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Came looking for some Goody Grace songs?
Great! We have a lot for you.
The young singer has written songs for Taylor Swift and Cody Simpson. His songs will swoon you in a different reality. To have a taste of the amazing songs, read this article on best songs by Goody Grace.

Goody Grace is a Canadian singer and songwriter. He is only in his early twenties and he can already sing, rap, and play guitar beautifully! His songs seem to have left his charm on the fans, and they are constantly wondering why he is underrated when he is so talented. Grace considers himself a Hybrid Musician, one that is inspired by both Hip-hop and Rock music.  

10 Top Songs by Goody Grace that you Must Listen

  1. Two Shots
  2. That one song (Ft.  Gnash)
  3. Scumbag 
  4. Memorie$
  5. Too High
  6. Girls in the Suburbs Singing Smiths Songs
  7. Nothing Good (Ft. G-Eazy & Juicy J)
  8. Used to Be
  9. Pretend
  10. In the light of the moon

This was just a tad bit of Goody Grace’s songs, you’ll have a full view of all of the songs by Goody Grace in upcoming seconds. 

50+ Most Popular Songs of Goody Grace

Considering that Grace is new to the scene, he has made quite an influence on his fans. We are sure you’ll be one of them once you hear some of the songs of him on this list. 

  • Two Shots (Ft. ​gnash) 
  • Pretend 
  • Man in Black 
  • 210 Lilac Sky 
  • In the Light of the Moon (Ft. Lil Aaron) 
  • Never & Always 
  • Cabin 
  • WYWH 
  • Judas 
  • Worlds Away 

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  • Don’t Forget 
  • 21 & Jaded (Ft. Anthony Fantano & Mr. Hudson) 
  • Winter (Ft. Burna Boy) 
  • Hope That You Miss Me (Ft. Bakar) 
  • Used to Be 
  • Nothing Good (Ft. G-Eazy & Juicy J) 
  • On Repeat (Ft. Cigarettes After Sex & Lexi Jayde) 
  • Grape Swisher 
  • Auburn 
  • Scumbag (Ft. ​​blink-182) 
  • North (Ft. Juicy J) 
  • Not Coming Home 
  • Memorie$ (feat. Jesse Rutherford & A$AP Ant)
  • Vanilla Coke
  • Girls In The Suburbs Singing Smiths Songs (Original)
  • Nostalgia is a Lie
  • Worlds Away
  • Cabin
  • April
  • Wasting Time

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  • Rest Your Eyes
  • Used to Be
  • Man in Black
  • If I Want To
  • West Side
  • So, What Does This All Mean?
  • Too High (feat. Jesse Rutherford)
  • 21 Sadness
  • S***bag (feat. blink-182) – MAKJ Remix
  • S***bag – Acoustic
  • S***bag (feat. blink-182) – Absofacto Remix
  • Heartbreak
  • Too High (feat. Jesse)
  • Stay Away
  • First day of my life
  • Let Me Go 
  • Things Change
  • Infinite EP
  • Never Met You
  • Empty Now 


Is Goody Grace single?

Goody Grace was dating Kate Beckinsale, last year. The 47-year-old English actress was reportedly living with 23-year-old Goody Grace during the lockdowns last year. She has confirmed that she was dating Grace and not only that. Both of them were seen holding hands in Brentwood, California. Later the sources have confirmed their relationship didn’t even last for 10 months and they have broken up. Beckinsale has also unfollowed Grace on Instagram right after their breakup. The actress has also been found to be dating other young men besides Goody Grace. 

What is the most hit song of Goody Grace?

The most hit song of Goody Grace is Scumbag featuring Blink-182. Blick 182 is a rock band and Goody has said that he grew listening to the music of Blink-182. He has said that it was his honor to collaborate with them for this song.

What is Goody Grace’s Instagram?

Goody Grace is on Instagram by the username @goodygrace. 

So this was all about this young singer. He is only 23 and has made his way to success. Although he has not gotten viral yet, the boy has done incredible work in music. Many of his songs have millions of streams on Spotify and SoundCloud. Well, this is just the beginning of his career, we are sure he is going to be a sensation in the coming times. Till then comment down below your favorite songs of him. Stay Home! Stay Safe!  

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