10 Best Historical TV Shows to Know Real History Till 2022!!

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Today, no one knows the epic history of the Roman or the British empire. That’s why I am going to share some of the Best Historical TV shows till 2022 with you. These TV shows will help you to understand the basic impact of that time i.e. ’70s and ’80s.

I know guys you all are so tired to read a book on your own. Well, I have a better solution for you guys and that is online streaming. You guys can check out all your favorite shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime. There you can find out these epic historical shows too, that I am going to discuss with you ahead. Some of the best Historical TV Shows in 2022 list are mentioned below. I am damn sure, this show will give you goosebumps. The storyline of the show is very impressive. This TV show is highly rated under IMDb.

Now, let’s move straight to our list. I can’t wait to share all the relatable information with you guys. You guys will love the drama, action, story, characters, and history of these TV shows accordingly.

Best Historical TV Shows Of All Time

Now, I am going to discuss some of the best historical TV shows of all time as per the IMDb ratings and reviews. These shows are quite interesting and full of drama with some action pack performances.

1. Narcos

Narcos is the best historical TV show that tells us some real-life facts like- drugs, the spreading of cocaine across the world, etc. This bad growth affects humanity on a very large scale. Many unconditional conflicts are present to destroy the law.

 Best Historical TV shows till 2022

Narcos tells us some mysterious facts that are very dangerous for every human being. One DEA agent was sent for the mission to overcome this effect and kill those drug mafias. 

From my point of view, this type of historical TV show 2022 is best to watch as it involves some adventurous and mysterious storyline

  • Cast- Wagner Moura, Pedro Pascal, Alberto Ammann, and Boyd Holbrook.
  • Ratings as per IMDb- 8.8
  • Release on- 2015

2. Rome

The story of this TV show is defined as the best historical show with some political adversaries and plans. The Roman republic is ready to change their whole empire due to a civil war against the British. 

 Best Historical TV shows till 2022

Romans always want to live a down-to-earth life with their family and friends. However, most of the time they are unable to do anything for themselves as well as for their families. So, they decide to take a big step against the British as per the ordinary viewpoint of Romans. It is really an interesting historical show, you must watch in 2022.

  • Cast- Ray Stevenson, Kevin McKidd, Kerry Condon, and Polly Walker.
  • Ratings as per IMDb- 8.7
  • Release on- 2005

3. Vikings

Vikings are one of the best historical TV shows whenever it comes to a kingdom, tribe, king, and queen. Fearless warriors and the Viking tribe make this show very legendary and optimistic. 

 Best Historical TV shows till 2022

This story is designed to tell us about the great warriors of that time when Odin son used to control the whole empire or kingdom. Ragnar Lothbrok- one of the greatest warriors of his age became the king of his tribe is the main storyline so far. Isn’t this historical show sounds so intriguing?

  • Cast- Gustaf Skarsgård, Katheryn Winnick, Georgia Hirst, and Alexander Ludwig.
  • Ratings as per IMDb- 8.5
  • Release on- 2013

4. Downtown Abbey

Another fascinating show that deserves a mention among Best Historical show in the 2022 list is Downtown Abbey. The story tells us about a heritage family and their homeworkers. Legendary missions and life is the biggest compliment for a family man, but what if that compliment becomes the saddest part of life.

Best Historical TV shows till 2022

Many concerned elements were added in the storyline and that is the only reason why I suggest you guys this historical TV show. You will come to know many things like intriguing life, lordship, engaging missions, and many more.

  • Cast- Phyllis Logan, Hugh Bonneville, Brendan Coyle, and Elizabeth McGovern.
  • Ratings as per IMDb- 8.7
  • Release on- 2010

5. I Claudius

In I Claudius, one ruler will tell us something historical that he faced during his time till his death in the Roman Empire. This historical TV show 2022 briefly explains how anyone can easily narrate his/her life in attempting to find an heir for the future. Claudius’s wife always wants her son to rule the whole empire from his very young age. 

 Best Historical TV shows till 2022

Some conspiracy factor is also included in the story to make this show more interesting till the end. That is why it is one of the Best Historical Show in 2022 list.

  • Cast- John Hurt, Derek Jacobi, Brian Blessed, and Siân Phillips.
  • Ratings as per IMDb- 8.7
  • Release in- 1976

6. John Adams

Father John Adams is one of the best chronicle and historical TV shows that explains- love, life, and affection in a very beautiful manner.

Best Historical TV shows till 2022

In 1770, as an ambassador in Europe, he became more patient in terms of vice-presidentship. Also, he became the president of the United States till his death on the 4th of July, 1826.

  • Cast- Laura Linney, Paul Giamatti, Stephen Dillane, and John Dossett.
  • Ratings as per IMDb- 8.5
  • Release on- 2008

7. Farouk Omar

One of the best biopic and historical TV shows ever created till now is FAROUK OMAR. In this show, some most interesting facts and reality are showcased.

Best Historical TV shows till 2022

How Omar Ibn Al-Khattab lived his life? How he was the chosen one among all the Muslims to live a traditional life? These questions will make you feel more attracted to this show. This historical show 2022 will clear all your doubts.

  • Cast- Assad Khalifa, Samer Ismail, Mohamad S. Alrefai, and Fethi Haddaoui.
  • Ratings as per IMDb- 9.2
  • Release on- 2012

8. The Hollow Crown

Best Historical TV shows till 2022

The Hollow Crown is one of the greatest historical TV shows which adapts some useful sights of Shakespeare’s novels. This show comprises King Henry IV: Part 1, 2, and 5, and King Richard II.

The theme and the storyline of this show are- betrayal, conflicts, redemption, war, struggle, family issues, and many more.

During the 14th century, one of the big battles is going on against the British Empire. All they want to rule the entire world without any further destruction and hatred ness. This Historical show of 2022 list will provide you with all the inside insights.

  • Cast- Simon Russell Beale, Anton Lesser, John Mackay, and Tom Georgeson.
  • Ratings as per IMDb- 8.3
  • Release on- 2012

9. The Last Kingdom

Another creative show that has gained its rank among Best Historical shows till 2022 is The Last Kingdom. Here, there are many kings and queens during 872 B.C. A full pack of action, drama and historical characters is the main witness of this TV show. The story tells us about a king named Alfred. He is one of the great defenders of his kingdom known as Norse.

Best Historical TV shows till 2022

There were several quests in front of him and some dangerous paths too. He just wants to build a new empire without any enemies and wars, but destiny wants something else from him. Wanna know what? Watch this amazing Historical show.

  • Cast- Eliza Butterworth, Alexander Dreymon, Arnas Fedaravicius, and Ian Hart.
  • Ratings as per IMDb- 8.4
  • Release on- 2015

10. War & Peace

Last but not the least, War & Peace is one of the most dramatic, romantic, and historical TV shows that gives you some frictional thoughts automatically. As many Russians set to war against Napolean on a very large scale.

Best Historical TV shows till 2022

During this war period, 5 noble families were facing some big changes in their life in a very possible manner. What comes next, they don’t know at all. To find out a way to fulfill their family’s desires they have to do something beyond the limit. Trust me, you will love this Best Historical Show of 2022 list.

  • Cast- James Norton, Paul Dano, Adrian Edmondson, and Lily James.
  • Ratings as per IMDb- 8.2
  • Release on- 2016

Wrapping Up

I hope you guys love the way I express my views and the storyline of the above-mentioned historical TV shows. If you want to know more about such TV shows, series, movies, or anything else, then please go and check out our official site- Pathofex. There you will find all the reliable shows as per high ratings and reviews.

So, that’s all on the lit of Best Historical Shows till 2022. Do, share your thoughts in the comment section below and keep visiting Path Of Ex.

Adiós. Cuídate..!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a season 4 of Narcos?

Yes, there is season 4 of Narcos and it is already released on November 16. You guys can check it out on Netflix.

How accurate is Omar series?

It is very accurate to watch Omar series with patience, love, dignity, and prosperity. Such series will definitely blow your mind and you can tell the whole story to anyone with lots of sources and options.

What is the best historical TV shows on reddit?

From my point of view, the best historical TV show on Reddit is I, Claudius. I think the story of this show is quite impressive, elegant, and natural.


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