5 Best Action-Comedy Movies That You Can Watch On HBO in 2021

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5 Best Action-Comedy Movies That You Can Watch On HBO in 2021
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Feeling bored, right? Well, I have a better solution for you and that is you can watch some action-comedy movies online. Even though you can watch them on your home channel named- HBO. But it’s your personal choice where you want to stream offline or online. 

I want to share the news with you guys that HBO has access to the most streaming movies on the internet. Those looking for the best action-comedy movies that you are searching for can now find them on HBO or HBO Max. 

Some of the top action-comedy movies on HBO that you can watch with your friends and family are- Life is beautiful, Hot Fuzz, Clerks, Shaun of the Dead, Cobra Kai, Love and Monsters, Willy’s Wonderland, etc. The highly- reviewed and one of my favorite movies is Life is beautiful as the story tells some unique facts and nobody will ever get bored while watching it again and again.

If you guys are still looking for the best action-comedy movies on HBO or HBO Max, then the upcoming information is very helpful for you. As I specially listed down the most favorite and high-rated movies that have good reviews as well.

Best Action-Comedy Movies on HBO

Now anyone can easily manage to differentiate which movie is best to watch whether you choose romantic plus thriller or you choose action plus comedy. The choice is all yours and nobody will ever interfere in that thing. Based on this phenomenon, some of the best action-comedy movies are listed down that you can watch on HBO.

Shaun of the Dead

The main character of this movie was not happy with his life as every single day was difficult for him to survive. Before doing anything new in his life, he recalls his ex-girlfriend and wanted to spend some time with her. But, unfortunately, on the same night, a huge group of zombies attacks their city. 

Shaun of the Dead- The 5 Best Action-Comedy Movies That You Can Watch On HBO
Source: read.ilovehalloween.net

Through this incident, he got a fair chance to impress his ex-girlfriend. He shows some great ideas and plans that can help him to rescue his ex and other citizens too. The last thing that he wants is to survive and get back his ex.

Directed byEdgar Wright
GenresComedy, Action, and Horror
StarsSimon Pegg
Penelope Wilton
Kate Ashfield
Nick Frost
Lucy Davis
Bill Nighy
Dylan Moran
IMDb Ratings7.9/10
Date of Releasing2014, 24th of September

Hot Fuzz

The most famous London cop PC Nicholas Angel got a promotion to Sergeant. But, one of his colleagues wanted him to resign from the given post on which he can put somebody else.

Hot Fuzz- The 5 Best Action-Comedy Movies That You Can Watch On HBO
Source: Circle of Cinema

Once a great author tells us that- “It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.” 

This is what this movie tells us from the beginning till the end. One of Nicholas’s close friends wants him to resign from his present position so that he can get the same. But before he forces him, Nicholas is paired with Danny Butterman, who continuously asks him about a simple lifestyle. 

They both enjoy a lot and do some silly actions together to cheer up each other. Everything is going on track until they find 2 dead bodies of famous actors. Everyone is saying that it was an accident, but Nicholas didn’t accept it. 

He asks Danny to help him out in this case and some mysteries for the same incident start coming out. What comes next, is the big climax of this action-comedy movie. Want to know more about this movie, then go check it out on HBO or any other platform.

Directed byEdgar Wright
GenresComedy, Action, Thriller, and Mystery
StarsNick Frost
Jim Broadbent
Simon Pegg
IMDb Ratings7.8/10
Date of Releasing2017, 20th of April

Life is Beautiful

Who loves fairy tales? Who wants a perfect life partner? Who wants to spend more time with their loved ones? Well, I think most of you want these things in your life. But what if due to some personal reasons, they had to leave you for the sake of your relationship. This story is all about love, relationship, marriage, sacrifice, and happiness. 

Life is Beautiful- The 5 Best Action-Comedy Movies That You Can Watch On HBO
Source: Gorton Community Center

The story revolves around the life of a simple bookkeeper named- Guido, who loves his family, wife, and son unconditionally. They all live a beautiful life together until one day his son traps in an unwanted place called Jewish Concentration Camp. This champ is under the observation of Italy by German forces and forces him to take part in a game which he thinks is a Holocaust.

The winning prize is a huge tank, but still, he is in doubt as to how they decided to bring him into this dangerous game. Well, what happened next, no one knows as it sounds more interesting and heroic.

Directed byRoberto Benigni
GenresRomance, Action, Drama, and Comedy
StarsNicoletta Braschi
Roberto Benigni
IMDb Ratings8.6/10
Date of Releasing2000, 18th of September

Willy’s Wonderland

One day, an unknown drifter finds himself all alone in a remote area where his car breaks down due to some engine issue. He doesn’t have money to pay, so he decides to spend the night in Willy’s Wonderland.

Willy's Wonderland- The 5 Best Action-Comedy Movies That You Can Watch On HBO
Source: Collider

This wonderland is a fun-themed park owned by an abandoned family. But, this family is full of dark secrets and magic. Soon, that drifter comes to know some unexpected things inside the park and wants to get out from there. 

For his survival, he must fight some dangerous battles and dodge every obstacle that comes in front of his way back home. Many more interesting and mysterious factors are inside this movie with lots of action and comedy.

Directed byKevin Lewis
GenresComedy, Action, and Horror
StarsNicolas Cage
Emily Tosta
Beth Grant
Ric Reitz
IMDb Ratings5.5/10
Date of Releasing2021, 12th of February

Love and Monsters

From the movie’s name, it is clear that it is full of action, drama, adventure, and love. After the 7 years of the Monster Apocalypse, Joel Dawson has been trying to save the rest of humanity for the upcoming time. For his survival, he needs to fight against the ruthless monsters and evils.

Love and Monsters- The 5 Best Action-Comedy Movies That You Can Watch On HBO
Source: Amazon.com

He wants to reconnect with his high school girlfriend Aimee through a radio connection. At last, he decides to risk his life for his girlfriend who is 80 miles away from him. As there is nothing left for him except her. 

Full of fun elements and an action-packed movie is here for you guys, go check it out and let me know if you liked it or not.

Directed byMichael Matthews
GenresComedy, Action, and Adventure
StarsDylan O’Brien
Jessica Henwick
Michael Rooker
Dan Ewing
IMDb Ratings7/10
Date of Releasing2020, 16th of October

Final Verdict

In the end, I just want to add one point that these action-comedy movies are listed as per your views, IMDb ratings, and good quality storyline. Most of you can easily relate to the above-mentioned movies as they all are so much highlighted from the time when they were first introduced in the industry.

Now, I am hoping that you like my kind of explanation and give good reviews in the comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best action movies on HBO?

The best action movies on HBO are:-
1. Justice League
2. Midway
3. Aqua Man, etc.

What are the best comedy movies on HBO?

The best comedy movies on HBO are:-
1. Emma
2. Dolittle
3. Walk of Shame, etc.

Why is HBO expensive?

As HBO has unique content which is not available on Netflix or any other channel. The monthly price is $14.99, which is quite too expensive for a user.

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