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So, Easter is coming and I am so excited to do some crazy activities with lots and lots of creativity and crafting. Doing some Easter activities will automatically lead you up with lots of exploring experiences. And, I am damn sure, you don’t want to waste your free time sitting on the couch and playing video games. To be frank, it is an old way to utilize your time. What about participating in games and activities?

We all know that Easter is a religious and most-famous holiday that is celebrated as the rebirth of Jesus Christ. Eventually, there is no need to make a religious gesture, but many people celebrate this day with Easter eggs. They perform many easter activities and games as well. In short, no one can forget about this day as its importance is very high and they feel so happy to make a grand gesture for the same.

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Last but not the least, I have divided Easter activities into 3 different categories- kids, friends, and family. Every category is independent of the other and has its unique meaning.

Best Easter Activities for Easter 2022!

I have listed down some of the Best Easter Activities that any single individual or group of people can perform. These activities will surely transform a boring day into a fun and eggciting Easter!

5 Best Easter Activities For kids

  • Jelly Bean Guessing Games:- To provide your children more information about the guessing games, why not you guys use jelly beans instead of a simple sugar ball. This game will automatically grab your attention from the start.
  • Read Easter and Spring Kids Books:- Everyone wants a delightful holiday treat that will be cherished for years to come. Reading books to your children is the best thing that a parent can do during easter days.
  • Decorate an Easter Egg Tree:- Don’t you guys think that you should decorate your home trees with some fresh and attractive items. Well, I have a better option for you guys. You can use ribbons, balloons, plastic egg balls, stickers, and many more items that will positively reflect your taste.
  • Create Easter Crafts:- What is better than spending time with your kids and creating crafts on Easter. Not only will it be interesting but also educational. It is the best way to spend some quality time with your kids. Don’t you worry, I have some Easter Craft Ideas listed down for you!
Best Easter Activities
Best Easter Activities
  • Make Brunch Together:- Many dishes you can make with your kids during easter days. Easter gives you a good time to eat your favorite food like- chocolate pudding, marshmallow balls, and so many. Through this activity, you can spend some valuable time with your kids.

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5 Best Easter Activities For Friends!

  • Plastic Egg Truth and Dare:- I think most of you guys know about the truth and dare game. But what if we convert this game into an interesting activity like- plastic egg truth and dare. Every rule of this activity is similar to the normal truth and dare game but there is a slight difference as well. You will be given some plastic eggshells that you have to fill with a piece of paper that has either truth or dare written on them. At last, the person who wins every round constantly will be awarded.

Note– Remember, only one person at a time can choose or pick the eggshell, and he/she will have to perform the given task accordingly

  • Egg-cellent JellO-O Shots:- Are you guys aware of a thing that plastic eggshells are not just for candies. They can be used to make a JellO-O Shot as well. But remember one thing, if you are applying this idea make sure that your friend circle will be of your age.
Best Easter Activities
  • Brunch:- There are many great ideas for Easter brunch like- pre-brunch snacks, Classic toasts, fizzy shots, and many more. All these ideas are fantastic and unique. As you can take some portraits with your family.
  • Easter Makeup Looks:- Everyone wants to look perfect and elegant during some special occasion like- Easter Week. This week is the best time to work on your looks by putting on some makeup. I think this is the easiest way to celebrate Easter.
  • Easter Egg Rocket:- Did you guys hear about Easter Stem Challenge? If yes, then what about making some rockets for your easter party. This is how we come to know about the Stem Challenge. You just need- water, a toilet paper tube, a rocket design, plastic eggshells, and an Alka-Seltzer tablet. Combine every item to make an Easter Egg Rocket. Lastly, just blast it off to make your party awesome.

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5 Best Easter Activities For Family

  • Decorate Easter Eggs:- Well, it is not an easy task to paint or decorate something, as you have to put some effort so that it looks great. To decorate easter eggs, you need a paintbrush, paint, some unique designs, and a few items like- ribbons, paper, etc. This activity is one of the best easter traditional-related things that most of you do by involving your family members too.
Best Easter Activities
  • Know More About Holy Week:- This Holy week is celebrated before Easter with family. It includes some basic religious holidays like- Good Friday, Palm Sunday, Holy Saturday, and many more. All these holidays are especially celebrated for the grand welcome of Easter.
  • Easter Decorations:- During the Easter period, every church, house, lane, street, and building is decorated with ribbons, glitters, stickers, flowers, and pinatas. Every item symbolizes the rebirth of Jesus Christ.
  • Play Easter Egg Games:- There are several easter egg games that you can play with your family members. Whether it is an indoor game or an outdoor game. You can cook a meal together to give a beautiful touch while playing games. 
  • DIY Candy Holders:- For your easter eggs, you can make a holder. Just like that, for your candies and toffees, you can make a DIY candy holder in which you can put your favorite chocolates and candies very easily. You can design them as per your choice and preferences.

Wrapping Up

Easter activities are quite interesting and sometimes give you some learning outcomes as well. You just need to be more focused on your game or work. These activities will automatically change your performance level to a very good state.

I wish all the above-mentioned activities are very efficient and reliable for you and your family. Do tell me your thoughts in the comment box!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some fun things to do on Easter?

Here are some cool and fun ways to add some activity to your Easter:
1. Easter Egg Hunt
2. Bunny Hop
3. Animal Portraits
4. Indoor Activities
5. Crafting and Creativity

Why do we give eggs at Easter?

Easter eggs symbolize the new life ahead. “Forget about the past and lead yourself with dignity and power”- this sweet message is the big reason why we give Easter eggs as a gift.

What do people eat on Easter?

People eat roasted chicken, roasted ham, lamb legs, and many other food items too.


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