Best New Year Episodes Of Classic Sitcoms To Make The Best Start To 2022

Knock knock. Who’s there? Happy… Happy who? HAPPY NEW YEAR..!!

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Celebrating New Year’s Eve has lots of pros, but what’s the biggest con? Confetti, lol, sorry!! Well, I don’t know about the cons, but here’s the most significant Pro- You get to watch the best New Year episodes from all the amazing shows. And no one can judge you for that; after all, it is New Year’s Eve.

This whole week would be booming with New Year talks, gossips, and news; there’s no way you won’t be reminded of your all-time favorite New Year episodes. Trust me, it is the best and the only way to make a fresh start into the New Year. Enough with all the regrets of the past year and worries of the coming one, this last week is meant to relax, so take all your pending leaves, go to your boss, and just like Ross say- We are on a break..!!

You definitely deserve it, so without wasting any more time, wear your sweatpants, switch off your phone, and start with a marathon of your New Year episodes… you’ll thank me later.

Best New Year Episodes Of All Times Ranked

After all, you have been through; you deserve a promotion with a pat on your shoulder and a relaxing and entertaining week-off. Well, I am not sure I can help you with the first one, but for the second one, I have you covered. Here’s a list of all the best New Year episodes to get you in the groove.

8. FULL HOUSE – Happy New Year

(Season 4, Episode 13)

It’s New year’s Eve, and everyone is prepared to have a fantastic start except Joey, who is without a date. The Tanner’s are all facing their stressors of the coming year while Danny and Jesses make Joey submit a video to find his perfect match on a dating app. 

FULL HOUSE - Happy New Year   |   Best New Year episodes

Watch his journey till he meets Christine, his perfect match to have your share of hilarious moments. His obsession with her just after his 5-sec video leading to a proposal makes this episode one of the best New Year episodes.

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While D.J. and Kimmy’s plans of a perfect New Year’s Eve part get destroyed after their bash turns into a 400 guests blowout.


(Season 1, Episode 11)

It is one of the most chaotic episodes of How I Met Your Mother but definitely in a good way. As the name alludes, Ted rents a Limo so that everyone can enjoy the usual upsetting New Year. Except for Robin, everyone- Barney, Marshall, And Lily joins him in the idea of finding a perfect party after getting a trial of all the parties. Well, that’s ambitious!!

7. How I Met Your Mother- The Limo   | Best New Year episodes

But on their way, everyone meets someone they know and prolongs their journey. Several things happen, including Robing leaving her date. In short, after visiting four parties, eating a hot dog, meeting with Not Moby, and barely escaping from the psycho dude with a gun, Ted realizes this limo was a bad-bad idea. But even then, we are not disappointed in the end, as Robin kisses Ted at midnight, saying she remembered their earlier promise to kiss each other. 

As they say, All is well if it ends well. Sounds like a perfect episode to add to our New Year episode list.

6. THE BIG BANG THEORY – The Justice League Recombination

(Season 4, Episode 11)

We all love Marvel, DC, and their superheroes, and when it comes to a party theme, they seem like an ideal choice. If you want to get superheroes action with shows entertainment, this is our perfect choice-

With Penny getting back with Zack, he seems like a perfect Superman the Justice League group was in need of for the New-Year Costume party. Penny doesn’t want to go as Wonder Woman but ends up joining the group of- Raj as Aquaman, Howard as Batman, Leonard as Green Lantern, and Sheldon as The Flash.

5. MODERN FAMILY – New Year’s Eve  

(Season 4, Episode 11)

It’s the last day of the year, and Jay wants to spend it with his family. So he plans to celebrate New Year’s Eve at the hotel Palm springs. But seeing the hotel’s look that seemed as if has not been renovated since 1975, everyone was soon disappointed and heartbroken. 

Modern family- New Year’s Eve  | Best New Year Episode

Claire and Phil, who were annoyed with their room, still try to salvage the opportunity by visiting a beautiful hot spring nearby. But the spring turns out to be a nudist spring, and of course, they are stuck with clothes buried deep under. Similarly, every family member begins to go on with their own endeavors leaving Jay dejected and heartbroken. But again comes a twist when Jay meets Billy Dee Williams. 

Meanwhile, Alex and Hailey, who is babysitting at home luke, Manny, and lily, are caught in a chaotic hilarious situation with the arrival of sudden uninvited guests. Woah… all this drama and comedy definitely makes up for a sweet New Year episode candy. Over the years, this show has given us so many memorable Modern Family New Year episodes.

4. THE OFFICE – Ultimatum 

(Season 7, Episode 13)

It has been 11 years already that this show has ended, but still, it manages to hold its rank in the best new year episode of all time. In ‘Ultimatum,’ Michael Scott is feeling very happy and excited about his return to work since now he’ll finally know if Holly Flax’s boyfriend AJ has met his demands of the ultimatum or not. On not seeing an engagement ring, he is unable to control his happiness and dances with the receptionist, Erin playing Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You” loudly. 

The office- Ultimatum  |  Best New Year Episodes

But of course, later, the climax is revealed, and Michael finds out Holly and A.J. are still together. At the same time, Pam decides to post a New Year’s resolution board in the office for the staff members.

Though Michael’s ending of the year was far from what he planned, fans still were hopeful for their favorite couple to come together. Thus, it still is one of the classic- Office, New year episodes to watch on New year’s Eve and cheer for a new year and another chance for us to get it right.

3. GOSSIP GIRL – The End of the Affair

(Season 5, Episode- 11)

You have to admit; there was a time you were obsessed with the gossip girl and her never-ending stream of scandals. We all either wanted to be the ‘It girl’ like Serena Wanderwoodsen or find the Chuck Bass to our Blair. 

Gossip Girl- The End of the Affair  |   Best New Year episodes

In this New Year episode, through a series of flashbacks, we find out what exactly happened between Blair and Chuck after the car accident. While the Gossip’s girl site is down, Dan has grown a strange friendship with Blair though she is engaged to someone else. C’mon from the very first season; it was an established plot that Blair would end with Chuck. It seemed like everyone knew, from the director to the audience, except those two idiots.

 Well, in the end, they begin to re-connect, and Dan and Serena finally share a New Year’s kiss. I know you were waiting for it; I guess some things never change, no matter the years. XOXO, gossip girl. 

2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S – The One with All the Resolutions 

(Season 5, Episode 11)

Well, just as you can’t end a sitcom list without the mention of Friends show, You can’t end a list of New Year episodes without acknowledging the episode The One with All the Resolutions. 

This Fantastic New Year episode thematically hosts New Year vibes with all the impractical resolutions. It starts with the scene from January as the group decides on their New Year Resolutions…

Rachel won’t gossip

Monica wants to take more photos,

Phoebe’s going to learn to fly

Joey tries to learn guitar (for his resume), and 

Chandler cuts back on the jokes. (as if that was possible..duhh)

But the most interesting resolution was of Ross.. who makes a vow to try something new every day. This is the type of plot that you know would end badly even before it started. And it definitely leads up to a series of intriguing and hilarious moments throughout the episode. C’mon, you can’t seriously tell me you forgot that memorable Leather pants..!!!

This will be my favorite New year episode, no matter how many shows I’ll see.

1. BEAN – Do It Yourself, Mr. Bean

Don’t tell me you forget the comedy Legend, Mr. Bean. You can’t end a marathon without attending a New Year’s party hosted by Mr. Bean. Mr. bean has plans for a perfect New Year party, but sadly, it’s not going well, forcing him to improvise, and you know how that will play out…

I won’t give you all the spoilers so you could laugh your head off while seeing it; just in short, everything is going wrong, and obviously, the guests spin the clock forward ninety minutes.

And the fun doesn’t end here; it continues the next morning and gives us our share of fun entertaining moments. I promise you; you’ll not regret watching this New Year episode

Wrapping Up

A number of shows are being released every year, giving us all the escape we need. But some of these classics have made an everlasting impact on our minds. Years after Years, we come back to them and just share those glorious memories for a while. Sometimes I think, it’s necessary for our sanity. So, give yourself a break before you set in this new year with your favorite classics New Year episodes. I can guarantee it’s worth it..!!

Hey, before leaving, do share your thoughts and let me know which is your favorite episode.

Chicos Adiós..!!


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