Best Thermometer Apps For Android and iOS 2021

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Are you looking for the best essential tool to carry with you all the time? If yes, then you have to stop here and start grabbing the information. Have you heard of Thermometer apps? Here, we bring you the best apps that work as a thermometer for Android and iOS.

The Thermometer is a handy device and is of high importance. You cannot carry all the time with you. For constant monitoring, if you are sick, You have to look for some readily available alternatives and free to use. Just stay here and see what we have for you.

There are a lot of mobile applications that will help you measure the temperature around you or your body. The Internet is our best friend to rely on so to get the best of it. Smartphones are becoming more advanced, and they do impossible things for us.

Reminder:-Some apps would work only if your phone or tablet has compatible sensors. If your phone is not equipped with a temperature sensor, there are still options to get updated about the weather or the temperature around you by using the location feature on your device.

Top 7 Apps That Function As Thermometer 

There are hundreds of thermometer apps, but we have found some best ones to download. Below down we have given the list of thermometer apps choose accordingly which you want.

1. Thermometer ++

Thermometer++ is an app that shows the current outdoor temperature, humidity, and pressure based on your location. It gets weather data from nearby weather stations and provides accurate readings. You can switch between Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees by choosing a spot on a map. You can also turn on your phone’s GPS and get the exact temperature of any place.


  • This app is simple and effective. With just one click, you can get the virtual idea of the temperature.
  •  Easily available for Android and iOS users.


  • Uses your GPS location
  • Needs internet access to get temperature update

2. Body Temperature

Body Temperature

Body Temperature Application records your maximum and minimum temperature to have a healthy and better life. This app helps you automatically generate diagrams and graphs of your body temperature, and you can easily check the intensity of the fever.

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With its advanced features, you can convert the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit and from Fahrenheit to Celsius. It keeps a record of your temperature and saves it for further use. This app divides the temperature into three levels -high, medium, and low.


  • Easy to use
  • Gives you the accurate results
  • Friendly Graphics and beautifully designed


  • Uses your Gps or Location service
  • It acts less as a thermometer itself as it stores the manual temperature values.

3. iThermonitor


iThermonitor app is the most exciting app with the clearest interface and enduring features. This app collects your temperature data every 4 seconds and records your temperature into a temperature chart. Use this app for yourself and your family.

This app captures the normal and abnormal temperature for your child as well as yourself. With its multiple sensors, it helps you to get an accurate temperature. Wherever you are, this app monitors the temperature quickly.


  • 24/7 monitoring, this app collects data every 4 seconds to provide you with the most accurate reading.
  • Instantly keep vigilance on you for the best precautions if your temperature starts moving away from the normal.
  • Professional data analysis through collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital.


  • Asks for your access to your storage, media contacts on your smartphone
  • Network disconnection problem
  • Lots of Ads

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4. Digital Thermometer For Room Temperature

Digital Thermometer For Room Temperature

This is one of the best indoor and outdoor thermometer apps. It is one of the most accurate apps and primarily checks the temperature in your home. Its technology software and sensors are of good quality.

This app uses your phone sensors and geolocation services to tell you the temperature around you, either in Fahrenheit or Celsius. You can use different thermometer styles. It has a really beautiful design and an elegant interface.


  • It gives you accurate information wherever you are
  • It gives you a more and accurate weather forecast
  • You can measure the temperature in Celsius, Fahrenheit, and even Kelvin


  • Requires an internet connection to work.
  • The temperature measurement process may take time if your phone does not have special sensors.

5. Smart Thermometer 

Smart Thermometer 

This app gives you the perfect readings displayed with a colorful background by using your phone only. This app helps you to measure your temperature anywhere. You get the temperature reading either in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

This app gives you the option to enter the data manually, and you will get the update of air temperature anywhere. You have to make sure not to use your phone for 30 minutes before measurement; otherwise, it will hamper your reading to get an accurate result.


  •  Easy to use
  •  Simple design and user-friendly interface
  • This app works excellent with temperature sensor devices.


  • Requires an integrated temperature sensor to enjoy the fruitful result. Otherwise, it is just like any other normal app that is inbuilt on your phone.
  • It needs GPS enabled to work for your smartphone smoothly.

6. iCelsius


iCelsius is a wonderful app for android and iOS users. It works smoothly on your smartphones and gets you updated with the temperature readings. You can easily get to know about the fever temperature and create a complete report on human health.

If we talk about its attractive and unique feature, it provides you with a live display on your smartphone. This app comes up with different add on features that turns your smartphone into a handy digital thermometer


  • Innovative advanced features like a graph, adding images, setting the alarm, and also recording your reading
  • You can edit the documents which are saved on this app
  • You can check the temperature of household appliances as well as for cooking ingredients.


  • Having trouble with Wifi connectivity 
  • Shows error in sensor while you try to connect with your device

7. Vicks Smart Temp Thermometer

 Vicks Smart Temp Thermometer

Vicks Smart Temp Thermometer application is so beneficial not only for you but for your family as well. It is a helpful Bluetooth thermometer that pairs with your device, help you to track temperatures, and manages your entire family’s health history. After installing this app, you can create individualized profiles for each family member.

This app automatically records the date, time, and location to measure the temperature of each family member. It has the unique feature of changing the colors from red to green to yellow depending on the set reading temperature. You can also add notes to each temperature reading to record symptoms, medicines, and more.


  • Temperature viewing history on intuitive graphs and lists
  • It helps you to export important documents to doctors or your family members through email.


  • Issues in Bluetooth connectivity
  • Sometimes app freezes constantly

Wrapping Up

It is now time to wrap up this article. I hope you got enlightened with this helpful information. You can easily keep a track record of your temperature by using the best thermometer apps. So what are you looking for? Make your phone ready to use Thermometer anytime, anywhere, and be updated. Stay tuned with us. Have a nice day!


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