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“Move in Silence, only speak when its time to say Checkmate”

Playing Chess is a great way to spend time in an intellectual manner. Chess is considered as the game of gentlemen that increases the patience and intelligence of a person. If you are a chess games fan and have the advantage of owning an iOS device. Then we have got the 5 best chess App games for iPhone/iPad in 2022.

Being so much popular among users, chess app games are almost everywhere on the internet. But not all games fulfill the criteria to be the best. Then what to choose !? According to the gamers and the internet saying, the Best Chess Games for iPhone/iPad in 2022. are the ones that have advanced features, exquisite graphics, and updated models according to the latest trends. Well, now you must be wondering what makes these games the best? What features do these games have? Are these compatible with lower devices? Are these heavy? What is the price? hey..relax we will answer all your doubts here.

Don’t sweat, below is the detailed description of the 2022 chess app features, the reason to love these games, the size, compatibility, price, and the users’ ratings on the app store.

List Of 5 Best Chess Apps For iPhone/ iOS Devices That Are Creating A Buzz

Well, every iOS user gets the advance of playing exotic realistic to casual games. And for the Chess Games, it’s no different. App Store has tons of Chess games apps designed explicitly with the view of serving the best to the iOS users. The Best Chess Apps Games for iPhone/iPad in 2022 along with the other essential details are:-

1. Chess Guess

Chess Guess is one of the Best Chess App games for iOS in 2022, wonder why!? Read along-

This Chess App gives you the chance to play like a world chess champion! If you’re still not sure about being an expert and just want to develop and enhance your chess skills. Then this Best Chess App Games for iPhone is the most suitable for you.

Best Chess App Games for iPhone/iOS in 2022.

This Chess game is specially built to strengthen your chess skills. It’s best suited for children and adults who are at the beginning to an adult level of chess. In each Chess game, there are going to be tasks where you’ll need to find a move or a whole variation of the great maestro!

This is one of the most effective chess teaching exercises/games for iOS users. You not only study the chess heritage of the great champions but also regularly check your knowledge by completing tasks.

Key Features Of ‘Chess Guess’ Chess App 2022

  • Play with 10 world champions.
  • There are more than 3000 tasks for guessing moves in games.
  • Get the detailed statistics of tasks and overall progress.
  • The chess game is available in two languages: Russian, English.
  • Know the heritage of chess.
  • Get to know proper strategies and possible combinations.

App Store Ratings: 4.2 with more than 10,000 downloads!

Size: 187.1 MB

Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Price: It is a free app but has in-app purchases. This can cost $3.99 to $23.99 per item.

2. Chess- Play And Learn

Alternating to Chess Guess, Chess Play and Learn is another Best Chess App for iPhone/ iPad in 2022

Chess Play and Learn is one of the best Chess App games available for iOS devices in 2022. With the extremely minimal yet classy look, playing chess has never been so fun!

Best Chess App Games for iPhone/iOS in 2022.

You can participate in tournaments all over the world and be the conqueror of the chess world! Have a quick run with the clock and see if you can beat it. Plan your moves within a limited time! This Chess game for iPhone/iPad suits perfectly for beginners but also, for pros. And that is why it is one of the Best Chess games for iOS 2022.

Key Features Of ‘Chess- Play and Learn’ Chess Game 2022

  • With chess- Play and Learn, you can enjoy the fun completely free and even play with your friends.
  • Now you can make new friends and chat while you play.
  • Join tournaments and battles with thousands of other players online and be the chess king!
  • Play daily correspondence chess for low-pressure games on your own schedule.
  • Rated mode automatically adjusts to your skill level to help you improve- that’s the power of AI. Right there.
  • Race the clock to beat your high score in Puzzle Rush and see how better you have got!
  • CHESS LESSONS:- Hundreds of quality chess lessons and chess videos made by masters so that you could also be one of them.- step-by-step lesson plan. Yes. Because one step at a time.
  • PLAY CHESS AGAINST THE COMPUTER:- Choose the level of computer opponent you want to play. Who needs friends when you can just play with the AI.

App Store Ratings: 4.7 with more than 10 Million downloads.

Size: 166.8 MB

Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 and watchOS 2.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Price: It is a free app with in-app purchases. This can cost $4.99 to $48.00

3. Lichess

Lichess is one of the best chess organizations running across the world! You don’t have to worry about the whereabouts. It’s simple, easy, and super fun. Its easy interface and super cool features include it under Best Chess App Games for iPhone/iPad in 2022.

Best Chess App Games for iPhone/iOS in 2022.

Set timers, race the clock, and beat the opponent in the best Chess games for iOS 2022. That’s it. Chat with the opponent and say “haha” when you play an awesome move. lol! That would be fun! But just in case things don’t go as planned, you can request a move back…much needed!

Key Features Of ‘Lichess’ Chess App 2022

  • You can play chess in different modes- bullet, blitz, classical, and correspondence chess.
  • If you’re a chess master, don’t wait. Find, follow, challenge and beat players.
  • See your game stats, improvement, and many more things!
  • Play with an offline computer and don’t worry about the internet connection!
  • You can play online with friends using “over the board” mode.
  • It has a standalone chess clock with multiple time settings
  • You will love its astonishing Board editor
  • You can play chess all around the world at any time any place.
  • Well, It’s available in 80 languages!
  • Lichess is designed for both phones and tablets, supporting landscape mode and the Lichess is 100% free. For now, for EVER!

App Store Ratings: 4.5 with more than 5 Million downloads.

Size: 24.3 MB

Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Price: It is a free game and has ads in it.

4. Shredder Chess

Do you know Shredder Chess is one of the highest-ranked paid chess games for iOS 2022?

Shredder chess game is one of the incredible games available on the Apple Store when it comes to chess Apps for iPhone/iOS. With Shredder Chess Game, it’s okay not to be a pro. You get better when you practice giving you the best chess play experience ever.

Best Chess App Games for iPhone/iOS in 2022.

You’ll know when you’re making a wrong move because an expert is watching you and analyzing your actions! just like an imaginary godmother!lol. But with its unique concept, it definitely deserves a mention among Best Chess App Game for iPhone/iPad in 2022.

Key Features Of ‘ Shredder Chess’ Chess App Game 2022

  • Shredder comes with adjustable playing strength.
  • It is extremely easy to operate and play.
  • Shredder chess rates your play. So you know how much you improved.
  • A coach shows you your mistakes. So you never repeat a mistake that you made once.
  • Load and save your games so you never have to start over with a winning match!
  • Improve your games with ever winning moves.
  • The game is not free to play. But at such a small price, you get a lot more worth.

App Store Ratings: 4.3 with more than 50,000 downloads.

Size: 31.7 MB

Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Price: It is a paid app. This can cost $3.99

5. Chess Free

Along with the above-mentioned Chess Games, Chess Free has also successfully created its place in the Best Chess App Games for iPhone/iPad in 2022.

One of the Top 3D Chess App, for iPhone/iOS in 2022, Chess Free is the casuals chess game you’ll find and play on iOS devices.

Best Chess App Games for iPhone/iOS in 2022.

It focuses on the improvement of the game if every player plays it. It’s not just for beginners. Proclaimed chess pros can play it too and adjust their difficulty level to up to their compatibility. The best part being, it’s FREE! just as mentioned in the name- Chess Free.

That is why it is one of the Best Chess App Games for iOS devices.

Key Features Of ‘Chess Free’ Chess App 2022

  • You can play among hundreds of levels and thousands of chess exercises.
  • Get proper tactics training and move strategies!-play online and offline chess. Now, you take control.
  • Don’t let the internet decide whether you’ll play or not!
  • Bind yourself in time and move limit puzzles.
  • You can play in learning mode with the best move hints.
  • Give your eyes a treat with either 2D or 3D chess pieces.
  • Play chess in infinite rematch fights.
  • Live chess statistics and leaderboards for you to top on!
  • Amazing 3D chess world, with cartoon graphics, so you never get tired of playing.
  • Shredder chess knows ads are irritating sometimes. So, NO ADVERTISING.

App Store Ratings: 4.1 with more than 1 million downloads.

Size: 8.7 MB

Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Price: It is a free Chess Game app.

Wrapping UP

So, these are the top-rated Best Chess App games for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad in 2022. All these best Chess games are a piece of treat in the palm of your hands. If you love playing Chess and money is not the bar, then Chess- Play and Learn is the best preference of mine. But, if you want to try a game that is free to play just for fun, then Lichess and Chess Free are the two Free Chess games that you will enjoy playing.

Come on gamers!!!! Now it’s your time to try playing these Best Chess App games for iOS/iPhone 2022 and go with the one that suits you the best. I hope you found this helpful. Keep visiting Path of Ex for such insights.

Do share your thoughts, reach out for any suggestions, and comment below your favorite Chess Game from this list.



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What are the Best Chess Apps for Kids 2022?

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What are the best 3D Chess Apps for iOS to date?

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How to play Chess online free?

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