Apple Fitness Plus Launch December 14: Things to Know!

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Apple is launching a fitness program, the Apple Fitness Plus. Yes, you heard it right! This long-rumored workout and fitness program is now ready to come into the market and make you fit. The Apple Fitness Plus is a fitness program that you can avail in your Apple TV, iPad, or iPhone.

We lowkey dig the marketing strategies of Apple. This Fitness Plus will only work with an Apple watch. So if you want a subscription of the Apple Fitness Plus, then make sure you have an Apple Watch. If you already have an Apple Watch, then there are many things that you must know before buying the subscription of the Apple Fitness Plus.  

Apple Fitness Plus
Source: AppleInsider

Apple announced the Fitness Plus at the Apple 2020 event during the launch of Apple WatchOS 7, Apple Watch 6, and Apple Watch SE. 

All these smartwatches come with fitness and health tracking features.

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Jay Blahnik, the senior director of Apple’s Fitness Technology said, “Being more active is one of the most important things we can do for our health, but we know choosing to work out can often be a challenge whether you are very active or just getting started. We are excited for Apple Fitness+ to bring together the metrics from Apple Watch, great music, and a diverse and inspiring trainer team – in a uniquely simple, easy-to-access way across Apple devices – to encourage our users to get fit and stay healthy.”

Apple Fitness Plus: Launch Date

Apple Fitness Plus: Launch Date

The company has announced the release of the Apple Fitness Plus. The new fitness subscription will be released on December 14, 2020. Initially , these services will be available in just a few countries, that includes, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, the US, Australia, and Ireland. 

This is such an amazing time to launch a fitness subscription. Around New Years’, everybody is in the phase of trying to get fit. Apple has very strategically used this for its favor. There is no reason for any Apple device to fail in the market. Apple users are very consistent and up to date when it comes to newly launched devices. 

The New Apple Fitness Plus will tempt you to get rid of your gym subscription. All you need is an iPhone in your pocket and an Apple Watch on your wrist and viola workout anywhere, any time. 

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Apple Fitness Plus Subscription Price

Apple Fitness Plus Subscription Price

The subscription prices vary for monthly subscriptions and yearly subscriptions.

Monthly Subscriptions: $9.99/ £9.99/ AU$14.99 per month

Yearly Subscriptions:    $79.99/ £79.99/ AU$119.99 annually

Along with these two basic subscription plans, Apple also offers you a Premium tier on Apple One. This is a new subscription by Apple.

In the premium tier, you will get the subscriptions for Apple Fitness Plus, Apple Arcade, News Plus, Apple Music , and Apple TV Plus. along with this you will also get a huge storage of iClouds .

Premium tier: $29.95/ £29.95/ AU$39.95 per month. 

Other than the subscriptions, Apple is also offering some great offers. If you buy  Apple Watch, Series 3 or above, you will get a three month free subscription of the Apple Fitness Plus.

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Integration with Apple Watch

Apple Fitness Plus Subscription Price

The Apple Fitness Plus is Integrated with the Apple Watch. This is a very amazing feature for people who want their real time metrics all time. The fitness plus will automatically show all your prominent developments and fall backs on your Apple Watch. While using the Fitness Plus, the Apple Watch will show the following things:

  • Animation of you on the screen while doing some moments in the workout.
  • Your Heart Rate throughout the workout, and if your heart rate increases the trainer as well as the Apple Watch will let you know.
  • A countdown timer for your workout and intervals. This will work according to the workout program you are following.
  • A celebration when you are done with your workout (because they know you have worked very hard)

Burn Bar

Burn Bar

Although, the Apple Fitness Plus offers you many workout programs that require no equipment or machine. But if you enjoy working out with equipements, Apple has some amazing programs for you as well. The Burn Bar gives you the status of how ahead you are from the average users of the Fitness Plus. 

The application has options of different types of workouts for people who have been doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Treadmill,Cycling and other workouts. 

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Special Features of Apple Fitness Plus

Special Features of Apple Fitness Plus

Variety of Content for Everyone

The Apple Fitness Plus offers a huge number of workout routines. The trainers are very passionate, enthusiastic, and charismatic. They will always be working on great content for everyone. The training session is so fun as the trainers appear in others’ workouts and have an amazing session together. All the workouts have special demonstrations and modifications according to the ability level of the users. 

Motivational Music

Workout and music are the best soulmates and Apple has made sure that music hasn’t left behind. Apple Fitness Plus offers nine different kinds of music styles for your workouts. These nine styles offered by Apple are:

  • Latest Hits
  • Chill Vibes
  • Upbeat Anthems
  • Pure Dance
  • Throwback Hits
  • Everything Rock
  • Latin Grooves
  • Hip Hop/ R&R
  • Top Country


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