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Smriti Razdan
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There are a variety of word games available online. Each game has a different level of difficulty. You can choose from this list of Best Word Games for PC that suits your preferred difficulty level.

The users worldwide have wanted to play word games that are challenging but also fun. Keeping that in mind, the developers are constantly working to give better services to all the gamers. 

These word game apps will be discussed in detail as you move further into the article. Though they are all word games, they also have certain points of difference that we have explored further.

5 Best Word Games for PC in 2022

It is only after we were sure about the credibility of these games that we have made this list of the best word games for PC.

1. Bookworm

Bookworm; 5 Best Word Games for PC in 2022 | Download Free Word Games

Bookworm is a form of a puzzle word game. On the grid provided, you have to form multiple word combinations. As you form the word and submit it, the letters are automatically deleted from the grid. Keep making the words to score more in the game.

The bigger the words are, the more points you get. You will have to click on the submit button for the app to register the word that you have made. Also, be careful while playing that the words should not touch the bottom of the screen. Once that happens, the game is over.

Features of Bookworm; one of the best word games for PC in 2022-

  1. This word game app is available in 5 different types of tiles.
  2. There are no complex rules in the game. 
  3. Form big words to get maximum points.
  4. The app automatically scrambles the letters if no word combination is found.
  5. You can manually ask for the system to shuffle the alphabet to facilitate better word-formation. 
  6. There is a bonus word for each level. The more bonus words you form the bigger points you get.

2. Text Twist 2

Text Twist 2; 5 Best Word Games for PC in 2022 | Download Free Word Games

Text Twist 2 is the next game in the Text twist series. It has a lot of similarities with the Text twist first installment. The main goal of the game is for you to make as many combinations as you can form. This game can be played by people of all age groups.

You can make easy words as well as difficult ones as you seem fit. This word game will help you improve your grammar, enhance your vocabulary while also working on making you more responsive. Text twist 2 is the next step towards better English.

Features of Text Twist 2; one of the best word games for PC in 2022-

  1. This game comes with a timer.
  2. Find as many words as you can within a limited time.
  3. This word game has a full-screen playing mode so playing on your pc, you don’t have to strain your eyes.
  4. You are provided with random alphabets. You have to find out multiple word combinations from it.

3. Word Cookies

Word Cookies; 5 Best Word Games for PC in 2022 | Download Free Word Games

Word Cookies word game online is a mix of every other word game. It gives its users multiple challenges and events to participate in. The interesting interface of the app has attracted many. It tests your spelling and vocabulary at the same time.

Some random alphabets are present in the form of a cookie plate. Maker various word combinations to fit on the template provided. In case you happen to make a combination that isn’t a part of the template, it gets accumulated into the extra words tab.

Features of Word Cookies; one of the best word games for PC in 2022-

  1. This game is entertaining as well as informative.
  2. Make 2 letter, 3 letter, and 4 letter words or even 5, if the level template demands so.
  3. It begins with easy combinations and then gets difficult with each level.
  4. Play every day to get daily rewards.
  5. This is a free word game, but you might have to watch ads or pay to get hints.
  6. There are more than 2000 levels, and the developers are adding more.
  7. The more extra words you find, the more coins you will get.

4. Word Connect

5 Best Word Games for PC in 2022 | Apps Better Than Scrabble

This game finds a place in Classic word games. You can download this game for free. You can swipe the letters and form meaningful words. The game has hints that can help you clear levels.

Train your mind and re-build your vocabulary. The gameplay adheres to the name of the game and lets you connect alphabets. Find as many hidden words and get more points to unlock advanced features.

Features of Word Connect; one of the best word games for PC in 2022-

  1. Word Connect is powered by Oxford Dictionary.
  2. More than 12700 levels to play.
  3. Playing the game every day ensured daily rewards.
  4. You can use any of the 11 themes available on the app.
  5. Sync your game with Facebook and let your friends and family help you with the puzzles. They can also send you coins.
  6. This word game can be played in multiple modes. From easy to difficult, this game has it all for you.

5. Wordament for Windows 

Wordament for Windows; 5 Best Word Games for PC in 2022 | Download Free Word Games

Wordament can be played as a single person or multiplayer. If you are playing a single-player you can make use of many features. This game comes with a level that has no timer.

The daily challenges keep the game updated and give you more to play. Adventure maps of the game let you keep a track of the levels you have cleared and yet to conquer. Earn badges by beating levels and reach higher.

Features of Wordament for Windows; one of the best word games for PC in 2022- 

  1. You can jump into your favorite mode by using the Quick Play model.
  2. It is like a continuous world tournament where you can play with multiple online players and compete with them.
  3. Find extra words and score big.
  4. There are multiple rounds in the game.
  5. In some rounds, you have to create theme words, while others ask you to create a two or three lettered word.
  6. The app offers rich statistics.
  7. Get to know about your best-found word.
  8. There are multiple ways to win the game – from finding big words, forming words faster, finding unique words.
  9. Leaderboards will help you see who is on top at a particular hour or even day. 

Wrapping Up

I really hope you find this article helpful. If you need more suggestions on the best word games for PC, then comment below. I will find some more for you.

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