7 Expert Writing Strategies to Improve Communication

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Shivangi Gupta
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Communication techniques come naturally to some people, but that is not the case for others. The way you communicate with those around you defines who you are. However, the world has moved towards more advanced technology resulting in a change in human communication and how they write.  

Professional written communication is still relevant and necessary. Improving your communication skills can not be done overnight. It is a long process! It requires your efforts to work on the writing strategies to improve communication. Webster defines communication as “a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior.” 

Communicating through your writing is extremely hard. Here are some Expert Writing Strategies to Improve Communication:

  1. Understand What Your Readers Want
  2. Make an Outline/ Work on Your Structure
  3. Proofread Your Work
  4. Read and Write More
  5. Use More Related Questions 
  6. Use a Grammar App
  7. Include Clear Examples

These writing strategies will help you write and communicate better with your readers/audience. Read further to know more about these strategies in detail.

Writing Strategies That You Must Try

Writing is a very broad form of art that cannot be contained in just a few strategies. There are many ways that can help you write more communicable content. The below-mentioned strategies are some of the tried and tested ways. I have tried my best to share things that have helped in my writing career. These ways might not make you a perfect writer but they will help you improve your writing surely.

1. Understand What Your Readers Want

Understand What Your Readers Want: Expert Writing Strategies to Improve Communication
Source: Autocrit

The first step of writing content is to understand what your readers want. Once you have the clarity of the thought process of a reader, you will be able to deliver the correct information. This clarity is known as the “intent.” 

A reader usually comes with the intention of searching for some information. But, then what’s the best way to understand what your readers want? 

The best way to understand your audience is by hanging out with your “target readers.” However, if that is not possible, there are some other ways too. Take a step of effort to join your audience/reader on online forums, social media groups, and other communities. Being close to your reader base will help you know them better and ultimately write better. 

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2. Make an Outline/ Work on Your Structure

Make an Outline: Expert Writing Strategies to Improve Communication
Source: Business Matters

Once you get the intent of your reader, your next step is to make an outline. Create a structure beforehand is one of the best writing strategies to improve communication. 

A structure helps you to make sure that you cover all the crucial topics. One of the biggest problems that we face as writers is that we can easily drift away from a particular topic. It is way easier for us to channelize the inner philosopher on everything. However, if you make a structure before you start writing, it will guide you to be specific and on-point.

No matter how amazing and well-versed you are with your language. If your content is not streamlined and well-structured, it won’t communicate the right thing to your readers. Working on a structure can help improve written communication skills and make things easier to understand.

3. Proofread Your Work

Spend a reasonable amount of time proofreading your content. Reading your content loud will help you catch errors in your text. You would not want to miss those silly grammatical mistakes and typos. Also, reading your article/content will let you know if it is communicating enough or not. 

Proofreading your work will also help you improve your written communication skills. It might be a bit extra work, but it definitely is worth the time! 

4. Read and Write More

Read and Write More: Expert Writing Strategies to Improve Communication
Source: Oberlo

If you want to improve your communication, the best thing is to read and write more. When you read more, you learn new writing skills and tactics. This will ultimately reflect in your writing. 

Practice makes a man perfect. You cannot expect your work to be perfect unless you put effort into it. Reading and writing go hand-in-hand. It is very important that you are aware of all the new writing trends. 

Writing every day will help you improve your communication skills and your vocabulary, syntax, and content compilation. I, personally, make an effort to write one page in my journal. It helps me think more clearly and effectively. 

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5. Use More Related Questions 

Using More Related Questions: Expert Writing Strategies to Improve Communication
Source: JM Web Design

One of the best writing strategies to improve your communication skills is using more and more related questions. Related Questions are just the queries that people make that are related to your topic. 

You might wonder where you will get these related questions? The answer is Google! For example, if you search for anything on Google, you will get a few articles along with a “People also ask” section. In that section, you will get all the related topics and questions about your particular topic. 

Choose the most relevant questions. Make a list of the thing you would like to answer. This practice will help you understand what exactly the audience is asking! Answer these questions in a very simple and basic language. This will help you reach more and more readers. These questions also help you stay relevant to your audience. 

6. Use a Grammar App

English is a complicated language. Correct grammar is a hard thing! And I get that. I am not saying that you need to be very particular every time you write, but being a little cautious does not harm. 

For better written communication, you need to make sure that your language skills are on-point. Using a Grammar application can do wonders for your write-up. With the help of such applications, the smallest of the mistakes can be rectified. 

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7. Include Clear Examples

Next on the list to improve your written communication is including examples. Adding easy-to-understand examples will make your reader feel more connected to your content. Metaphors, conceits, and similes are the basic foundation of a well-structured write up.

Try using very basic examples and create parallel illusions to bring out your point more evidently. This will just not be an add-on for the readers, but also you will have more fun creating the content. Comparative studies and parallel concepts can be molded according to your preference. So, just enjoy writing and creating more content with the help of examples.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the strategies for effective communication?

  • Understand What Your Readers Want
  • Make an Outline/ Work on Your Structure
  • Proofread Your Work
  • Read and Write More
  • Use More Related Questions
  • Use a Grammar App
  • Include Clear Examples

Wrapping Up

These were the writing strategies that will help you improve your written communication skills. Each step is necessary to make your communication better. I hope you find the answer to your questions. Let me know in the comment section below, which strategy you liked the most. Stay connected to more content.

Have a great day and keep making amazing content!


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