Best 90’s Cartoon Shows You Can Watch On Netflix

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Pallvi Khajuria
Pallvi Khajuria
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Growing up, we, the 90s kids don’t know about social media at all. But yes we do know something about 90s cartoon shows. I think you guys know why we are talking about kids’ shows. I grew up watching animated shows which bring on pure loneliness even now the moment we think of them. It was the time of pagers, the Tamagotchi, and Zune. There was a time where we don’t need Google services or anything else. This phase involves my favorite TV shows. So now I will tell you some of the best entertaining shows till now.

Okay! So leaving every work behind, I am eagerly waiting for those fixed hours when my shows go on air. No matter what type of quality is given, the ’90s were damn good and delivered us so much goodness – especially the cartoon shows. The ’90s had an awesome variety of kids’ shows and movies that involve some cool animation and designs. You guys can check out some of my favorites that are streaming right now on Netflix.

Well, your wait is over!!! Here, I provide you some of the best 90’s Kids’ Shows on Netflix. Shows like- The Magic School Bus, Case Closed, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and many others. All these mentioned names are very famous and have that type of capability to give you a piece of accurate knowledge about the concept behind each show.

Now, I am going to share some relatable stuff with you as per your queries and demand. For that read further information.

Best 90’s Cartoon Shows on Netflix

Well, I must say these shows are never replaced by any other form of movies or films. As the craze of such entertaining shows is very high since the early ’90s.

The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus; Best 90's Cartoon Shows You Can Watch On Netflix

This famous series is all about an introductory teacher who takes his students on magical and educational school trips. This show does not only became a famous TV kids’ show but also many games are introduced on its concept. 

Netflix also rebooted this old nick cartoon show recently. 

However, this show ran from 1994-1997. It helps to understand educational lessons in a very easy way.

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The Rugarts Movie

The Rugarts Movie; Best 90's Cartoon Shows You Can Watch On Netflix

The Rugrats cartoon show was first premiered in 1991 on the Nickelodeon channel which ran for 8 seasons. The success of the show was due to the adorable babies who are going on an adventure. But the fact was very unique that there were a lot of adult jokes and reviews. Because of this good reason, I will rewatch these adorable children again and again.

Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie

Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie; Best 90's Cartoon Shows You Can Watch On Netflix

This Jungle 90s kids show was aired from 1996 to 2004 on the Nickelodeon channel. And the main character of this show is none other than Arnold, a 4th grader child who lived with his grandparents in a very big city. The other characters like Jazzy and street-smart never pulled any punches so far.

But now and then, it would give me all the feels, especially when it comes to Arnold’s parents, which is why this show is the best to watch and one of my favorites!

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog; Best 90's Cartoon Shows You Can Watch On Netflix

We all know about video games and it’s relatable rules. So based on a successful video game, a new cartoon show of the same name is introduced for every single child. This show involves some kind of silly story but perfect for fans. The first premiere was aired in 1993 which ran for only one season with 65 episodes only. Some years later, I finally going to see a live-action classic video game of all the time full of advanced features and characters.

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Case Closed

Case Closed; Best 90's Cartoon Shows You Can Watch On NetflixCase Closed

This nick cartoon show has some type of specialty through which the public is so madly in love with this series. It is also known as Detective Conan, very classic for anime fans. It involves 900 episodes, and it is one of the 16th-longest anime show ever created. The story tells us all about a detective who was mysteriously turned into a high-schooler during a case. By creating some personal relationship with someone else, he goes on many adventures and solves a million mysteries along his way.

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Pokemon: Indigo League

Pokemon: Indigo League; Best 90's Cartoon Shows You Can Watch On Netflix

This famous 90s kids show was a video game before. But its scale is made for those kids who want to improve their creative skills with the help of these cartoon shows. And very soon this show becomes more famous than the game for so many kids. There were only 151 Pokemons they all can catch. The first season was premiered in 1998 which ran for over 80 episodes only. And made a clear way for over 10+ movies and uncountable TV specials.


Yu-Gi-Oh!; Best 90's Cartoon Shows You Can Watch On Netflix

Whenever you remember some games like-card games, quiz games, and many more you get excited. Yu-Gi-Oh! is one from them. This animated old nick show tells us the whole story of a boy. He is taken away by the spirit of a pharaoh who is obsessed with games. After which he always there to accept any challenge from anyone, anywhere. The manga is also inspired by a trading card game. It was first aired in 1998 specially for kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yugioh a ripoff of Pokemon?

No, Yu-Gi-Oh! is a different type of card game and Pokemon is come along with it.

Is Season 2 of Pokemon on Netflix?

Yes, all the relatable seasons of Pokemon Journals are available on Netflix.

How can you watch case closed?

There are 105 episodes are available on Netflix for free. In which 45 episodes can be stream online as per your demand.

Final Answer

Well, all these cartoon shows are very famous in their way. They make my childhood very awesome and stress-free. I always want them to see whether I feel sad or happy, they always change my mood no matter how much time do I have to see them. 

I hope this article will provide you all the relatable information that you want from the start.


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