‘America is back!’ – Jamaicans in the US looking forward to the return of decency

‘America is back!’ – Jamaicans in the US looking forward to the return of decency

Jamaica-born mayor of Broward County in South Florida, Dale Holness, hails the inauguration of US 46th President Joe Biden as a return to decency for America.

Biden was sworn in last week at Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, marking the end of a tumultuous four-year run by ousted president, Donald Trump.

“America is back! We can now look forward to decency and statesmanship in the White House. The lessons learnt from the last four years are numerous but we will stay on course as a country,” Holness told The Sunday Gleaner.

Biden’s deputy, Kamala Harris, is of Jamaican ancestry, and while not trying to raise any hopes of special treatment for the island, Holness gave her top grades.

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“Kamala Harris is a superwoman and her Jamaicanness cannot be denied. Not just Jamaica, but the developing world stands to benefit. Our diversity is our greatest strength,” he said.


Almost 400,000 Americans have died due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Biden has listed a slate of measures geared at curbing the impact. Among them is another US$1,400 relief payment to taxpayers, and Holness believes there will be some trickle down to Jamaica.

“There are many Jamaicans living here who have loved ones back home. I know if they get money they will send some to Jamaica. The relief package is good for all of us,” he said.

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“COVID has taught us that we have to come together and look out for each other. This will be a good thing when we have people leading the free world who have compassion and empathy.”

During Biden’s inauguration, Jamaica-born Sandra Sinclair was purchasing a meal of chicken and rice and peas at a Jamaican restaurant in West Palm Beach, Florida.

“It is good to see the back of Trump. Maybe we will see some good leadership again,” Sinclair told The Sunday Gleaner.

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