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Free! Free! Free! No matter how old we get or how rich we are, free rewards always attract us. There is a certain charm in getting the things at the cheaper rate or, even better, FREE. But finding these deals is no easy task, you have to spend a lot of energy as well as resources. But not anymore, I have a piece of good news that will make your day- Guess what?? It’s the Amazon Gift Card Promotions and Promotion Codes!

Hey Shoppers! How has your day been going? Not good? No worries, b’coz this new information, will definitely bring a smile to your face. We all wish to get our hands on the latest sales, offers, and amazon coupons. But what if I tell you, you can benefit more and avail yourself for free $65 from Amazon. Don’t believe me? Well, you will by the end of the article.

My Family calls Amazon my second Home because that’s the place I spend more time than my actual home. I mean, how can you not? All those fascinating deals and jaw-dropping offers! Of course, you want to check all of them out. But out of my Amazon addiction, something positive came out, I have got my hands on all Amazon Gift Card Promotions, and Gift offers. Wanna know about them? Read along-

Amazon Gift Card Promotion of 2022

Amazon constantly amazes us with its Epic deals. It creates such a hype that Amazon Users all over the world flock towards the site. But the thing that created an even bigger craze and surpassed this is 2022’s Gift Card Promotion benefits. Haven’t heard of it? In that case, you are missing out on one of the biggest opportunities to avail free money. Yess, Free Money and that too more than $60. Intrigued!! Now C’mon, learn about how to get your Amazon Gift Card in 2022 and return with lots and lots of money.

There are two Amazon Gift Card Promotions available right now for the users-

1. Amazon Gift Card Promotion 2022 | +$10

A very simple and efficient way to get an extra $10 free is by getting your Amazon Gift Card Promotion. How? Follow the steps-

Amazon Gift Card Promotions 2022
  1. Open Amazon and visit Amazon Gift Card page.
  2. Choose the amount $25, $50, or enter a custom range.
  3. Enter the Email id for whom the Amazon Gift Card is- ( for Yourself or as a gift to someone else)
  4. Enter other essential details like- quantity, message, and date.
  5. Now at the time of paying, enter the coupon Code USGIFTCARD21. 
  6. With this, your Gift Card Coupon will be applied, and Most importantly, you will have an extra $10 Amazon credit added to your account. Wohla!!

P.S- You can only avail of this offer once. So, only users with their first chance at e-gift cards will get to use the offer.

2. Amazon Reload Gift Card Promotion 2022 | +$10

Another amazing option for shoppers is Amazon Reload. Don’t be upset if you were unable to get the previous Gift Card Promotion, because, with Amazon Reload, you get a reloaded chance to avail for e-gift cards. And on the way, collect $10 Amazon Credits that too Free…

Amazon Gift Card Promotions 2022

With Amazon Reload, users can add $100 or more to their Amazon account and, on the complimentary, get extra free $10 credited to their account.

P.S- You can only avail of this offer once. So, only users with their first chance at Amazon Reload will get to use the Amazon reload Gift Card Promotion.

Geting Paid For Streaming a Movie | +$5

Remember how in our teenage we wished we could be paid for watching movies. So that we could skip School and join our dream profession as Watchers. Well, Amazon is making your dreams come to reality.

Amazon Gift Card Promotions 2022

Amazon has launched a new Promotion Offer according to which You will be paid for streaming a Movie on Prime. Yess..!! Paid. This is a special limited-time promotion for Prime Members, and they will receive $5 credits for streaming a Prime video. 

How? Let’s see-

  1. Open Amazon and visit the Promo page.
  2. Click on the Top Banner.
  3. Stream a VIdeo
  4. And Receive your $5.

Chase Credit Card Users Save upto $15 | +$15

If you are a Chase Credit Card owner then Kudos to you mate! 

Amazon Gift Card Promotions 2022

With all the previous Amazon Gift Card Promotions, Amazon has added another Promotion offer. If you make use of your Chase Credit Card, then you will receive a 50% off up to $15 on the order. But in order to redeem this offer, you have to activate the deal- I’ll show you how?

  1. Open Amazon and visit Amazon’s Chase promo page.
  2. The screen with the $15 Promotional Discount will open
  3. Activate the deal by clicking on “Activate Now”
  4. Shop for Eligible Products.
  5. Checkout and pay with Chase Ultimate Reward Points.

If a blank screen appears after you open the Amazon promotion page, unfortunately, you are not eligible for the Promo Discount.

$10 Benefit To Amex Cards Users | +$10

Check The Latest Amazon Gift Card Promotions 2022 | Free $65

There’s another important deal that deserves a mention among Amazon Gift Card Promotions. It is sponsored by Amazon’s partner- American Express and under this, if a user switches to a payment option with Amex Card, they will get $10 off on their order.

Gift Card Offers and Deals For Amazon Users | +$15

If all the above-mentioned Amazon Gift Card Promotions failed to provide you with any discount or free credits, then there are other GIft Cards and Deals that could save your money.

Check The Latest Amazon Gift Card Promotions 2022 | Free $65

There’s a hidden page that lists Special gift card deals available to everyone!

Click on Amazon’s gift cards page, check all the exciting offers, and without wasting any more time, avail of all the desired Gift Card Deals and Offers. Also, remember to check them constantly, since these Gift Card Promotional Deals expire and renew continuously.

Amazon Gift Card Promotion Credits

Along with Amazon Gift Card Promotions, Amazon also offers many free credits on e-gift cards-

  • Get a $5 credit on Buying a $50 Amazon eGift Card
  • Get a $10 credit on Buying a $100 Apple eGift Card

Save Money with Amazon Coupons

Use these Free Amazon Coupons and Coupon Codes to get the best deals of your Life-

Amazon coupons
  1. Save $10 off Amazon Prime Now + Free Shipping with this Amazon promo code!
  1. Save 50% Off w/ Discount Code
  1. Save 15 % Off
  1. Save 20% OFF
  1. Save 15% OFF
  1. Take 10% OFF
  • JIFFY20
  1. Take 20% Off
  1. Save 70% OFF
  1. Save Money with Discount Code
  1. Take $110 OFF Using Coupon Code

Wrapping Up

All of these Amazon Gift Card Promotions of 2022 will be perfect for your Shopping Spree. Remember these Amazon Gift Card Deals and Offers are present for a limited time limit. So, don’t waste anymore time.

Get your lazy ass to work and take advantage of these fascinating Amazon Gift Card Promotions. Run before these Amazon Deals run out!

I hope this article was insightful. Keep visiting Path Of EX for such Updates. And Do comment and share your thoughts.



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