Watch The Last Bad Bunny and Aventura Collab | Discontinuation Of The Band

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Hold your breath and get ready for the biggest collaboration of the year, Bad Bunny with Aventura. The two of the most popular Spanish artists in music are going to make everyone groove. Read everything about the “Bad Bunny and Aventura Collab”. Also, you’ll be getting hints for the song so know prior that you are going to be amazed. 

Bad Bunny collaborated with Cardi B for “I Like It” and it charted on #1 on US Billboard Hot 100. His other collaboration with Drake on “Mia” got him the third position on the same chart. An artist with such versatility can only bring the most out of his collab with the best Dominican bachata group out there i.e. Aventura. The “Kings of Bachata” have won American Music Awards and 22 Billboard Latin Music Awards. The internationally recognized group has also brought some other news to the fans. Curious to know about it? 

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Bad Bunny announced the collaboration with Aventura through his Instagram post on August 2. The post had simply the names of both the parties along with some old pictures of Bad Bunny with the members of Aventura. The caption of this post said that the song will be out by midnight. But there’s something else Bachata fans should worry about. 

The collaboration was planned for 2019, but what took it so long? What’s the other news about Aventura? Let’s disclose all that we know about ‘Bad Bunny and Aventura Collab’. 

Volvi by Bad Bunny and Aventura in 2021

On August 2, Bad Bunny surprised everyone when he posted the collab picture on Instagram. The post even had still pictures from their song “Volvi”. He hadn’t updated anything about the name of the song. 

The Aventura lead Romeo Santos has also posted about the collaboration in his Instagram post. He also shared something that came out almost as a shock to the fans. In the caption, Santos wrote, “To close this cycle of Aventura in a memorable way.

This means that after the long-drawn break of Aventura, they have come up with this collab to declare the final end for the group. The ultimate, international Bachata group which has ruled the Latin music industry for more than a decade is now welcoming its end but with the last celebration. 

Was Bad Bunny and Aventura Collab Preplanned? 

Like all of us are getting swooned by this song, in the same way, it was a big deal for Big Bunny. He has been a fan of Aventura just like the rest of us. So this Bad Bunny and Aventura Collab are more like a dream-come-true for the Puerto Rican star. 

The Last Bad Bunny and Aventura Collab
Source: Latest News Post

In 2019, Bad Bunny met the Dominican musicians at a performance and was absolutely starstruck. He even took a selfie with the group which he posted. He joked with his followers that whoever guesses who’s in the picture will get free tickets to the concert. 

That was one of the first meetings of Bad Bunny and Aventura, and since that day their collab was predestined. Bad Bunny, is a versatile musician who has already played with bachata songs, R&B, and even reggaeton. So he has everything to offer to the Latin group.

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Because of the covid, the “Inmortal Tour” of Aventura got delayed and now when it was time to officially declare the discontinuation of the band, they did it better than anyone.

Aventura’s collaboration with Bad Bunny only hypes their vibe more. What a cool end!  

Volvi: The Last Bad Bunny and Aventura Collab 

I am already hooked to the tune of Volvi. The last Bad Bunny and Aventura Collab are surely going to be a massive hit. There are guesses that the song would be the next ‘Despacito’. Let us know if you feel the same. 

Wrapping Up

That was all about the last Bad Bunny and Aventura Collab which brought us the latest big hit, Volvi. Tell us in the comment section if you love the song. What are your views about the discontinuation of Aventura?

I think people are going to miss them for quite a while until they make a comeback. What do you think?

Share this article with your friends and let them know of the last Bad Bunny and Aventura collab.

Have a great day! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bad Bunny’s net worth?

It is estimated that Bad Bunny’s net worth is nearly $16 million.

What is Bad Bunny’s biggest hit?

1. No Me Conoce (Remix)
2. La Canción
3. I Like It
4. Amorf-da
5. Solo De Mi
6. Que Pretendes

What language does Bad Bunny speak?

Bad bunny speaks Spanish and English fluently.

Who has Bad Bunny Collabed with?

1. Ricky Martin
2. Jennifer Lopez
3. Maluma
4. Daddy Yankee
5. Enrique Iglesias
6. Becky G
7. Aventura

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