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Pallvi Khajuria
Pallvi Khajuria
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Looking for the best kids games for iOS then you can find the relatable stuff here. In this article, you will find the list of the best kids games for iOS. As these games can be played by elders also.

There are many Kids games for the iPhone which you can find easily on the internet. Some of them are paid and some of them are free to play. After so many tries I was able to find out the list of these best kids’ games for the iPhone.

List of the top kids games for iOS includes:-

  1. Math Bingo.
  2. Dino Tim.
  3. Peek-a-Zoo.
  4. Busy Shapes.
  5. Thinkrolls 2.

The above-mentioned list is the best games for kids who wanna play on an iPhone. For further information, you can scroll down.

5 Best Kids Games for iOS

These games can be helpful to make your kid more passionate regarding his/her interests. Not just kids, elders can also play these games. As these games are specially made to improve skills.

Many of the games are to download and a few have paid options. Top games for kids to play are quite amazing. Some of them are highly paid. I found these games interesting in many ways. The list is given below:-

1. Math Bingo

Math Bingo: Kids Games
Source: Turtle Diary

Math is the basic need to find out the values of so many things. For some kids, maths comes naturally but not for all. Maths include:- multiplication, addition, subtraction, division, point values, and some mixed numbers. We can easily learn the basic concepts of maths in many different forms.

This particular game is specially made for those children who are not able to learn maths easily. This game provides basic knowledge according to your skill. The most important thing about this game is it is free for iOS. A progress chart is also given available in the game. This progress chart will help you to analyze your whole activity while playing the game.


  • Single-player.
  • Multiplayer.
  • Gives proper examples.
  • Imaginary contents.
  • Anyone can play this game as a team with different phones at the same time.


  • Fun loving game for kids.
  • Problem resolving techniques are used.


  • During the starting period, it seems difficult.
  • Levels can be tough.

2. Dino Tim

Dino Tim: Kids Games
Source: Google Play

How to solve puzzles and how to avoid the boring side of a game, some new features are added. We can switch in any language as per our need or suggestion. Some basic skills can be increased. Puzzle resolving techniques are well mannered and are free to use. Dino Tim is very useful for those who want to expand their skills by solving basic structures.

Basic gaming skills are developed through this app. The technicality of each level, and many other forms made this app highly usable in history. Timing plays an important role in this path. As kids can easily solve such problems that are time-related and have some maths techniques with them.


  • Develop attention in kids.
  • Develop concentration in kids.
  • Coordination can be enhanced.
  • Resolve major and minor problems.
  • Help to recognize geometric shapes, circles, and puzzles too.


  • Fun loving game. 
  • Easily installed.


  • Levels of difficulty.
  • Paid app.

3. Peek-a-Zoo

Peek-a-Zoo: Kids Games
Source: KneeBouncers

There is one thing kids love and that is animals. They love to name them, play with them but when it comes to studying images of such creatures can be very helpful in many ways. Imaginary problems can be very helpful to predict the solutions easily.

This app helps them to identify the animals by showing the images and let them fill the blank statements by themselves. It is a free using app that can be available for iPhones. Images of plants and animals are very useful in this gaming app. They seek the interest of the childrens automatically.


  • Easy to understand.
  • Different paths are available.
  • Highly usable.
  • Develop mentality.
  • Help to develop good concentration.


  • Develop basic skills.
  • No concerning content related to gambling.


  • Repetition of questions occurred.

4. Busy Shapes

This gaming app is quite simple and can be used to sharpen motor skills. The progress of a child can be seen through different levels inside this game. Some new challenges can be encountered. Its main objective is to make children learn the difference between colors and contrast. This is a paid app for iPhone with a value 3$. 

It develops visual memory in a very good manner so that kids can easily understand the concepts. Also, they can easily build some gaming skills. You can learn how to fill colors, how to differentiate each one is the basic gaming feature provided by busy shapes. 


  • Unique color makers.
  • Focuses only on colors & shapes.
  • Different languages are used.
  • Multiple touch play.
  • Different combinations are available.
  • Each shape is definable and up to the mark.


  • Defined structures.
  • Focused mobility.


  • Sometimes acts are boring.
  • Paid app.

5. Thinkrolls 2

Thinkrolls 2: Kids Games
Source: Amazon

It’s a puzzle game with some logic and fundamentals for kids 3-9 years old. It gives scientific knowledge according to the level of the game. Basics physics is an important feature through which kids cannot just roll the balls but can float them also. 

Challenges are made to build more interest for the next level. Sequentially, problems can be identified in each and every version of this game as per the difficulty of the level. Rolling balls and floating activity is the basic gaming feature of Thinkoll 2.


  • Neutral language is used.
  • Track progress up to 6 players.
  • Experimental phenomena are included.
  • Problem-solving techniques are available.
  • No-adds.
  • Include combinations of all elements.
  • The physics concept is cleared.


  • No-in app billing.
  • Free to use.
  • Reliability occurs.


  • Sometimes elements cannot be determined.
  • During the starting period, difficulty may occur.

Final Verdict

Games can do many things in order to draw each one’s attention. The above-mentioned games are most probably installed by every single child. The impact of these games is very impressive. They can develop some basic skills eventually. While listening to some music, children can play games. This technique is very helpful to develop concentration, memory, and creativity.

Feature Image Credits: New Straits Times


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