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Did you come here in search of one of the top manga from the psychological genre? Well, having sold over 1.5 million copies as of June 2021, A Trail of Blood (a.k.a Blood on the Tracks) surely stands out as a manga series that you should not miss out on.

Written and illustrated by the artist, Shūzō Oshimi, the Japanese suspenseful drama comic series first surfaced in the Big Comic Superior magazine with Shogakukan as the publisher. Read along with the article to know more about the manga along with all of its chapters that have been released to date.

A Trail of Blood | New Releases 

Popularly known as ‘Chi no Wadachi’ within the Japanese Seinen demographic, A Trail of Blood is still running strong. The ongoing manga series has a total of 11 volumes with over 100 chapters released as of the date of publishing this article. 

While having its original run on February 24, 2017, the manga series got licensed for North American release from the publishing house of Vertical Kodansha USA in February 2020 along with releasing a digital print of the same in August of 2020.

Synopsis of A Trail of Blood 

The plot of the series follows the story of Seiichi Osabe and his mother, Seiko. While the storyline seems normal at first with Seiichi being a shy middle school student having few friends and a crush on a girl just like any other regular student, the story quickly shifts towards a darker and horrifying side.

In a series of events wherein the overprotective love and affection of Seiko towards her son takes a dangerous twist on a family hiking trip, Seiichi is left to live in the horror of her mother’s mentally disturbing protectiveness. If you’re into psychological dramas, this series is something you might not want to miss. 

Volumes and Chapters

Here is a list of the tankōbon volumes that have released up until the time of publishing.

Volume No.Chapters Covered
Volume 11-7
Volume 28-15
Volume 316-24
Volume 425-33
Volume 534-41
Volume 642-50
Volume 751-59
Volume 860-68
Volume 969-78
Volume 1079-88
Volume 1189-98

A Trail of Blood | List of Chapters

With over 100 chapters being released as of now, here is A Trail of Blood’s chapter list: 

Chapter NumberReleased
Chapter 104September 10, 2021
Chapter 103August 27, 2021
Chapter 102July 31, 2021
Chapter 101July 28, 2021
Chapter 100July 27, 2021
Chapter 99July 3, 2021
Chapter 98July 3, 2021
Chapter 97May 10, 2021
Chapter 96April 21, 2021
Chapter 95April 7, 2021
Chapter 94April 7, 2021
Chapter 93February 28, 2021
Chapter 92February 19, 2021
Chapter 91February 2, 2021
Chapter 90January 20, 2021
Chapter 89December 30, 2020
Chapter 88December 30, 2020
Chapter 87December 6, 2020
Chapter 86November 30, 2020
Chapter 85October 27, 2020
Chapter 84October 26, 2020
Chapter 83October 6, 2020
Chapter 82September 16, 2020
Chapter 81August 30, 2020
Chapter 80August 20, 2020
Chapter 79July 12, 2020
Chapter 78July 3, 2020
Chapter 77June 18, 2020
Chapter 76May 30, 2020
Chapter 75May 12, 2020
Chapter 74April 28, 2020
Chapter 73April 25, 2020
Chapter 72April 10, 2020
Chapter 71April 3, 2020
Chapter 70March 5, 2020
Chapter 69February 18, 2020
Chapter 68January 27, 2020
Chapter 67January 23, 2020
Chapter 66January 6, 2020
Chapter 65December 22, 2019
Chapter 64December 22, 2019
Chapter 63December 22, 2019
Chapter 62December 5, 2019
Chapter 61December 5, 2019
Chapter 60November 24, 2019
Chapter 59October 23, 2019
Chapter 58October 9, 2019
Chapter 57September 21, 2019
Chapter 56December 21, 2019
Chapter 55August 13, 2019
Chapter 54July 28, 2019
Chapter 53July 13, 2019
Chapter 52July 9, 2019
Chapter 51May 30, 2019
Chapter 50May 16, 2019
Chapter 49April 30, 2019
Chapter 48April 21, 2019
Chapter 47April 21, 2019
Chapter 46March 9, 2019
Chapter 45February 24, 2019
Chapter 44February 14, 2019
Chapter 43February 14, 2019
Chapter 42January 15, 2019
Chapter 41December 26, 2018
Chapter 40December 5, 2018
Chapter 39November 17, 2018
Chapter 38November 12, 2018
Chapter 37November 5, 2018
Chapter 36October 11, 2018
Chapter 35September 4, 2018
Chapter 34August 13, 2018
Chapter 33July 29, 2018
Chapter 32July 16, 2018
Chapter 31June 24, 2018
Chapter 30June 12, 2018
Chapter 29May 29, 2018
Chapter 28May 13, 2018
Chapter 27April 30, 2018
Chapter 26April 30, 2018
Chapter 25April 30, 2018
Chapter 24March 14, 2018
Chapter 23February 28, 2018
Chapter 22February 12, 2018
Chapter 21February 1, 2018
Chapter 20January 16, 2018
Chapter 19January 15, 2018
Chapter 18December 11, 2017
Chapter 17November 16, 2017
Chapter 16October 29, 2017
Chapter 15October 13, 2017
Chapter 14October 9, 2017
Chapter 13September 10, 2017
Chapter 12August 29, 2017
Chapter 11August 10, 2017
Chapter 10July 29, 2017
Chapter 9July 15, 2017
Chapter 8June 23, 2017
Chapter 7May 25, 2017
Chapter 6May 12, 2017
Chapter 5April 28, 2017
Chapter 4April 18, 2017
Chapter 3May 27, 2017
Chapter 2May 11, 2017
Chapter 1February 27, 2017

A Trail of Blood | Main and Supporting Characters

Let’s take a look at some of the important characters of the popular Japanese manga series – A Trail of Blood or Blood on the Tracks.

1. Seiichi Osabe

Starting off with the lead character of A Trail of Blood manga series, Seiichi Osabe. While Seiichi is shown as having a gentle persona with mild friendliness, he is also quite susceptible to emotional abuse and manipulation.

A Trail of Blood | Main and Supporting Characters
Source: Tumgir

Easily influenced by her mother’s disturbing and dangerous protective nature, Seiichi even develops a speech impediment with stutter and stammer. Although he somewhat overcomes this with the help of Fukiishi, the problem often re-appears while facing his mother.

2. Seiko Osabe

Up next, we’ve got Seiko, Seiichi’s mother. While she has a kind and friendly personality with utmost love and affection for Seiichi, her extreme overprotectiveness towards her son soon turns out to be an unhealthy obsessiveness. 

A Trail of Blood | Main and Supporting Characters
Source: Chi no wadachi Wiki | Fandom

Described as suffering from psychiatric disorders, Seiko can be seen pushing the overprotective boundaries with her manipulations of Seiichi’s memories throughout the whole story of the manga. 

3. Yoko Fukiishi

As a major supporting character, we’ve got Yoko Fukiishi who is our lead character’s classmate. Apart from that, she is also the love interest of Seiichi. Fukiishi’s mother abandoned her at an early age leading up to her bad relationship with her abusive father.

A Trail of Blood | Main and Supporting Characters
Source: Tumgir

This fact helps her to support Seiichi in his rough times when he develops his speech impediment issue. Yuko is also the first person to make Seiihci doubt and question his mother’s manipulative actions and behavior. 

4. Shigeru

Up next, we’ve got the cousin of Seiichi Osabe, Shigeru. Although Shigeru exhibits a friendly nature at the start of the series, he is somewhat careless and immature. This is evident when Seiichi disagrees to join him standing at the edge of the cliff.

A Trail of Blood | Main and Supporting Characters
Source: Tumblr

After the unfortunate events of the cliff incident, Shigeru completely loses his old personality pertaining to him being in a comatose state. Eventually, with his mother’s care, Shigeru regains consciousness and even confides in Seiichi of missing his old self. 

Writer and Illustrator

Born in Kiryu, Japan, Shūzō Oshimi made his debut as a manga artist for Kodansha with Superfly. Apart from Chi no Wadachi, some of his best works include Drifting Net Cafe, The Flowers of Evil and Happiness. For latest updates, you can follow his Twitter account – @shuzo_oshimi.

Wrapping Up

This brings us to the end of our article on the Japanese horror-drama comics of A Trail of Blood. We hope that this part of our manga article series was helpful in giving you the information that you came seeking. 

If you liked the article, share it with your friends and let us know your thoughts on A Trail of Blood manga in the comment box below. And for more interesting stuff related to manga and anime, keep visiting Path of Ex – Your Spot For Trending Stuff!

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