Best Medical Colleges in New York 2021

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Best Medical Colleges in New York 2021
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New York State has over 450 reputed colleges and out of those only 15 colleges offer the Doctor of Medicine Degree. This makes it difficult for the medical aspirants to get through the top notch colleges in  New York. Undoubtedly, any medical college in the world requires dedication and hard work and the NY colleges are obviously no less. 

To make it easier for the medical aspirants, we have gathered information regarding the top grade medical colleges in New York from various sources, few of which are enlisted below: 

Here is The List of Top Medical Colleges in New York State

1) Albert Einstein College of Medicine – New York Medical College

Albert Einstein College of Medicine 
Medical Colleges in New York

Albert Einstein College of Medicine, affiliated with the Yeshiva University until 2016 is an independent degree- granting institute under the Montefiore Medical Centre. It is home to over 1,800 full time faculty, 711 MD students and 160 Ph.D. students, making it one of the most reputed colleges in New York. It is located in the Bronx, an urban location in NY, which gives the students access to a variety of clinical opportunities to discover their talents and master their field. The college claims to focus on research intensive techniques, which trains the students to be not just excellent doctors, but also to go beyond to create new knowledge. It offers an M.D and Ph.D. program in the biomedical sciences and clinical investigation, and two Master of Science (M.S) degrees to the students.

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2) Columbia University- Medical Colleges in New York City

Admissions | Columbia University in the Medical Colleges in New York
Source; Columbia University

Columbia University accounts for New York State’s best medical schools. Located on campus in northern Manhattan, Columbia University Irving Medical Centre (CUIMC) is a research, clinical and educational enterprise. It has four professional colleges and schools that provide global leadership in scientific research, medical education, health and patient care.  The four colleges are: 

  1. Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons
  2. School of Nursing
  3. College of Dental Medicine
  4. Mailman School of Public Health

The admission process in this college is very selective and not many students get a seat in this college. 

3) Icahn School Of Medicine – Mount Sinai

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai - Medical Colleges in New York
Source: Wikipedia

The Icahn School of Medicine, located at Mount Sinai is an international leader in scientific and medical training, patient care and biomedical research. This school is a part of the Mount Sinai Health System, which includes eight hospital campuses. It is home to more than 5,000 faculty and nearly 2,000 students, residents and fellows. Their main goal is to revolutionize the practice of medicine and produce better outcomes for patients. Like any other medical school, the admission process here is also very selective. But once you get through it, you will be encountered with a highly professional learning environment which would be worth all your hard work and efforts.

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4) Cornell University

About | Cornell University Medical Colleges in New York
Source: Cornell University

Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC) is highly selective and seeks applicants who uphold the highest academic and personal standards. Like most of colleges, it is important to have a good academic and personal record if you wish to get a seat in this college. Being the most selective college in New York and otherwise, the committee on admission seeks approximately 7,000 applications every year and selects only 106 students out of it. The number of students who get selected is entirely selected on their performance. So, if you dream of getting through Cornell University, you really need to pull up your socks and start working hard on making your academic records strong.

5) New York University – Medical Colleges in New York

Apply to New York University Medical Colleges in New York
Source: Common App

New York University Langone Medical Centre is also an outstanding medical school, affiliated with the New York University. Due to the increasing competition every year, it is really difficult to get admission in medical schools and so is the case with the New York University. However, this university provides every MD student with full tuition scholarship regardless of their financial situation, which makes it easier for the students to follow their passions irrespective of their economic situation. The university also offers dual degree options in MD programs as well as an accelerated three year option, which gives the students a chance to learn according to their own feasibility. 

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6) Stony Brook University

Apply to SUNY Stony Brook University Medical Colleges in New York
Source: Common App

Stony Brook University- Renaissance School of Medicine consists of six basic science and eighteen clinical departments are responsible for pre-clinical and clinical instruction of medical students. It offers an excellent MD program on the school’s Long Island campus. It gives students plenty of clinical opportunities through the Stony Brook Medicine network which includes – Stony Brook’s children’s Hospital, Stony Brook University Hospital, Stony Brook Southampton Hospital and various other small hospitals. Again, you need to work really hard to crack this medical college.

Getting a medical seat takes sweat, dedication and hard work. You really need to be clear in your head since your school time if you wish to pursue a medical degree, as your grades in school would decide your undergraduate course and your good score in under graduate would fetch you the top medical colleges.


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