7 Tools to Make Online Ads

7 Tools to Make Online Ads

Managing ad campaigns is not just the only thing that a marketer needs to do for his business. He has to manage his team members and see other business-related works. Using tools for creating ads for customers’ product placement, is a significant step that is taken to communicate and connect with the customers and help the businesses stand out among the competitors. It will eliminate the need to hire professionals for creating ads. Let us see some of such tools in this article.

Importance of Ads in Marketing:

Ads present the most suitable way to create a strong impression on the minds of customers. Here are some points which prove its importance:

1. Conceptual clarity of difficult topics:

It takes 1/10th of a second for a human brain to efficiently process visual information, which is 60000 times faster than words, implying more effectiveness.

2. Creating an emotional connection with users:

Instead of reading about a brand, watching someone say something has a humanizing impact and can significantly enhance the conversion rates. This generates a lot of revenue.

3. It makes your company stand out:

The way you advertise your brand products and services makes it stand out from your competitors. For this, your ads need to develop a symbol unique to your brand, besides being relevant to the consumers.

Best Tools for Online Ads Creation:

1. InVideo:

This ad maker is powered by AI, so the process of creating ads becomes effortless. InVideo helps promote business and enhance awareness of the brand, increase traffic, and everything else in an effortless manner. There are many images, stickers, and text boxes that can be used for perfectly making the videos in less time.

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You do not need to have prior experience in making ads to use this tool. It has an intro maker to create a unique intro that can grab anyone’s attention watching the ad. Eye-catching media and appropriate music can be added to the video for making it attractive. You will just need about 15 minutes to create video ads because of the range of customizable templates available. And finally,  add a CTA at the end of the video to create ads that will sell.  

2. Biteable:

It is a great tool for online video ads for business. You can even create presentations, videos for social media platforms, and others. It comes with a lot of inbuilt video templates.

Creating a video with this is quite easy with the drag and drop feature. You have the option to choose from a wide range of high-quality music that is royalty-free. The videos that you have created can be shared on social media platforms, such as FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, and others.

3. Renderforest:

This tool is used to create professional ad videos that are influential. It is cloud-based and can be used for slideshows, commercials, infographics in the least duration. There is a wide range of in-built templates that ensures the ease and simplicity of ad creation. The animated scenes can be edited in templates, and you have the option to choose the most appropriate music from a music library. Voiceover, along with color, font, and duration adjustment, can be done in the ad for conveying the message to the customers with clarity. The tool also has zoom and pan options. 

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4. Motionden:

This video ad maker tool is available for free and can be used by anyone even without prior experience to create impactful ad videos by choosing the best video design. The video editing feature can be used to customize content, like changing the text, uploading pictures on to the ads, and many more. The software need not be downloaded for using the tool. It has an ad template library, which ensures high conversion. The videos can be downloaded and shared on various social media platforms easily.

5. Animoto: 

When you quickly want to make an ad video, this is a great web-based tool. It is a perfect solution for creating video slideshows. You can use your creativity to make HD video ads using various color customization options, font libraries, and many memory styles. It comes with in-built marketing storyboards and more than 3000 commercially licensed music tracks.

6. Movidmo:

You can create superior quality videos using Movidmo easily using this tool. You can make promotional video ads in a rectangular or square form of the products and services offered by your business firm. It has a music library from which you can select the best one appropriate for your video. Also, captions, images, and various designs can be added to it. Once done, you can preview the video content and share the URL of the ad with others for taking their feedback. Accordingly, changes can be made to make it more impactful.

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7. Make Web Video: 

It is a simple online video making tool that is easy to use. You can create stunning ads in no time by using Adobe after effect templates. Beginners can use the tool as it has user-friendly video editing skills. Hence no prior experience is needed. It takes a maximum time of 30 minutes to make a complete video with the inbuilt templates that have been designed by artists. Only the HD version of the video and hosting it is chargeable.

Final Words:

In this digital era, video plays a significant role when it comes to influence people. No one has the time to go through large paragraphs of texts, even if it has very useful content. A video ad quickly and interestingly shows all important points, which keeps the customers glued to the screen, as a result they start showing interest in the brand’s products. All these make it important to use this online ad maker to create a lasting impression on consumers and attract potential customers.

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