The Best Workout Apps for Android 2021

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With the new year in tow, there has been a surge in the number of people wanting to get more healthy in the year 2021. Google Play store records millions of workout apps on its platform. This article will suggest the best Workout apps for Android devices.

Staying fit has never been easy. If you can’t spare the time for going on a run, jog, or even going to the gym, these workout apps will help you focus on your health and guide you on the best way to work out from your home.

Some of the best workout apps for Android are:

  1. Leap Fitness Home workout
  2. Sworkit
  3. YAYOG (You are Your Own Gym)
  4. HealthifyMe
  5. Google Fit: Health and activity tracker

Moving on in the article you will get to read all that there is to know about the top Workout apps for Android. We will let you know which apps cater to what aspect of working out and exercise so that you don’t waste time testing different apps and ultimately reach the right app for you faster. 

Best Workout Apps for Android

Some apps take care of your calorie intake, others record the number of steps you covered in a day. We used the apps for recording different workout processes and have hence created this detailed list to offer further assistance in choosing the right Workout app for you if you are using an android device.

1. Leap Fitness Home Workout

Workout Apps for Android
Source: Android Authority

You don’t have the time to leave your house for any workout, need not fret, Leap Fitness Home workout will help you remain fit and healthy. 


  • The app is free of cost and does not require you to buy a premium version.
  • The home workout app stays true to its name and provides different forms of a home workout.


  • The app provides the best workout routines with minimum equipment usage.
  • You can choose a workout schedule specific to the kind of exercise you wish to do. 
  • It also provides you with an already ready 30-day workout routine. 
  • You can choose an area of your body you wish to work on and do exclusive exercise for that motto. 


  • The app does not have the most appealing User-interface.

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2.  Sworkit

Workout Apps for Android
Source: Medium

Sworkit is an all-in-one app. The app provides everything from workout planning, to recording your workout to also customizing your exercise.


  • The app comes with a variety of exercises to choose from.
  • There is no limit as to how much exercise you need to do in a day.


  • The app comes with customization, so you can set an exercise plan for yourself depending on your requirements and the time in hand.
  • If you are a beginner at working out, the app offers a six-week program to get yourself acquainted with the workout platform.
  • Sworkit lets you record the time you spent working out, etc.
  • The exercises on the app are easy to follow.


  • If you are looking for extensive exercises, this is not the app for you.
  • There is menial help provided by the teachers on the app.

3. YAYOG (You are your own Gym)

Workout Apps for Android
Source: APKFab

YAYOG lets you get rid of the gym entirely. The app focuses and teaches how you can remain fit and healthy without relying on bulky gym equipment. It teaches you how you can turn your home into a gym.


  • The app comes with more than 200 exercises.
  • The exercises available on the app have been divided into different categories letting you choose as per your choice.


  • The app comes with a free plugin wherein you can also see the videos of the exercises.
  • It makes use of basic equipment like a chair to teach ways to exercise.


  • The app is not known for its appealing user-interface.
  • It does not help you with heavy equipment exercises.

4. HealthifyMe

Workout Apps for Android
Source: Entrackr

The HealthifyMe app is one of the most popular workout apps. The app not just lets you keep a count of your physical activity, but also comes with a calorie counter that lets you record the food you ate all day according to portions.


  • The app is best for you if you are also concerned about your diet plan along with exercises.
  • You can set your goals on the app and get useful advice.


  • The app comes with a diet plan and a BMI calculator.
  • HealthifyMe suggests your diet according to the calorie limit you set for yourself.
  • You can also take the help of the virtual assistant on the app.


  • To get access to the exercises you should do, you will have to buy the paid version of the app.

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5. Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracker

Workout Apps for Android
Source: YouTube

If you are a fan of Google products, Google Fit will be loved by you. This app takes care of everything related to your light workout. The features of the app make it stand out from all the other apps available online.


  • The app comes with a step counter. You do not need to open the app to record your steps. As soon as you start walking, the app starts walking with you.
  • You can set a step target for yourself and see how far you are from it.


  • The app records all the physical activities. 
  • With the help of Google Fit, you can know about things like Elevation, pace, distance covered, etc.
  • You can also track your heart points from the app and the calories burnt.
  • Google Fit app is user friendly and very easy to understand.

Staying healthy, while maintaining your office lifestyle is no longer difficult. From hard exercises to lightweight these apps will take care of it all.

Feature Image Credits: PCMag


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