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Smriti Razdan
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Word games for iOS devices are fun to play and easy to understand. With the popularity of Word games online, you now have a lot of choices. We have curated for you a list of some of the Best Word Games for iPhone in 2022.

For as long as I can remember, word games have been a part of our lives. Moving from oral to board word games, they have now been digitized giving you a premium experience of the world of word games. 

Read further to find out more about these apps in detail. They are as easy to play as they are interesting. So, quickly scroll a little and know all about them.

Best Free Word Games for iPhone in 2022

These are some of the word games that we as a team also love to play. These word games online challenge your mind and are said to improve your IQ.

1. Alphabear 2

Alphabear 2; Best Word Games for iPhone in 2022

Alphabear is a sequel to the Alphabear word game series that initially came out in 2015. This game mixes anagrams and characters of a bear to make it more interesting and give it a good look. The game takes place on a grid where you have to arrange the letters to form a word. As the letters empty from the grid, it is replaced by a cute-looking bear. The more letters you use, the bigger the Bear becomes and the more points you earn.

Features of Alphabear 2; one of the best word games for iPhone in 2022-

  1. Interesting interface and graphics.
  2. Unique playing field.
  3. Alphabear 2 is as informative as it is interesting. It has a lot of educational content live on it.
  4. There are timed levels in the game.
  5. You will have to collect the bears in the game to get advanced bonuses. 
  6. Be creative with the words you make and you’re most likely to win sooner. 
  7. Very interactive interface.

2. Spell Tower

Spell Tower; 5 Best Word Games for iPhone in 2022 | Free Games for iOS Users

Spell Tower is another of the most loved word games. Select the adjacent tiles on the grid to form meaningful words. You have to be quick while forming words in the word game. If the grid reaches the top the game is automatically lost. With every word you make, another comes up from the bottom, so you have to be quick with your word making on this word game for iOS devices. You can make a mix of big words and small words depending upon which you will be awarded scores.

Features of Spell Tower; one of the best word games for iPhone in 2022-

  1. Make small words to make way for bigger ones.
  2. Score as much as you can from 140 tiles.
  3. You can compete with anyone for identical daily puzzles.
  4. The game is available in various modes. Choose the one that you wish to play at any time.
  5. In the Super Tower mode of the game, score the highest from the available 432 tiles on the grid. 
  6. Find leaderboards and achievements for every level of the game.

3. Words with Friends 2

Words with Friends 2; Best Word Games for iPhone in 2022

Words with Friends 2 is one of the most popular word games for ios. This game is like Scrabble but also better than the last installment of the series. It is widely loved for its user-interface and interactive nature. This game comes with several modes, so you can choose accordingly.

The new Lighting Round on the app can be used to check yourself and understand how good your vocabulary is. You can also play this game in team mode and take part in many challenges. You will have to spell out the words using tiles and become the ultimate wordsmith.

Features of Word with Friends 2; one of the best word games for iPhone in 2022-

  1. You can challenge your friends and family for this word game. 
  2. Every 6 weeks, a new theme is released.
  3. Play the game in various modes and find out how well you can play under pressure.
  4. By using the best words, you can unlock certain bonuses and exclusive rewards.
  5. Play the Mini-game events to get extended prizes.

4. LetterPress 

LetterPress; Best Word Games for iPhone in 2022 

LetterPress is a two-person game. It lets you arrange words on a 5*5 grid. It is a very interesting take on a word game. It is unique and is often considered a more intense version of Boggle.

It is like an amalgamation of Boggle with Anagrams, so the users are most excited about it. Battle and taking over the opponent’s field – while protecting your field of play, is what makes this word game all the more exciting and fun. The game comes with Oxford Dictionary and bad words calculation. You can also use the stats to check your game progress. 

Features of LetterPress; one of the best word games for iPhone in 2022-

  1. This word game is loved for its inquisitive design.
  2. Compete with your friends or one of the bots.
  3. You can chat with other players in the game.
  4. Custom groups can be made on the app so that no other players in your group.
  5. The dictionary in the game helps you with your word-building further.

5. Four Letters

Four Letters; Best Word Games for iPhone in 2022

Four Letters is one of the most unique word games. It is easy yet difficult to play. The gameplay completely compliments the title of this word game app. You are provided with just four letters and by using different combinations, you have to form meaningful words. You have to form different combinations of four-letter words to get maximum points. The faster you make words, the better your score is.

Features of Four Letters; one of the best word games for iPhone in 2022-

  1.  Check your score on the leaderboard to keep a track of your progress.
  2. The app has a dictionary where you can find all the word combinations you’ve made so far.
  3. Multiple combinations can be made from four letters.
  4. The faster you make the words, the better your score is.

Wrapping Up

The word games challenge your mind and force you to think out of the box. With our recommended Best word games for iPhone in 2022, we are sure you will make good use of your idle time. 

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