19 Incredible American Wedding Traditions That You Must Follow At Your Wedding

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A wedding is the most important day for a couple. It marks the beginning of a new life followed by the richness of tradition and culture that adds to the well-being of the couple. If it is about the richness of culture, then America tops the chart. Want to know why? If yes, then here is the post that lets you know about the great American Wedding Traditions and what they mean. 

A typical American Wedding is all about traditions, which is why it has been around there for ages. Some of them might seem silly, or you may find it merely as a source of entertainment. But Still, these customs and rituals are pretty popular and are followed in the US by the newlywed couple happily.

From a bride wearing a veil to following Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, And Something Blue, there are many American Wedding traditions. But, do you know that not all of them have the same meaning that they had years before? This might have resulted either because of the change in the style or because of a change in perspective.

But what are they? If you want to know about them or intend to keep your big day classic with the famous American Wedding traditions, below is the answer to all your worries. Dive deep to know about them excitingly.

Incredible American Wedding Traditions


It’s a wedding!

So Exciting!

Weddings are the most important day for the bride, groom, and their families. Since childhood, every girl dreams of a luxurious wedding with a groom approaching her on a horse, just like the fairy tales.

Wow! So dramatic!


Well, we don’t know if this is possible or not, but we know one thing for sure, and it is that you will have a memorable wedding, just the way your elders had. All you need to do is to follow the Incredible American Wedding Traditions, and these are:

1. Printing The Invites

invites: Incredible American Wedding Traditions to follow
Source: Pinterest

Yes! You read it right! The invites!

For many of us, invites are just a formal way of inviting people to be a part of the wedding, but it is not the same about American wedding traditions.

Well, do you know where this practice came from?

To know, you need to go through an imaginary ride to the 1500s, where skilled monks learning the art of calligraphy were called up to write a beautiful-looking piece of the invite. The invite was then closed with a wax seal and was sent in double envelopes.

Wondering why double envelopes?

Don’t worry. It’s not for a traditional meaning! The double envelopes were to ensure the safety of tears during the courier’s journey.

Later with the evolution of the printing press, things got little changed, and the artist was made to engrave beautiful words on the metal plates and then it was inked or stamped on paper. This tradition remains the same for ages and continues today as well.

So, what if you cannot send that to someone who is far away?

There is an alternative!

You can send a mail of the printed wedding invitation. Yeah! That might count!

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2. The Honour Of Your Presence

The Honour Of Your Presence: Incredible American Wedding Traditions to follow
Source: Pinterest

Now, as you know how to send the invite as per the American Wedding Traditions, it’s time you should know what to write on that invite.

Obviously! You will write the name of the couple, but along with the two characters, it is necessary to write the phrase “THE HONOUR OF YOUR PRESENCE” with Honour spelled in the British accent.

Asking why?

If you notice the spelling of Honour here, it has a “U” in the British Style. And that’s the secret behind this custom.

It is believed that this “U” depicts a place of worship like a Church. It lets the guests know that the wedding ceremony will be held at a Church or some similar place of reverence.

Well, that’s great. Right?

3. Bridal Showers Are A Must

Bridal Showers Are A Must: Incredible American Wedding Traditions to follow
Source: WeddingWire

Yes, it’s unbelievable! But, That’s one of the American Wedding Traditions that persists to date, though as a more advanced version.

Today, Bridal showers are all about fun, parties, food, gifts, drinks, grooving, and singing.

In short, enjoyment!

But, this was not the same since the start. Instead, this was one of the best methods by the bride’s family to deal with the wedding expenses back in the 1500s. At that time, the low-income families who couldn’t afford the money for a dowry do such bridal showers to raise money.

4. White Is Always A Yes! 

White Is Always A Yes: Incredible American Wedding Traditions to follow
Source: Wallpaperflare

Look at any American Bride. She wears a gorgeous gown but only white!

Ever Wondered Why?

Is this something related to the American Wedding Traditions?

The answer is a no!

So, why did this custom blow up as a tradition?

Well, it was not the same since the wedding culture evolved. Instead, the brides were allowed to wear anything that they dreamed of. Yup! Even Black!

Then why only white?

It was Queen Victoria who made a statement in her Ivory-White gown when she married Prince Albert. She was the trendsetter who made white the color for a dream wedding gown.

We can’t say it was the gown or her Style that made such a custom.

5. Say Yes To A Matching Bridesmaid Dress.

Say Yes To A Matching Bridesmaid Dress: Incredible American Wedding Traditions to follow
Source: The Dessy Group

You must have come across some pictures of bridesmaids all dressed up the same. But, do you know this is also a custom there.

Yeah! it is!

This is more than just a good picture trend!

In Roman times, such a custom of wearing identical outfits was a symbol of good luck.

There is an old saying that the evil spirits attend the wedding and might attempt to curse the new couple. So, they came out with an exciting idea of wearing similar clothes just like the bride to confuse the evil spirits.

The idea was that the spirits would be unsure which was the bride, which would lead them to leave her alone and allow the couple to wed.

Quite Smart! 

6. Don’t Miss The Veil.

 Don't Miss The Veil: Incredible American Wedding Traditions to follow
Source: The Knot

Again an old American Wedding Tradition that continues to be adopted by the people to date is related to the wedding dress!

Since that time, the bride’s costume is incomplete without a veil.

This is again practiced to keep her away from the eyes of the evil spirit to save her at her wedding.

People were more cautious about the good and evil spirits at that time. So they wanted to secure the bride from anything wrong.

But later it became a style statement. 

There is no such custom of Style or the length of the veil. Brides were allowed to choose among the blusher, mantilla, fingertip, or cathedral as these styles were quite popular at that time. Interestingly, such veils are popular among brides at present as well.

7. You Need The Best Man!

You Need the Best Man: Incredible American Wedding Traditions to follow
Source: Blissfully Simple Events | Wedding & Event Planner

If you think that you will need a best man to be the prime witness of the wedding as per the law, you need to think again!

Well, you won’t believe it, but this is also a custom.

In the past, weddings were more than a symbol of love. They were business transactions. So, the groom needs security. He has to select good swordsmanship who could help him deal with the transaction, mostly when he finds a runaway bride.

Thankfully, the Best man doesn’t look like a soldier now. 

Today, a best man is usually a best friend chosen from an ongoing relationship, not skills.

8. The Ring Bearer’s Pillow

The Ring Bearer's pillow: Incredible American Wedding Traditions to follow
Source: Wedding Rings Pictures

Oh! How could we skip this one!

You must have seen some cute baby boys holding a basket with a pillow in their hands, walking towards the bride and groom. 

Social media is packed with adorable pictures and videos of little boys holding the pillow with their cute hands. But ever wondered how this came into being and why?

Well, you must have heard that the children are God’s most favorite creation and are a hamper of innocence, and the Romans proved this right.

They came up with a widely accepted American Wedding Tradition where a small kid carries the pillow to the new couple to represent the innocence and the new beginning of togetherness. It is a symbol of promises of the new couple’s dreams coming true.

9. Just the Ring Finger For The Wedding Ring

Just the Ring Finger For The Wedding Ring: Incredible American Wedding Traditions to follow
Source: Brilliance Blog

Do you know why we call the third finger the ring fingers?

It might sound lame, but it’s right! Because it is the finger for the wedding ring. 

But have you wondered why?

Well, this has a scientific reason that goes in hand with this American Wedding Tradition. It is said that the third finger on the left hand is connected directly to the heart by a vein called “the vein of love.”

Because of this heart-to-hand connection, this finger is considered perfect for wearing the wedding ring so that their love stays in their heart throughout their life.

10. The Wedding Bells

wedding bells: Incredible American Wedding Traditions
Source: Houston Symphony

Have you witnessed a wedding with giant bells?

Or, have you heard about this?

Well, You must have!

Bells were an exciting way used by the ancient Romans to produce high-intensity sounds that fought against evil.

Do you like the old American wedding tradition where it is believed that if the bride carries a bouquet with bells, the kit will keep her away from the sinister eyes of the evil spirit roaming around?

But, now, its meaning has changed a lot.

In the modern-day wedding, the bells are used to announce the arrival of the newlywed couple.

And why not? After all, everyone should know that the new couple is making a statement entry.

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11. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, And Something Blue

 Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, And Something Blue: Incredible American Wedding Traditions to follow
Source: The Pioneer Woman

This old American wedding tradition means the world to the new couple.

Something old represents the old ties of the bride’s past and her family. While the new is for the new life ahead that she will enjoy with her husband.

Also, she has to borrow something from a couple with a successful wedding, represented by something borrowed. At last, the word, something blue, was for faithfulness, royalty, and purity.

Thankfully, this tradition is still there to bless the couple.

12. There Goes The Bouquet!

 There Goes The Bouquet: Incredible American Wedding Traditions to follow
Source: Arabia Weddings

There are a lot of Bouquet that come in different styles. These beautiful flowers can be customized as per the bride’s attire.

The bouquet is tossed in the air by the bride.

The purpose of doing so has, however, changed over time.

Bouquet was supposed to keep the evil spirits away from the bride. But, nowadays, it has a modern theory. The bride tosses the Bouquet at the bridesmaids, and whosoever catches it is the one to marry next!

13. Beautiful Wedding Cake

Beautiful Wedding Cakes: Incredible American Wedding Traditions to follow
Source: Brides

Ah! Finally, something for a foodie like me!

I am just kidding!

But did you know that people considered the wedding cake as a symbol of Fertility in ancient times, and that is why they put the pieces of cake over the bride’s head as a custom to bless her for new beginnings?

At that point, people used to take the cake pieces to their houses as a symbol of good fortune.

But, now, more than this literal meaning, people cut fancy cakes of different shapes and flavors for fun.

Also, modern-day cakes have changed a lot. After all, change is the new constant!

With Queen Victoria’s unique wedding, along with the bride’s dress, the trend of having the cake toppers also came as the most adapted American Wedding Traditions and would remain the same for sure!

14. Save The Top Of The Wedding Cake

Save The Top Of The Wedding Cake: Incredible American Wedding Traditions to follow
Source: www.jenscakery.co.uk

Yes! The tradition says that there must be a wedding cake. 

But, why is this one of the American wedding traditions? 

In early times, it was considered that the newlyweds would have a baby within a year, so they saved the top tier of the wedding cake and kept it frozen to enjoy it later, even after a year.

Well, the idea was simple!

It was to save money!

Many couples stick with the same idea to date. Even if they are not in a mood to have a baby so early, they use the cake for their first anniversary. At the same time, most have changed the tradition in their way. They return to the same bakery and order the exact flavored cake when they expect a baby.

That’s also a good idea!

15. Tossing Rice At The NewlyWeds

 Tossing Rice At The NewlyWeds: Incredible American Wedding Traditions to follow
Source: Pinterest

Yes, Rice!

Grains are thrown on the newlywed. But, Why?

There is a long-lived tradition of throwing grains of oats or wheat at the new couple in British culture. They consider this as a method that brings on wealth and fertility in their relationship.

If you look at the modern-day wedding, you must find Confetti instead of wheat or oat grains.

Ah! There is no such specific reason for this. They are replaced just for fun as Confetti is readily available in many different colors and is not hurtful. So, it’s safe and looks better.

16. Candy Wedding Favors

 Candy Wedding Favors: Incredible American Wedding Traditions to follow
Source: Wedding Ideas Magazine

This will let you jump towards the history of the great European Aristocracy.

At that time, sugar was one of the most expensive delicacies because of which the new couple used to give the small trinket box made of crystal, precious stones, and porcelain. This box was then filled with candies or sugar cubes.

But, now this tradition had a shift, and instead of the sugar cubes, now there is a traditional wedding favor of five Japanese almonds. These five almonds symbolize wishes of health, wealth, longevity, Fertility, and most importantly, happiness.

17. The Threshold Carry

The Threshold Carry: Incredible American Wedding Traditions to follow
Source: Buchroeders Jewelers

Leaving the house is not easy for anyone.

So, how could a girl leave her parent’s home?

It is so hard for her to leave both of them, her house, her room, and many left-behind memories.

So, the Americans came up with the tradition of the groom carrying his bride across the threshold, giving her strength for leaving her loved ones. But now, this practice is more for fun.

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18 Giving Away The Bride

 Giving Away The Bride: Incredible American Wedding Traditions to follow
Source: The Absurdity Index

On the wedding day, the bride is accompanied by her father towards the groom. When they arrive next to the stage, the father gives away his daughter to the groom.

How Soulful!

But, it is not as pretty as it seems.

These American Wedding traditions came from the middle age era!

It was believed that the daughters were the father’s property and were sold to the groom.

This might be shocking but, sadly, it is the truth.

19. The Honeymoon

The Honeymoon: Incredible American Wedding Traditions to follow
Source: PlanetWare

The Honeymoon?

Are you sure?

This might be a joke!

You might think this is a joke but it is not. Even Honeymoon is the custom in America.

But do you know what it means?

Actually, it is a practice where the groom ran away with the bride to a place where no one finds them for at least a month.

Wrapping up:

Traditions add to the culture in a wedding and these were the 19 most followed American wedding traditions that are known to keep the wedding place auspicious for ages and are continuously working for the same to date.

I, being a girl, obviously loved the veiling custom. But it’s your turn to tell us in the comment section which is your favorite among these American wedding traditions or your special memories with it. 


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