Biden going to take Georgia & seal 306-232 victory, same as Trump’s 2016 margin

Biden going to take Georgia & seal 306-232 victory, same as Trump’s 2016 margin

United States President-elect Joe Biden is projected to win Georgia, and President Donald Trump is projected to win North Carolina in the final calls of the presidential race.

Georgia’s 16 electoral votes will go to Biden, while Trump is expected to take North Carolina’s 15 electoral votes.

Overall, Biden is projected to win 306 electoral votes, and Trump is projected to win 232.

This 306 to 232 margin of victory was Trump’s 2016 total.

Georgia a Republican stronghold

The result also means that Biden flipped five states and a congressional district in Nebraska from red to blue in 2020.

Biden’s win Georgia is sweet for the Democrats: He managed to flip a state Republicans have won in presidential elections since 1996.

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This makes Biden the first Democratic nominee to triumph in Georgia since Bill Clinton did it in 1992.

Biden’s 14,000-plus votes lead

Georgia is now conducting a statewide hand recount of presidential votes, but Biden’s current lead of 14,152 votes in Georgia is expected to withstand any recount changes.

Edison Research, CNN and scores of other projections are calling a Biden win in Georgia.

Trump appears publicly

Trump broke a long silence on Friday, Nov. 13 with an update on his administration’s effort to support the development of a vaccine.

The image-conscious president had been criticised for showing little interest in governing in the wake of his re-election defeat, which he is contesting with baseless allegations of fraud.

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Trump made no new announcements, but touted the federal government’s role in the ultimate distribution of a Covid-19 vaccine that pharmaceutical company Pfizer said earlier in the week had been shown in trials to be more than 90 per cent effective.

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