The Best Champagne for New Year 2020

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The Best Champagne for New Year 2020
Shivangi Gupta
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Dwindling between the thought of New Years wine or Champagne for New Year? Who said to choose one? Why not have all this year. The year 2020 has been all things devastating and chaotic. Despite the fact that we have to sit at our homes the whole year, the festivals make no exception. This Christmas and New Year will be all different with social distancing and quarantining. There will be no all night parties at the Times Square or at your friend’s place. But there is one tradition that you can stick on to, and that is Champagne. 

This New Year make sure that you serve the best champagne to your inner circle and yourself.

We hope that you are all prepared with wines for New Years, food and the most important, New Year’s resolutions. With all things said and made clear, it is important now to make sure that you have the best champagne for New Year as well. 

If you are planning to have a small gathering with your closest friends and family, then we have the best and selected champagne for New Year. The list includes some of the very famous and must-haves Champagne for New Years. 

Best Champagne for New Year

Chandon Limited Edition Holiday Brut 

Price: $24

Champagne for New Year
Source: Domaine

A limited edition champagne that is specially made for holidays is definitely a must-have champagne for New Year. This bottle matches your hyped mood of holidays and festivities. The champagne has apple, pear and some citrus flavours and aromas. You can serve this champagne with Caesar salad, fried calamari, oysters, fresh sashimi, and sushi. 

Barefoot Bubbly Extra Dry  

Price: $7.99

Champagne for New Year
Source: Serious Eats

Pick this champagne for delightful apple flavors and a dry finish. The best champagne on a budget. The “Extra Dry” in the name of the champagne refers to the extra sweetness. This champagne is best for weddings and festivals like New Years. You can pair this champagne with smoked salmon, fresh fruit, stuffed mushrooms, and light desserts. 

Zonin Prosecco

Price: $14.99

Champagne for New Year
Source: Vinisoave

This champagne has 11% alcohol content. This a very smooth champagne with a stable taste and nice texture. This champagne makes a very good choice for a very modest price. You can serve this champagne with shellfish, vegetarian food, appetizers and snacks, aperitif, and cured meat.

Sofia Mini de Blancs Cans

Price: $20

Champagne for New Year
Source: Target

A blend of many fruits like pear, honeysuckle, and exotic passion fruit aromas with flavors of apple, melon, and juicy tangerine. This Sofia Mini pack is meant to be at each and every party, so how can we leave behind at your New Years party? You can pair this champagne with Asian food, charcuterie cheese, clams, mussels, shrimp, fish, and appetizers.

Tommasi Prosecco

Price: $18

Champagne for New Year
Source: Gus Clemens

This Champagne is bright straw yellow in color. It tastes pleasantly intense, dry, and it is easy to drink with a light almond aftertaste. The Tommasi Prosecco champagne also has an elegant aroma of floral with a hint of acacia and wisteria flowers. You can pair up this champagne with an aperitif, some light dishes, and strawberries. 

Ruffino Prosecco

Price: $14.99

Champagne for New Year
Source: heinemann

This champagne has 11% of alcohol content in it. This is the tenth most popular Prosecco. The price of the drink has been the same for over a year. It has the taste of apple, pear, white peach, and apricot. You can pair this champagne with a variety of food like baked fish, gourmet pizza, or marinated shellfish dishes.

Mumm Napa Brut Prestige

Price: $22

Champagne for New Year
Source: Spec’s

This drink has won many medals and awards. It carries around 12.5% of alcohol content. This versatile drink can transform the dullest moments into forever lasting memories. The champagne has bright citrus, red apple, stone fruit and creamy vanilla aromas. You can pair this drink with light seafood, poultry and vegetarian dishes. 

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut

Price: $55.99

Champagne for New Year
Source: 12boutellies

One of the premium quality champagne is the Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut. It has the beautiful aromas of yellow and white fruits, vanilla, and toasty (brioche). You can pair this champagne with a variety of food like Aperitif, Seafood, Fish Tartar, Blinis, Salmon, Crackers, Pasta, and Parmesan. 

These were some of the few champagnes that you must have this new year. Your 2021 should go on your terms and ways. Enjoy the festivals with the best champagne for New Year. 

Feature Image Credits: The Independent


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