After the flood: Family spends first Christmas in new home

After the flood: Family spends first Christmas in new home

Like other Habitat families, the Coffields put in sweat equity, working alongside volunteers. Habitat families can help with construction on their own or another family’s home or can clean up at the build site.

“We got to learn about all the construction process and we got to be a part of building our home from the ground up, which was cool,” she said.

It made a lasting impression.

“Every time I open a window, I think about how Tyler and I put the windows in,” she said.

During the building process, the Coffields became close with volunteers.

“It was always great working with them, and we were happy to see them and learn from them. I think it’s something we’ll remember for the rest of our lives,” he said. “We learned a lot from them.”

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Marly said the volunteers were patient and good at teaching.

“They’re so dedicated,” she added. “Every single week, they would come and help out with these homes, which was amazing.”

The Coffields were able to move into their new home in September. 

“It was exciting,” Marly said. “You’re building the house and I feel like you’re watching it all come together, but it’s different when you finally move in. It becomes more real that it’s actually yours.”

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