15 Best Audiobook Apps Every Reader Must Have

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Audiobooks are such a trend in today’s world. they play a very important role in the upliftment of literature. We understand that some people are old school and want to read books every time the crave reading. But we have to agree on the point that audiobook is easily accessible more mobile.

There are certainly many options that you can pick from and choose the best audiobook apps for yourself. Starting from the most popular application Audible by Amazon to a public platform application LibriVox.

If you are just like us who wants to read but can not carry a book every time, then this article is for you. We have curated and list of the best audiobook apps that you can download on your phones, your laptops, your tablets.

Choose the right from the audiobook apps list that matches your requirements and listen to your favourite book come to life every time you step out of  your home.

Audiobook Apps
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We have gathered some audiobook apps that will help you access audio books for free. Just listening to your favourite book and that too free of cost. 

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15 Best Audiobook Apps

  1. Google Play Books
  2. Audible 
  3. LibriVox
  4. Libby
  5. Audiobooks.com
  6. Oodles
  7. Kobo
  8. Kindle for Android
  9. Media Monkey
  10. Scribd
  11. Smart Audiobook Player
  12. Over Drive
  13. Bookmobile
  14. Nook Audiobook
  15. Chirp

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Top 4 Audiobook Apps

Google Play Books

Audiobooks apps
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There is no doubt that we don’t know about the Google Play store. Just to let you know,  Google Store also offers a lot many audiobooks.  Back in January 2018 Google brought audiobooks to the play store. On the very same day Google came up with Play books application in the Android store. 

Just as the name suggest Google Play books, this application helps you access  to a number of audiobooks. When you start playing an audiobook in this application it will be automatically downloaded to your device. This will help you to listen the audiobook online and offline.

The best part of this application is that you get audiobooks for free. Although the application does offer in app purchases. Talking about the benefit of the application it is very evident that this application will help you access to all kind of books in digital form in one place.

Now that this is a Google application one thing is understood that you can sync this application to all the connected devices.


15 Best Audiobook Apps Every Reader Must Have
Source: Microsoft

We believe that if you have ever tried audiobooks or even thought about using them, Audible has to be the first application that came to your mind. One of the largest and the most popular application in the world is Audible. Being so popular and advanced in its delivery,  the application is chargeable.

You can buy audiobooks from audible by two different methods, one you can either buy the books traditionally. This means if you want to buy one single book you can make purchase it according to the price. The second way to purchase books from audible is to subscribe to their application.

You can get books via subscription which cost $14.95 per month. With the given subscription, Audible offers 30% off on the list price of any audiobook.

Apart from the subscription if you are a member of Amazon prime you get multiple benefits.  You get access to different kinds of original programs, lectures, audio editions as well as their audible channels.

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After the subscription this application does not have any advertisement. You can sync your audio books to all kinds of devices and even download them. The quality of the audiobooks in the audible is superior without any interruptions. You can easily move forward, backward, skip chapter according to your requirements. 

The biggest benefit of subscribing to Audible is that you can access to the world’s largest selection of audiobooks.


Audiobook Apps
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LibriVox audio books is a dream to  reader. This application is free for Android. The best thing about this application is that it is a volunteer service. This application offers audiobook versions of classic books that entered the public domain in the US. At the time of writing this article the application offers over 24,000 Classics free audiobooks.

Now everyone can access to this application but if you live in the US you have some other benefits. A person living in the US can access to over 75,000 audiobooks which will include new releases and bestsellers. Some of the audio books in the application have such soothing voices that you can actually feel the book coming to life. This application is free of cost.


15 Best Audiobook Apps Every Reader Must Have
Source: Good E-Reader

This application works exactly the same way as Google Play books. This application just not  offers you audio books but you can also buy eBooks. In the world of eBooks there are two applications that are considered at the highest level. One of them is Kobo. 

You can either buy an audiobook from this application on even sign up for $10 per month.  The subscription services of this application is similar to Audible. Best part of this application is that you get both ebooks and audiobooks.

These are some of the best audiobook apps that we love and prefer above all others.  Make sure to pick up the best application that matches your requirements. Once you’re done picking up the best audiobook app for you, make sure that you listen to the best audiobooks of the year. Let us know if we have left any other application. We wish that you have a great time listening to your favourite book and happy reading!

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