can help in softening the blow. How? By paying a last homage to this amazing show binge-watching all my favorite holiday episodes. And since Valentine is just around the corner what’s the best way other than starting with all the romantic Brooklyn 99 Valentines episodes.

Brooklyn 99 is the most recent show that added its name among the classic sitcoms of the era. Ending on 16 September 2021, it left its audience with bittersweet tears. While they were celebrating a perfect ending to Jake-Amy’s relationship, they were disappointed to break up with Brooklyn 99. During its successful course of  8 seasons, it created an everlasting mark with its hotshot Jake Peralta, overachiever Amy Santiago, tough-as-nails Rosa Diaz, sweetheart Charles Boyle, devoted family man Sgt. Terry Jeffords and clueless best friends Scully and Hitchcock.

Now, that’s a squad you wanna be a part of !! Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s extraordinary cast, fascinating characters, intriguing storyline, and wacky gags make up for a full-time package. Though the show has only 1 Valentine episode in the literal sense but a lot of Valentine-themed episodes that make them worth a watch, So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get on with all the romantic Brooklyn 99 Valentines episodes.

6 Most romantic Brooklyn 99 Valentine-Themed Episodes For Intimate Valentine Date Night.

With all those hilarious moments, the show has also given us some of the iconic Romantic scenes of the era. Spending a Valentine Date night with your partner watching all these romantic Brooklyn 99 Valentines episodes is like a dream come true. So, let’s get to the list-

  • Johnny And Dora | Season 2, Episode 23
  • HalloVeen | Season 5, Episode 4 
  • Jake & Amy | Season 5, Episode 22
  • Valloweaster | Season 7, Episode 11
  • Lights Out | Season 7, Episode 13
  • The Last Day | Season 8, Episode 9,10
Brooklyn 99 Valentines episodes

1. Johnny And Dora | Season 2, Episode 23

This Brooklyn 99 Valentine-themed episode is one of the significant episodes for Jake- Amy’s relationship. They both are assigned a case for which they have to go undercover and catch  Brooklyn’s most notorious identity thief. In order to complete the mission, they had to act as an engaged couple bringing them a little closer.

Initially, Jake was reluctant to work with her but just like one of our classic fantasies, they both came out more than just professional partners. Sharing a first kiss while they were in the act was enough to make their fans dance in happiness but when they shared another kiss after the mission, confessing their feelings, fans were bound to go craaaazy!!

Brooklyn 99 Valentines episodes

Since then, they never looked back, nor did the audience. All these sparks and charmed butterflies make this one of the best Brooklyn 99 Valentines episodes.

{Fun fact- While filming the kiss for Johnny and Dora, executive producer Dan Goor repeatedly told the actors that the kiss should be tender.

So, Andy Samberg and Melissa Fumero had actually eaten the stinkiest foods they could find beforehand to see who would have the worst breath during their kiss.}

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2. HalloVeen | Season 5, Episode 4 

Brooklyn 99 Valentines episodes

Another worthy episode to be included in Brooklyn 99 Valentine’s episodes is HalloVeen. Though the episode starts as another wild Halloween heist it took a much more romantic turn. The heist improvised from a classic competition to the most romantic marriage proposal.

When Amy found the Halloween heist’s belt in the evidence room, she realized the wording was not as she was expecting. Instead, it was printed – “Amy Santiago, will you marry me?” 

Awww..!!  Can you see my happy tears?

Well, of course, she accepted it, taking their relationship to a next level.

{Fun fact- Santiago is a Spanish name derived from the Hebrew name Jacob. Amy is a French name (originally spelled Aimee) which means beloved. This means that Amy Santiago can be translated into “Jacob’s Beloved”.}

3. Jake & Amy | Season 5, Episode 22

Their relationship though looked picture-perfect, had a lot of ups and downs. So, how can their marriage be a simple affair? From having the most dazzling love story to an even more intriguing wedding day the show has earned its rank among Brooklyn 99 Valentine-themed episodes. 

Brooklyn 99 Valentines episodes

Someone has called the venue with the information about a bomb threat and had created chaos on this special day. That someone later is found out to be Teddy, Amy’s ex. But irrespective of all the misfortunes, their wedding came along as perfect. Amy and Jake were wed outside in front of the precinct with a robot holding the rings. A simple yet perfect wedding. Wasn’t it?

{Fun Fact- Jake and Amy’s wedding date is May 15th, 2018, a Tuesday, although the wedding episode didn’t air until May 20th. }

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4. Valloweaster          |   Season 7, Episode 11

We all know, Brooklyn 99 has given us multiple holidays episodes, but in this particular Brooklyn 99 episode, they have given the gift of three-holiday episodes- Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. Obviously, the fun was bound to be thrice too.

Brooklyn 99 Valentines episodes

All the precinct members were split into three different teams in which their aim was to steal the gems of the Infinity Gauntlet. But why did no one inform Cheddar? How was he supposed to know that it wasn’t meant to be eaten? Lol.

After being interrupted twice when the gems were eaten by Cheddar and Scully, Rosa finally took the prize home and revealed she won all three holidays. This was the only episode where Valentine’s day was mentioned.

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{Fun Fact- They got engaged on November 1st, 2017, right after the midnight conclusion of The Annual Halloween Heist.}

5. Lights Out | Season 7, Episode 13

It’s time to bring another chair to the table, Jake and Amy have officially become a family of three. During the last couple of weeks, they both had a rough time. They suffered and struggled a lot to get Amy pregnant and finally when it happened, it was a moment to be remembered. 

In this Brooklyn 99 Valentines episode, as the name suggests, lights went out with the whole city under a power cut. Everywhere chaos and mess were created and what added to the havoc, was when Amy’s water broke.  With no possible way to reach the hospital, Jake had to settle for the precinct where she delivered her first child- Mac.

Of course, it had to happen at the precinct as per their tradition.

{Fun fact-All of the major points of Jake and Amy’s relationship have happened at the precinct; they shared their first official kiss, they got engaged, they got married, and their son Mac was born, all at the precinct.}

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6. The Last Day | Season 8, Episode 9,10

Say your official goodbyes, and bid a proper farewell to the show by watching this last Brooklyn 99 Valentine-themed episode. Just like others, this show’s finale proved to be an extremely emotional episode and overwhelmingly romantic. 

Be careful gentlemen, Jake has set a standard that will be hard to follow and even harder to be crossed. After their final heist, while they were bidding adieu to each other- Jake revealed that he is quitting the job. And he is opting to become a stay-at-home dad for their son. To support her wife’s career and become an amazing dad, he is sacrificing his dreams for a while. This heart-warming gesture made all the fans swoon over him. 

This last Brooklyn 99 Valentine-themed episode is a must-watch and deserves a prime position among  Brooklyn 99 Valentine episodes marathon.

{Fun Fact- Throughout the journey, the ideal couple Jake and Amy never broke up.}

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Wrapping Up

So, now you believe me?? When I say Brooklyn 99 Valentine episodes marathon is a perfect binge-watch plan for Valentine’s day. All these super romantic gestures and fun-filled episodes will make your intimate night even more special. Now, go and make 2022 the best year of your life. Also, I have created for you a list of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween Episodes for your Halloween festive vibes. 

I hope you got what you are searching for. Keep visiting Path Of Ex for more intriguing collections.


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