Best Styling Iron Features for Fine Hair – What to Look For?

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Fine hair starts with hereditary qualities. The exceptional structure of your hair brings about a circuit that is generally little contrasted with medium, thick or coarse hair. 

No concerns: Fine hair can be extremely sound hair. Its size, makeup and the styling items you utilize all influence the strength of each strand. It might take a few smarts and TLC to keep this hair awesome.

Features to Look for

Some of the important features that are must in the best styling iron for fine hair are as follows.

Low Temperature (to evade heat harm) 

At the point when the distinction among astonishing and harmed hair is only a couple degrees, a variable heat setting is the main component to consider for fine hair. Styling iron temperatures for fine hair should be somewhere in the range of 300 and 325 degrees F to limit heat harm and still set a style. Most styling irons have a few temperature settings, and Conair offers models with upwards of 10 warmth setting decisions. 

Plate/Barrel Material (to viably transfer heat) 

The material utilized on the plate or barrel surface of styling irons is basic to the accomplishment of your hairdo. Components with especially successful warmth moving properties incorporate ceramic and titanium. Tourmaline added to a ceramic covering helps your hair sparkle. These minerals help smooth hair for better sensibility and shield it from harm and breakage. 

Some styling irons have exchangeable plates and barrels that permit them to carry out twofold responsibility as crimpers or falters or go from tight ringlets to free bolts. Numerous different models, similar to Conair Curl Secret, are prepared for some genuine forte styling with their own special highlights. 

Notwithstanding its specific profile, a styling iron should be made with heat-move material that shields your hair from warm harm while giving you the look you need. 

  • Ceramic surfaces give a uniform, even warmth. This evades “problem areas” or temperature variances, which can singe your hair. This material creates a delicate infrared warmth that rapidly enters the hair, warming it outside and in. This can help shield the external fingernail skin layer from drying warm harm. 
  • Tourmaline added to the ceramic surface upgrades its properties by normally creating particles for emphatically smooth outcomes. Tourmaline might be a semiprecious gemstone. However, its genuine worth comes from the ionic molding that helps smooth your hair’s surface. 
  • Titanium is a lightweight metal that is more grounded than steel. Titanium plates are smooth and stable at high temperatures, settling on it a decent decision for fine hair that is keratin-treated. The stunt for sound looking fine hair is to keep titanium irons at lower temperature settings. 

Barrel Size for Curling Irons and Wands (to control your look) 

The perimeter of a hair curler’s and wand’s round barrels can go from a pencil-like ½ inch to a strong inch-and-a-half in the distance across. These sizes are reasonable for fine hair and should be chosen dependent on the look you need to accomplish. 

  • ¾-inch barrel. A decent size to use on fine hair that typically doesn’t hold a twist. It’ll make tight twists that extricate up for a fun look for the duration of the day. 
  • 1-inch barrel. This one can give you beach-waves if your fine hair holds a twist. Analysis with style-holding items to find the ideal approach to keep your fine beach-waves prepared. 

Plate Width on Flat Irons (for exact control) 

Most flat irons are outfitted with plate widths of 1 to 2 crawls to fix fine hair of any length. You can even discover them in ½-inch widths for super accuracy (and versatility). 

  • Thin plates let you work with little areas of hair. Plates that are between ½ inch and 1 inch wide offer control for short, fine hair. This size can likewise establish those raucous wisps back. 
  • Wide plates help you cover more hair in less time. Plate surfaces somewhere in the range of 1 and 2 inches wide give more inclusion and take care of business quicker. However, the more extensive surface additionally builds the danger of warm harm to your hair and, particularly for those with fine hair, may not offer the exactness your hair style needs.


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