The Best Workout Apps for iOS 2021

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Working out is not tough if you don’t want it to be. We have shortlisted for you the best workout apps for iOS. You do not need huge equipment to exercise. Just a couple of minutes in a day and you can one step closer to getting fitter. 

The market of the Workout apps has increased all the more ever since the new year ringed in. The year 2020 was filled with ailments and to cover up for your months of inactivity, the workout apps are enhancing their user-interfaces and introducing new exercises.  

Some of the Best Workout Apps for iOS are:

  1. Fitocrary
  2. Strava
  3. PEAR Personal Fitness Coach
  4. Workout Trainer
  5. Yoga Studio

This list of apps covers high-intensity workouts the low-intensity ones. Different people have different workout demands and by talking about each of these apps in detail, we give you a clear image of what to expect from The Best Workout Apps for iOS.

The Best Workout Apps for iOS

On analyzing the market of workout apps, we have found for you the best workout apps that will give you maximum benefits. All the applications are well-tried and tested and offer you updated information.


Best Workout Apps
Source: Android Authority

Fitocrary helps you track your fitness goals and set a target. You can record your exercise time, and track your progress. The App is widely accepted for its high user base and the easy to understand interface. It is like a workout social networking app where you can have your workout squad with you that encourages you when you go off track and cheers you on when you complete your target.


  • Plan and log workouts.
  • Follow users and connect with them.


  • You can earn points by completing your workouts.
  • The app has built-in workout tips and daily articles to help you further.
  • Fitocrary has the provision of you joining virtual teams led by a real trainer.
  • View your progress with the help of charts that the app creates for you. 


  • The app is not very stable so it can crash at times.

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Best Workout Apps
Source: Capo Vela

This app is most useful to cyclists and runners. It lets you track your progress in the form of statistics. It records your time, pace, elevation, etc. You can compare various attributes related to your exercise and see how far you’ve come. The app comes with a leaderboard so you can compare your progress with those who are working out with you. It also has a map, so you can find new running routes.


  • Strava lets you showcase your exercise tenure.
  • You can comment on your friends’ activity reports.


  • The app offers training progress.
  • It gives you an image of your elevation, time, pace, etc. so you are always on top of your game.


  • Strava does not provide a lot of privacy regarding your workout activities.
  • The app offers a lot of competition so you might get demotivated at times.

PEAR Personal Fitness Coach

Best Workout Apps
Source: Fitness Clone

The PEAR Personal Fitness Coach ensures hands-free app usage. You can connect any music on the app and simultaneously perform your activities. The app has a variety of guided workouts so you can choose the workout that works the best for you. You can listen to music from the app while simultaneously doing your exercises.


  • The app has training programs.
  • You can work on a workout plan according to your needs.


  • The workout videos can be played simultaneously with the music.
  • No need to go to the app when wanting to change the workout.
  • Plan your work out schedule.


  • The videos provided on the app can be of lower quality.
  • You cannot let a lot of the app features for free.

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Workout Trainer

Best Workout Apps
Source: Men’s Health

This is one app that takes care of both beginners and professionals alike. You can be just starting out or already established, this app has it all for you. From low-intensity home exercises to high equipment gym workouts, you can make use of anything on this app. 


  • You can customize your workout schedule. 
  • The app has the option of getting notifications so you are updated at all times.


  • Set goals for yourself and work on them.
  • You can establish reminders on the app to stay on track.
  • You can begin with a free plan and get on with your work.
  • A professional can be hired to cater to your workout needs.

5. Yoga Studio

Best Workout Apps
Source: YouTube

If you do not wish to do workouts and want to focus on your mental and physical health at the same time, Yoga Studio can help you establish that. The benefits of YOga are abundant and this app takes care of all of it. The app has integrated the best Yoga poses for you. You can choose to go like lying poses, standing poses, Surya Namaskar or any other form of Yoga and the app will guide you towards you.


  • The benefits of Yoga have been incorporated into the app.
  • You can customize your plan according to the area you wish to focus on.


  • Work on Strength, Core, stability, wellness, depending upon your plan of the day.
  • The Yoga videos come with commentary so your postures can be well maintained while you’re doing your Yoga.
  • The app also gives you information about the yoga asana you are performing so you know exactly what you are doing.


  • It does not provide any heavy workout plans.
  • Doing Yoga asanas alone can be demotivating at times. 

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Among the list of applications mentioned, you can use Fitocrary to track your workouts and in absolute contrast, use Yoga Studio to perform light Yoga asanas. Each app takes care of your specific needs and makes sure you are absolutely satisfied with their services.

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