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Ice! Poems About Polar Life

by Douglas Florian

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What animals live in the polar region? Discover the Arctic through a selection of animal poems and interesting facts. What is a Ptarmigan? Does it live in the Arctic? And why is everyone eating krill? Get ready to yell out rhyming words, howl like a gray wolf and cozy up with an Arctic Fox as they “tunnel into burrow holes.” The first poem, “The Polar Regions” shares “an Earth refrigerator” with a funny illustration of a polar bear and penguin. Children will enjoy the variety of animals and information about a moose, a snowy owl and more. Florian encourages readers to be creative with illustrations filled with imagination and beautiful colors. Do you see a penguin on ice skates and a narwhal holding a smile sign? Each poem allows readers to talk about the polar region, including ice caps and climate change. The perfect read aloud for the whole family and a wonderful combination of poetry, science and art. What icy poems will you create?

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After the Snowfall

by Richard Lo

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What happens in a forest covered in snow? Follow a fox to take a journey through a white forest and discover a delightful scene of winter animals. Watch a hidden buck and a great horned owl. You might see squirrels in the trees or river otters and ducks by the water. As the quiet journey continues, readers will discover even more animals in the forest, including a moose! Allow your imagination to take you on an adventure. Award-winning author/illustrator, Lo’s simple text is surrounded by beautiful illustrations. The forest is magical with colorful trees—mixed with blue, purple, yellow and red. The animal expressions are friendly and calming. Find a cozy spot to read, ask questions and discover a winter day filled with forest animals. Recommended for ages 0-5 or story time for the whole family. What will you see on your next snowy walk? Available on Overdrive.

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