Critic’s Choice: Best Podcasts of 2022 That You Must Listen!!

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Muskan Gupta
Muskan Gupta
Muskan has walked a long journey through literature and poetry to finally find a home in words. Mystery and Drama are the two words that best describe her. She makes sculptures come to life, turns noise into solace, improvises ordinary to extraordinary through her words. You'll feel her presence in her art. With her whole heart open wide, she invites you to look at the world through her mind.

Do you love reading stories? but don’t have time for it because of your busy schedule? Don’t worry, it’s not difficult now. Instead of reading, you can listen to them as Podcasts. There are a lot of options available on the Internet. But, which among them is the best? Want to know? If that’s a yes, then we have done the job easier for you. This post has the selected Best Podcasts of 2022 that you should at least listen once.

Gosh!!!!! The past years have made us connect more to the digital world. And why not? After all, the digital world brought smiles to everyone’s face. People gave up on conventional things. This happened because of the drift by the amazing stuff uploaded daily online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Online platforms are changing continuously with the better versions and so does the podcasts. This could be clearly observed if we listen to the best podcasts of 2022. From comedy to news, music to business, horror to sweet stories, the best podcasts of 2022 have won millions of hearts. But what are the best ones to listen to in 2022? Which genre to choose. Don’t mess up because of confusion to choose the genre. Below you will find the Best Podcasts Of 2022. Dive below to know about them.

All The Best Podcasts Of 2022!!

The podcast is best for our busy schedule. A lot of work needs to be done in a short time. How could one have time to see videos, read books, or entertain themselves? After all, we have only 24 hours in a day.

Thank God, we have Podcasts. Podcasts are just like audiobooks that read the text or tells a story.

The best podcasts of 2022 in each genre that you must give a try are:

Best Podcasts Of 2022 For Comedy Lovers

Best Podcasts Of 2022

Best comedy podcasts of 2022 that will lead you to have a good laugh are:

  • Stay F. Homekins
  • Yeah, but still
  • Urgent care
  • comedy bang bang
  • Bananas
  • Newcomers
  • My brother, my brother and me
  • Terrible, Thanks for asking
  • Best friends
  • Double Threat
  • Scam goddess
  • My dad wrote a Porno
  • How did this get made
  • A funny feeling
  • Smartless
  • Las culturisras
  • No such thing as fish
  • This is Branchburg
  • Sip on this

Best Podcasts Of 2022 For Fiction Lovers

Best Podcasts Of 2022

The best fiction podcasts of 2022 for you are:

  • Welcome to night Vale
  • Hello from the magic Taven
  • The bright sessions
  • Flash pulp
  • Ostium podcast
  • The Insomnia project
  • Paralyzed
  • The adventure zone
  • The Magnus Archives wires
  • Six minutes
  • Marvel’s wolverine
  • Alice isn’t dead
  • Rabbits
  • Caravan
  • Imaginary advice
  • Aethuran dark Saga
  • Dark tome
  • The Beacon
  • The edge of sleep
  • Tanis
  • The once and future nerds

Best Podcasts Of 2022 For Music Lovers

Critic's Choice: Best Podcasts of 2022 That You Must Listen!!

The best podcasts of 2022 for all the music lovers out there:

  • Song exploder
  • Switched on pop
  • Disgracedland
  • Striped music diary podcast
  • The Reselect podcast
  • Low frequency
  • Euromerica radio
  • Deep house episodes
  • Mark Stary music podcast
  • DJ Milan production
  • The early music show
  • Adam beyer present drumcode
  • Sound of cinema
  • Zebras in America
  • Koper crabb podcast
  • RA podcast
  • Tritonia
  • Saturday Club classics
  • LHMPR radio
  • Watching The Throne
  • Tracy talks independent music
  • The classic rock album by album podcast
  • WTF with Marc Maron podcast

Best Podcasts Of 2022 For Technology Lovers

Best Podcasts Of 2022

The Best Podcasts of 2022 for tech lovers includes:

  • Microsoft Research news and highlights
  • Techmeme ride home
  • Tech stuff
  • This week in tech
  • Daily tech news show
  • Wall Street Journal tech news briefing
  • Computer America
  • The future of finance
  • Bletchley Park
  • Computer talk radio
  • Clockwise
  • Techvibe radio
  • What the Tech podcast
  • Datatalk
  • Analog(ue)
  • This week in tech
  • Education Technology Trends and innovations
  • Tech tent
  • Exponential view with Azeem Azhar
  • Rcr wireless news
  • Accidental Tech podcast
  • Thoughtworks podcast
  • The Guardian
  • The verge
Best Podcasts Of 2022

The Best podcasts of 2022 related to the business are:

  • Shopify’s TGIM
  • The indicator
  • Duct tape marketing
  • Vanguard by shopify studios
  • HBR ideacast
  • Entrepreneurs on Fire
  • Rise and grind
  • The $100 MBA show
  • The copywriter club
  • Mixergy
  • The Jason and Scot show
  • The creative empire
  • Nerd marketing
  • Ecommerce master plan
  • Social Media examiner podcast
  • Ecommerce Fuel
  • The goal digger podcast
  • How I built this
  • The BizChix
  • Brown Ambition

Best News And Politics Podcasts Of 2022

Best News And Politics Podcasts Of 2022

The best news and political podcasts of 2022 were:

  • CNN Political Briefing and CNN Politically sound
  • FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
  • Hacks on tap
  • In the Trick
  • BBC Global News podcast
  • Left, Right & center
  • POLITICO’s Nerdcast
  • Pod is a woman
  • The New York times: the daily
  • Pod save America
  • Rational security
  • State’s political gabfest
  • Guardian, today in Focus
  • Vox, Today explained
  • Stay tuned with preet
  • The Brown girl guide to Politics
  • Cognitive Dissonance
  • The NPR politics podcast
  • The weeds

Best History Podcasts Of 2022

Best History Podcasts Of 2022

The best podcasts of 2022 for history lovers are:

  • History hit
  • The way I heard it with Mike Rowe
  • Lore
  • The Ask Historians podcast
  • History of the Crusades
  • History on the Net
  • Tides of History
  • The Ancient World
  • Ottoman history podcast
  • The history of WW2
  • Our Fake History
  • Ben Franklin’s world
  • Know History
  • Giants of History
  • History of the great war
  • 15 minute history
  • The Weird history podcast
  • American Revolution Podcast
  • Unobscured, history revealed

Best Podcasts Of 2022 For Documentary Lovers

Best Podcasts Of 2021 For Documentary Lovers

For all the documentary lovers, the best podcasts of 2022 are:

  • Seriously
  • Discovery
  • The radio 3 documentary
  • Dateline NBC
  • BBC inside science
  • Pretend- a crime documentary podcast
  • History of Japan
  • Shortcuts
  • Your shorts
  • The history of China
  • Rough translation
  • Assassinations
  • The civil war 1861 to 1865
  • A history podcast
  • Atomic Hobo
  • The history of Being Human
  • The history of Egypt podcast
  • The documentary podcast
  • Case closed
  • Man in the window: the golden state killer
  • The grenfell tower enquiry podcast
  • Hell and gone the history of England True crime bulsh**
  • 30 for 30 podcast
  • Atlanta monster
  • Missing Maura Murray
  • The explorer’s podcast
  • Origin stories
  • Gone

Best Story Telling Podcasts Of 2022

Best Story Telling Podcasts Of 2022

For an adult by age who still loves the thought of storytelling, the best storytelling podcasts of 2022 are:

  • The Moth Podcast
  • Story Club Podcast
  • The memory palace
  • Grownups read things they wrote as kids
  • Terrible, Thanks For Asking Podcast
  • The Truth Podcast
  • Ear Hustle
  • Noble blood
  • The moth
  • Radiolab
  • Story Worthy
  • Criminal: A Podcast About Crime
  • WROTE podcast
  • UnFictional
  • Storycrops podcast
  • Tell the bartender
  • The Mortified Podcast
  • Him and I
  • Dear sugars
  • Backstory with the American history

Best Horror Podcasts Of 2022

Best Horror Podcasts Of 2022

Best horror podcasts of 2022 that would make you bite your nails because of terror are:

  • The NoSleep Podcast.
  • Pseudopod | The Sound of Horror.
  • TANIS.
  • Tales To Terrify | The Audio Horror Fiction Magazine.
  • Lore | Sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.
  • Wrong Station.
  • Return Home.
  • Jim Harold’s Campfire.
  • The last horror podcast
  • The cult classic horror show
  • Witch finger
  • Horror fam. Com
  • The Magnus Archives
  • Knifepoint horror
  • Castle of horror podcast
  • Nightmare magazine

Best TV & Movies Podcasts Of 2022

Best TV & Movies Podcasts Of 2022

Best podcasts of fabulous TV shows, web series, and movies in 2022 are:

  • Slash Film Daily Podcast.
  • Truth and Movies, Little White Lies Podcast.
  • Collider Film Podcast.
  • How Did This Get Made Comedy Movies Podcast.
  • BFM At the Movies.
  • Movie Crush cinema Podcast.
  • USA Today: The Mothership.
  • The Ringer: The Rewatchables.
  • I Read Movies Podcast
  • Guys on movies podcast
  • The Film Experience
  • Maltin on movies
  • The Ship It Podcast | A Tribute to TV & Film
  • 5 by 5 at the Movies
  • You Must Remember This | Classic Movies Podcast
  • For your reference
  • The Projection Booth Podcast
  • The Binge

Best Podcasts Of 2022 For Kids

Critic's Choice: Best Podcasts of 2022 That You Must Listen!!

Kids too want entertainment. The best podcasts of 2022 for kids to keep them joyous includes

  • Flyest Fables
  • Eleanor Amplified
  • Brains On
  • The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel
  • Stuff You Should Know
  • Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl
  • Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child
  • All Songs Considered

Wrapping up:

These were the Best Podcasts of 2022 for different genres. So, why wait now. Give a try to these podcasts and find the one that you would love to hear. 

Well, it is your turn now, tell us in the comment section, which is your favorite among these shortlisted best podcasts of 2022.

Au Revoir..!!


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