Why Are Lip Tattoos Dangerous For You? 4 Reasons To Drop The Lip Tattooing Idea

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Lip Tattoos have become an integral part of the millennial culture. They look super cool and are in trend as well! But their injurious side effects overpower their positive and fun side of being trendy. Want to know how? Here is a post that will guide you out. This post will explain all about lip Tattoos to you so that you can decide on your own, are lip tattoos dangerous for you or not?

Well, who not love to be trendy? Be it social media or real life, being up with the trend is everyone’s demand. That’s why most people are driving crazing for a lip tattoo to be in the movement. But sometimes, these trends can lead to disaster.

Yes, Lip tattoos can make you a proud owner of a new and trendy tattoo for a couple of hours, but for this temporary happiness, you cannot risk your life. Right? So, are lip tattoos dangerous for you or not? Yes, it is! Because Lip Tattoos lead to harmful effects and can take your precious life as well. You will be stunned to know that these tattoos do not only affect your skin but can be adverse for your mental health as well.

Now it’s time to pause, take a deep breath, and continue reading further about the side effects of lip tattooing to get clear why lip tattoos are dangerous for you. But before jumping straight to the side effects of tattooing on lips, Ask yourself, do you know all about Lip tattooing? If not, Let’s see about it below.

Things You Need To Know Before Considering A Lip Tattoo

Are Lip Tattoos Dangerous For You? 4 Reasons To Drop The Lip Tattoo Idea
Source: Inked Mag

Like routine tattooing procedures, lip tattooing is another professional procedure that involves the insertion of the color pigment into the lips. 

But, you must know that lips are the most delicate skin part of the body. Right? It is harrowing to go through needles near the lips, and that is why this procedure requires specialized tiny tattooing needles for precision.

For this procedure, all you need to decide is where you should get a tattoo, the Inner part or the surface?

Inner lip tattoos are usually small pictures or short words inked into the flesh on the inside of the mouth. They are not seen to the other person, but you can only see the tattoos if they open their mouths and pull the lower lip down.

Well, with the modern approach of science in the present world, you don’t need to go through the same old conventionally tattoos.

No, not all! 

After all, those tattoos are not in the trend anymore. 

Instead, you can go for permanent makeup that you must have seen on social media. Tattoos of permanent makeup involve aesthetic procedures. In an expert’s language, it is called Cosmetic tattooing. 

There is no doubt that these procedures will enhance your beauty, but at the same time, they can give you horrible pain and might result in a significant cut to your pockets. 

So, you must know about the cost as well. 

Are Lip Tattoos Dangerous For You? 4 side effects To Drop The Lip Tattoo Idea
Source: spmubynalya.com

How much does a Lip Tattoo Cost? 

All set to bear the pain?

Then it’s time to talk about the cost.

The cost may vary based on different criteria. 

For Instance, What is the size of the tattoo? Which inks are to be used? Or What are the intricacies of the art?

Whether you have decided to have a tattoo on the outer surface on the inner one, a lip tattoo costs about $50 or more on average. But, for permanent makeup, the ink can cost between $400 and $800. 

Wait! It’s not over yet!

As skin keeps on changing with time, your tattoo will need frequent Touch-ups. This means more money every time!

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Are Lip Tattoos Dangerous?

No matter how much popularity the lip tattoos have, You cannot skip their side effects. After all, what is the purpose of that beauty if it will hinder your health in the future? 

Before deciding, consider its side effects as well as it will help you in understanding Are Lip Tattoos Dangerous For You. These are:

Patchy Allergic Reactions

side effects of lip tattoos: Are Lip Tattoos Dangerous For You?
Source: Wikipedia

If you have a history of any skin allergy or reaction, this might be a signal for you that your desired lip tattoo can end up into an allergy as severe as Anaphylaxis. This might happen in hours or can take months.

Do not mislead this!

Swelling around the lip area can be expected, but if you feel swelling near your cheeks and neck, then you have to rush to the doctor.


Why Are Lip Tattoos Dangerous For You? 4 Reasons To Drop The Lip Tattoo Idea
Source: YouTube


Isn’t it normal after a tattoo?

How Lip Tattoos Are Dangerous if it leads to swelling?

Confused? Right?

Well, do you know that tattoo making requires micro-injections to inject harmful inks into your skin?

Yes, it can be pretty standard for your skin to swell up because of such stinging injections, and the good news is that it gets back to normal within few days. However, if it does not gets to its normal type, this can be normalized if you use the cold packs on the swollen areas.

Infections & Scarring

side effects of lip tattoos: Are Lip Tattoos Dangerous For You?
Source: Tattoostime.com

Infection is the most common side effect after a tattoo. It happens because of the open injection ores, which let the infectious elements get into the skin. Moreover, for an inner tattoo, saliva, food, and drinks can transmit the infection because of moister.

Another reason can be the use of non-sterilized equipment. So make sure to use a fresh or sterilized needle only. Else you know what can happen!

Also, if you do not let the tattoo heal properly, it might lead to a scar.

However, you can avoid this with proper aftercare as guided, like rinsing the mouth properly.

Critical Blood-Borne Illnesses

Are Lip Tattoos Dangerous For You?
Source: Freepik

Blood diseases are critical and can lead to death as well. What can be more dangerous than this?

The bad news is that lip tattoos can lead to such a harmful blood illness which can take up the severity of death.

Need not freak!

This can happen only if you are not using sterilized needles, and then you need to be cautious.


All because using non-sterilized needles while tattooing can lead to the transmission of dreadful blood-borne diseases as harmful as HIV, hepatitis C, and hepatitis B.

Yes, that’s true!

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Precautions And After Care

Precautions And After Care of  lip tattoo
Source: Removery

If you have decided to eliminate the odds after reading how lip tattoos are dangerous, you should take some precautions before and after a lip tattoo.

Finding An Expert: As tattooing lips is a risky job, it is advised that you should get a tattoo by an expert in the field to eliminate the danger. So, do a little research, get in touch with your friends or family, and find the best tattoo artist in your area. It might help you a lot.

Know Yourself In A Better Way: There are many things that you must consider before going for a tattoo. For Instance, you should get a consultation regarding the anti-viral/ anti-biotic medication if you had complaints of cold sores before.

Also, doctors recommend using the antibacterial mouth rinse regularly to maintain hygiene after getting the tattoo.

Allow Up To 2 Weeks For Healing: Keep it gentle. As everything takes time to heal, your newly tattooed skin also demands a couple of weeks from you to get it to heal completely.

So, let the skin adapt to the changes. Forget scrubs or harmful chemicals during the session as this will increase the chances of damage. Well, this can cause damage to your new design and cause scars. 

Do you want that?

No! Never! So, let the skin takes its time.

Also, it is your responsibility to keep the tattoo clean. Use plain soap and water and a gentle touch. Actually, very very soft!

Go For Touch-Ups: Because of the liquid in the mouth, the lip tattoos fade quicker than the other parts of the body. That is why regular touch-up sessions are required. Also, You can ask your tattoo artist for specific design or color recommendations that could help your ink last a bit longer.

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Final Verdict:

So now, as you are familiar with the side effects of tattooing, it is clear that Yes! Being cool and going with the trend has become the new normal. But, you cannot risk your life just to flaunt it in front of people around you.

Lip tattoos are dangerous and their ill effects are way more dangerous for you than you have ever thought.

Also, as now you are familiar with its wrong side, be an awesome friend and share this post with your friends as well, so that they also know how much dangerous a lip tattoo can be for them!

So, play safe!


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