819,954 COVID-19 cases, 16,089 deaths

819,954 COVID-19 cases, 16,089 deaths

Arizona cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, now approach 820,000, with 16,089 known deaths, according to numbers released on Wednesday by the state.

Arizona’s identified cases rose to 819,954. That’s an increase of 1,284 reported confirmed cases since Tuesday when the state reported 818,670 identified cases and 16,060 deaths.

Native Americans, older people and men are dying in disproportionate numbers in Arizona from COVID-19, according to data released by the state’s health department.

Native Americans make up 8% of those who have died from COVID-19, among the cases for which race and ethnicity are known, according to data released by the Arizona Department of Health Services. The American Community Survey’s five-year estimates show about 4.6% of Arizonans are American Indian or Alaska Native.

But the data is incomplete, particularly about coronavirus victims. The state says race is unknown for 18% of the coronavirus cases and 7% of those who have died.

The data does show a massive age disparity, however. Deaths are overwhelmingly in cases over age 65. Of the state’s 16,089 deaths, 12,061 have been in this age category.

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