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Vivian Balakrishnan

In a recent interview, Vivian Balakrishnan (VB) talked about bringing Singaporeans back home and grow local talents for our Smart Nation efforts lalala and more lalala…

Vivi is one of the more clever talking pap ministar and he said all the politically correct things so eloquently during that CNA interview, however, I am not that hopeful. Let me explain.

Singapore is a very young nation without any deep rootedness of its people to this place and there is one very fundamental aspect of our nation building efforts that the pap government has grossly neglected over the decades and that is to deeply and consciously ingrained in our people, especially our primary and secondary level students the sense of patriotism and sense of duty and service back to our country and our people.
Educating the head without educating the heart is failed education and under the pap government, we have but produced failed education over many years. Period! In our hours of need, our people are most likely to fail us.

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Under the pap government, everything in Singapore is about money. That mentality expoused at very high level from the late MM’s what’s wrong with collecting more money to Goh Chok Tong’s people who make under $500,000/ annually are mediocre etc.

When even the pap ministers demanded to be paid a salary close to what top earners make in the private sector, I ask how realistic are we to expect Singaporeans who are doing well overseas to give up their careers and rally to the government’s call to return? I suspect that Vivi could even be sniggering in his heart regarding what he said in that interview.

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Every year, hundreds of thousands of young mainland Chinese professionals and PhD graduates return home after their studies from western universities willingly and with much pleasure because they want to be a part towards the contributing and building of a modern and prosperous China even though western grass maybe greener.

If I were a young man working overseas and doing well, I would laugh at VB’s clever and so politically correct rhetoric and if my children are doing well overseas, I would not encourage them to return either.
Singapore and Singaporeans without a Lee Kuan Yew is only beginning to experience the ills of a weak government who knows only the price of everything and the value of nothing. It will be a long and mercenary night.

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