Best Quiz Games for iOS 2021

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Best Quiz Games for iOS 2021
Pallvi Khajuria
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Today general knowledge is very important to get a better place in society. Only for such a purpose, quiz games are developed to make you feel relaxed and confident all the time.

Quiz games or trivia games are most often used to make your knowledge, creativity, and skills better for every field. Many applications were created, but most of them are not praised by users due to low credibility. So, in this article, I will suggest to you some of the best quiz games from all the time.

The list includes the Best Quiz games for iOS or iPhones

  1. Guess the Song
  2. General Knowledge Quiz
  3. Guess the Logo
  4. Quiz World
  5. 90’s Quiz Game

The above-mentioned quiz games are most popular for those who want to explore some educational skills from them.

Best Quiz Games for iOS or iPhones

Quiz games are mostly acquired by those people who really want to make their knowledge strong and effective.

Guess the Song

Guess the Song-Best Quiz Games for iOS 2021
Source: ProProfs

By this application name, you can easily understand what type of gaming feature it includes. You just have to make a quick guess for each song’s lyrics and if you fail to do it, then you lost the round.

  • You can extend music knowledge with the help of this application.
  • Different varieties of songs are there for every single round.
  • Categories like- pop songs, rock music, EDM, classic, and more.
  • Facebook friends can also be included in this game.
  • Free to play.
  • Both offline and online mode is available.
  • One of the most addictive gameplay ever.
  • Ratings- 4.2 out of 5
  • Updation is done regularly.

General Knowledge Quiz

General Knowledge Quiz-Best Quiz Games for iOS 2021
Source: Jagran Josh

This game is very simple to understand by any user or newcomers.

Some of the basic rules are-

  • You have to answer at least 15 questions at every level of the game.
  • Hints are also there to give you some help whenever you stuck in the game.
  • An excellent database is used to create each level.

In short, to make your knowledge strong in any field, this game is specially developed by the editor.

The ratings of the game are quite commendable that is 4.3 out of 5. The high graphic mode is available in every round without any systematic problem.

Guess the Logo

Guess the Logo-Best Quiz Games for iOS 2021
Source: Creative Bloq

Multiple choice questions are commonly asked by many people whether it is in dynamic mode or in static mode. In this particular quiz game, you just have to guess the name of the given logo at each level.

  • The gameplay is so simple, effective, and up to the mark.
  • Everyone likes to solve riddles and MCQs in a very different way. One is the quiz games and the other is the examination problems.
  • High-quality graphics are used.
  • Free to play.
  • No advertisement issue.
  • Easy to learn skills and techniques.
  • Detailed instructions are given.

Quiz World

Quiz World-Best Quiz Games for iOS 2021
Source: AppGrooves

One of the best quiz games in the entertainment field where many questions are asked to check your mental skills and knowledge.

All categories are included in this single application such as-

  • Word puzzles
  • Picture puzzles.
  • Music puzzles.
  • History quiz.
  • Arts and animal puzzles.

A detailed explanation of every question is given to you so that you don’t have to face any type of problem while playing the game.

Such type of quiz games makes everything easy to learn and understandable.

90’s Quiz Game

90's Quiz Game-Best Quiz Games for iOS
Source: Cambridge News

Did you grow up in the ’80s or ’90s? If yes, then you really like this game, and if no, then it helps you to know more about those days.

As the name suggests, this particular quiz or trivia game makes you feel like a real-world you are in. 

You just need to give appropriate answers and you can take help from your family members and friends too. Simple and addictive quality game is specially made for you. It helps you to understand some basic information related to 90’s time.

Such quiz games acquire relatable features of educational games, which helps you to make your mind relaxed and active all the time.

Final Verdict

The more you come to know about such quiz games, the more you can keep your mind stable and active to perform many tasks in your day-to-day life. No wonder why many of you don’t make any effort due to a lack of knowledge and skills. 

That’s why such games are developed to make your understanding strong and effective in any field. 

This article is specially made to give you a proper description of the best quiz games nowadays. I hope you find it very helpful and effective.

Is there a pub quiz app?

SpeedQuizzing Live
Initially designed as an app to help people participate in real-world pub quizzes, the makers of SpeedQuizzing have now developed a way to let users compete against each other remotely. By downloading the free app “SQLive”, people around the world can host and play interactive online quizzes

What is the best trivia app for iPhone?

Best Trivia Games for iPhone and iPad are-
1. HQ Trivia.
2. Trivia Crack.
3. Quiz Up.
4. SongPop 2.
5. Jeopardy! World Tour.
6. Psych.

Is there a Jeopardy app?

The “Jeopardy! World Tour” game is now available (for free!) on iOS and Android. Download the game from the App Store or Google Play(Opens an external site), and learn about other great ways to get ready for the online test here.

Feature Image Credits: Pocket Gamer


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