5 Best Comic Book Apps For iPhone/iPad in 2022 For Unlimited Comic Fun!!

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Muskan Gupta
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It’s 2022, Where lockdown has become the new common and many of us are still under quarantine. In these challenging times, we need everything to be accessible from home. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep your life on hold, you still can enjoy all your comics with these best Comic Book Apps for iPhone/iPad in 2022 free.

Comics are one of the best ways to tell a story. They have inspired some of the best movies and have kept generations of people entertained. From Kids to Adults, everyone loves reading these fascinating books. But what if you can read all of them in one place? That would be perfect right?. No more of running to stores to get your hand on the latest comic series. You can just enjoy them from your home and that too with only a click. Let’s learn how?

So, when you do not have enough physical space to carry a comic book or don’t want to run to stores for your favorite comics, our list of the best comic apps for iPhone/iPad of 2022 for iOS users will help you to keep updated with all the latest comics.

Best Comic Book Apps for iPhone/iPad In 2022 To Get All Your Comics At A Click.

Hey readers..!! These Comic Book Apps are exactly the thing you were searching for. Finally, no more struggling to read your favorite comic. Everything is accessible, and at all times.

These iOS Comic Book apps will help you stay in the loop even when you don’t have any book, magazine, or comic in hand. (And No touching means no corona!)The list of these comic book apps for iPhone/iPad of 2022 has been tried, tested, and well used.

1. Madefire

Best Comic Book App For iOS Users To Access Motion Comics

best Comic Book Apps for iPhone/iPad in 2022

First to add its name among best Comic Book Apps for iPhone/iPad in 2022 is Madefire. It is just like any other Comic app offering you downloading of books and syncing the ones you already have.

The highlight of this app however is the introduction of motion comics. There is no other app that caters to those kinds of comics. It gives you a cinematic experience with music, animations, and graphics.

However, if you are looking for an app that lets you read in silence without the sound of dialogue exchange, this is not the right app for you. It is very interesting but also extremely non-generic. So, if you are looking for a creative way of reading your comics, then this best comic app for iPhone 2022 is made for you.


  • Introduces a new style of reading comics.
  • Gives comic creation freedom to the makers of the comics.


  • Dig into the dialogue exchange with a single click.
  • Horizontal and vertical reading can be done. 


  • It lacks the comics by some very popular comic strip publishers.
  • The use of animations can come across as gimmicky at places. 
  • Silent reading cannot be done. 

2. Astonishing Comic Reader

The Best iPhone Comic Reader App With Easy interface

best Comic Book Apps for iPhone/iPad in 2022

It is one of the simplest and easy use Comic apps available for iOS devices. It is a freemium app that lets you purchase and stores your comics. Having a minimum design, it is very popularly used and attracted by.

It is a very neat and synchronized Comic book app of iPhone/iPad thereby making the user interface very attractive for all the users. You can collect your comics here and get updated with what is happening in your favorite comic series. Isn’t this the best comic Book App you were looking for for your iOS devices?


  • Does not take up a lot of space. Available in just a few KBs
  • The app lets you cast the comic on the TV, so read it from there too. 
  • You can import PDF comics at a minimal fee.
  • The night mode takes care of your reading.


  • It gives you intelligent suggestions based on your reading choices.
  • You can add comics to the favorites column on the app.
  • Good customer support attracts a lot of users.
  • The thumbnail view makes it easier for you to find the title you wish to read.


  • It just supports the CBZ and CBR file formats.

3. iComix

The Best iPhone Comic Reader App for Storing Your Comic Collection

best Comic Book Apps for iPhone/iPad in 2022

Another amazing best Comic Book App for iPhone/iPad in 2022 is iComix. iComix is an iOS exclusive comic app for readers. It is a fast working minimalistic application that lets you add comics from your device onto the app.

It offers uninterrupted reading and comes with cloud storage that syncs well with your outlook, google drive, or dropbox. You can also purchase more comics from the app. It is a very basic app that will take care of your generic comic rescind from your iOS device. If you wanted a comic book app on your iPhone/iPad to store all your comics in 2022, well this is the option you need to go for.


  • The app is free to download.
  • Download comics or import from your device.


  • This app lets you upload more than one book at a time.
  • There are no ads on iComix.
  • Each update of the app comes with new features and bugs solved.


  • It does not categorize your comics, so you might find it hard to read.
  • Some users have complained about privacy on the app.

4. DC Universe

The Best iPhone Comic Reader App for DC Universe Lovers

best Comic Book Apps for iPhone/iPad in 2022

If you love the world of DC, you have found the right comic book app for your iPhone and iPad. For a monthly or an annual subscription, you can read the best of the DC comics.

Previously a video streaming app too, the DC universe app is now restricted to comic reading. A lot of users who used the app for watching behind the scenes, movies, and series have now withdrawn from it. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Justice League, etc. find everything to read on the app.

Another intriguing factor of this iOS comic app is that it can operate like a comic book social media platform. Using this you can connect with other DC Universe Infinite subscribers and share ideas with them in a live chat – like discussing the events in a story. Woww..!! That would be amazing.


  • An in-depth DC comic reader.
  • Read on multiple devices from one subscription.
  • Find DC archive comics on the app too.


  • The home screen of the app gives you information about the latest comics released.
  • One-time payment subscription.
  • More than 25,000 comics to read on the app.


  • The subscription is costlier than similar apps.
  • Even after the app shifted to just comics, the price didn’t reduce.

5. Comixology

The Best iPhone Comic Book App For Amazing Collection Of Comics

best Comic Book Apps for iPhone/iPad in 2022

Comixology is one of the best and most widely used comic apps for iPhone and iPad in 2022. Available for all iOS devices, it has garnered a lot of praise and appreciation for its features and benefits.

It is a freemium app that is bought by Amazon, looking at how well it is doing. It is subscription-based, so for you to take advantage of the huge collection of comics that they hold, you will have to take the US-only subscription. This is an innovative Comic app that deserves a worthy mention among Best Comic Book Apps for iPhone in 2022.


  • The books are available as soon as they are released.
  • All the famous comic series can be found here.
  • The ‘Pull List’ automatically buys the latest comic in the series, when released.
  • There are certain exclusive titles. 
  • Sync your reading progress.
  • Menus help you navigate through the app very easily.


  • The guided view makes it easier to read comics on the app.
  • You can buy gift cards, bundles, and subscriptions to the app. 
  • The premium model of the app has more than 10,000 comics to offer.
  • It is easier to read on this comic app due to its HD view.
  • The print-on-demand service helps you get a printed copy of your favorite comic. 
  • The home page of this comic app has dedicated slots for new releases, best-selling, etc.


  • If you want to buy a book, you will have to do so from the mobile browser. 
  • Local comic libraries cannot be imported.

Wrapping Up

You know comics are never going out of trend. Their integration with technology has helped a lot of people to easily access these amazing mystical stories just with a click. Especially in these tough times, we need something hassle-free to keep us updated and more importantly entertained. And these iOS Comic Book Apps provide the best experience of Comic Reading For Free.

We hope that this article on the best comic book apps for iPhone/iPad in 2022 was helpful to you and helped you find what you had been looking for. Now, what are you waiting for? Go and read all your favorite Comics..!!

Drop your feedback down in the comments so we know what you thought about it. And do share which one is your favorite Comic. Keep Visiting Path of EX

Hasta la vista, Amigos !!


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