10 Best Romantic Anime That Will Take You Back to the School

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Usually associated with Japan, anime is an incredible combo of hand-drawn and computer-aided animation. In Japanese, “anime” is the short-form of “animation,” characterized by having eccentric characters, colorful graphics, and various themes. 

Most of the anime follows students attending different high schools. Some of those schools are prestigious and elite, while others have a set of regular high schools. The theme is usually quite the same, with most of them having a bad girl or boy. As you find it quite relatable, it is natural to feel nostalgic after watching those characters.

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However, if you are new to the anime world and are currently searching for the best romantic anime, you may want to consider the following because of their well-developed characters and themes.

1. Lovely Complex

It is popular because all the characters you find are very relatable. It makes you feel as if you are one of the main characters, and this makes you feel sad and happy when you notice their dreams shatter or come true after a while. The twists and turns make this romantic comedy series a must-watch for those who want to re-live their school days.

2. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun

Watch it, and it will undoubtedly be your new favorite series with high school romance. The lead character is a cute girl. Not only is she likable, but she is very relatable as well. It may not be as emotional as some other series on the list, but it should be your choice if you want an anime with gags and hilarity that runs purely off love and romance.

3. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Considered one of the most popular rom-com, the storyline is unique and exciting. It starts with the main lead facing all sorts of troubles. The show gives you an interesting perspective on how he manages to deal with his messed-up life.

4. Kimi ni Todoke

Also called “From Me to You,” this unique anime will give you goosebumps and make you remember those good old days you had with your friends at school. Bear in mind that the first impression may not be the strongest because the poster is a bit dull, but it grabs your attention and makes you live with those characters once you start watching.

5. Toradora!

This very lighthearted anime is essentially a romantic comedy series, but it can get emotional at times. The whole theme is about a girl, “Taiga Aisaka,” who has anger issues but teams up with “Ryuji Takasu” to help her best friends fall in love. Things do not go as planned and it is fascinating to watch how everything unfolds slowly.

6. Kaguya-Sama: Love is War

Though it comes with a hard PG-13 rating, it is still quite enjoyable, funny, and highly romantic anime to watch. Its slapstick nature makes it interesting in a unique way. The characters are relatable, and with memorable lines, you will indeed be forced to think about your high-school honey while watching it.

7. Kokoro Connect

The story is about five high-school friends who create a club together but end up swapping bodies. How it happens is a real mystery, but it gives them a chance to learn a lot more about each other. It is worth watching how those friends overcome their issues with home struggles, romantic feelings, new friendships, and past trauma. 

8. Orange

It takes you back to school but be prepared for some melodrama and have some tissues handy while watching. The protagonist is a high school girl named Naho Takamiya who gets a letter from her future self. She gets guidance to avoid making any mistakes related to a new student Kakeru Naruse. It sheds light on the hardships of youth and how things are like while growing up.


The anime is about a 27-year-old guy named Arata Kaizaki and how his life changes after meeting a member of the ReLife Research Institute who offers him a pill to change his life. As he takes the pill, he wakes up as a high school student and is part of a real-life experiment. 

10. Horimiya

This anime would fulfill your romantic craving and keep you interested with surprises and nice twists in the storyline. Though the plot is very basic, the element of comedy keeps it standing. It revolves around the outcast Miyamura and ever-so-popular Hori and how they learn about each other’s personalities through funny situations.

Re-living your old, romantic days is one of many reasons why people turn to anime series. Just pick one carefully, and you will surely fall in love with all the characters while feeling a bit nostalgic and thinking about your high school love.


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